Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CoverGirl Coral Silk and Weekend Recap and Photos

I have lots of things to share.  First is this CoverGirl polish, Coral Silk.  This new CoverGirl line has received rave reviews all around so I knew I had to try one.  And duh, I picked one of the corals.

First thing's first:  the junk around my cuticles is dried topcoat.  I...had no idea that was there.  Because, you know, it's clear.  Anyway, the first two pictures are sun, the third is in shade.  As you can see, this coral is really bright and it also leans orange.  It's nice.  If I had been in the room when they were naming this color I would have suggested KAPOW! Coral.  Because it's pretty in-your-face.  The formula was fine, but a little thick and streaky.  I did two coats but I probably could have used three.  Ben bought me this polish back at the end of March and I just got around to using it.

Oh, and speaking of Ben, he came to visit me this past weekend.  I didn't write anything about it last week because I was just so stressed out (German is over, yay!!!!).  He arrived on Friday and we had the best time.  We went to The Met (well, sort of; he waited for me there and wandered around the galleries while I had my class), MoMA, The American Museum of Natural History, and to see Iron Man 3.  I have a million some pictures.

 here's Ben with Three Musicians, which he was very excited to see in person
here's me absolutely losing my shit over Christina's World, which I do literally every time I see it.
 Ben and the new video game installation
Pollock and me

one of my favorite parts of MoMA (and I have several) is Serra's Delineator, which is sheets of steel on floor and ceiling that visitors are encouraged to walk on.  I did an extended twirl session much to the amusement of many a bystander.  But I really love how these turned out.
this is probably the best photo taken of us to date and needs little explanation
 Ben had the Big piano all to himself for a blissful few minutes
aaaaand candy
outside the natural history museum
 clearly he's standing totally still because we've heard that that dinosaur's vision is based on movement
 there is an area on the first floor at the museum where there is a life-sized blue whale suspended from the ceiling and you can lie down under it and look up.  you can see part of the front of the whale near the top of the picture.  I was so tired of walking at this point that I didn't want to get up.
 I had my first cherry-dipped something-or-other (it was good)
Central Park

I was afraid that a visit from Ben would be totally debilitating in terms of schoolwork, but it seems to have worked out really well.  I took all of last weekend off and just tried to relax.  As soon as he left on Monday I started studying for my final.  But I miss him so much already.  On Saturday night after we got home from MoMA he said to me, "I can't believe all the things I've seen today."  MoMA is such a big deal!  And I was glad that he liked it and could appreciate it.  And that I could be there to hold his hand and say, "LOOK AT THIS ONE.  THIS ONE.  IS SO.  IMPORTANT" every three minutes.

Anyway, that's all.  I may be scarce for the next week or so because I'm doing lots of fellowship hours and studying for my exam and finishing my last paper.  I'll be really glad when school is over.  Oh, and does anyone have a favorite polish out of the new CoverGirl line?  I'm eager to try a couple more.


  1. Wine Stain and Midnight MagicFunny are pretty amazing, if you don't have something similar. They're darker colours but they're good for the Australian winter.

    Good luck with your finals!

    1. Midnight Magic. Typing from a phone with predictive text is not ideal for me.

    2. Hehe, it's not ideal for anyone. I'll take a look at those!

  2. I can't remember the one I have-Vio Last, maybe? It is brighter/lighter than the website shows, a really nice purpley periwinkle kind of color, and I love it! I have another, My Papaya, but it doesn't like my skintone and looks weird, LOL. So glad y'all had a good visit! Hope all the finishing-up goes well!

    1. I think I checked out My Papaya and was debating between that one, a lighter peach, and Coral Silk. All of them looked really nice.

  3. Shh, don't tell anyone but I have been here a year and have not gone to the MoMA. AND I saw the piano on a visit years ago and though they had remove it. I may have to go tomorrow and play a bit.
    So glad you are done with German. Love seeing you in all these lovely dresses, makes me want to go now :)

    1. Ya gotta go to MoMA.

      The first dress is from Target. Recent purchase (within the past two weeks), so it's probably still there. The second is Anthropologie from last summer.


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