Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Maybelline Vivids: Hot Plum

Pretty much every spring around this time I start going crazy over lip products.  This spring is no exception, and I've found a line of lipsticks that I'm totally obsessed with, and the beauty community seems to agree.  A couple years ago when I was first getting into lipstick, the first one I bought was a Maybelline (in Red Revival).  I've always really liked their lipsticks (especially the smell, which is nice and sort of buttercreamy), so I was totally delighted when I found the Vivids line with the same formula, same nice smell, and same awesome staying power.  I picked up two of the Vivids lipsticks:  Hot Plum and Vivid Rose.  I haven't tried the latter yet, but I've been wearing the former for a week now and I have to share it with you because I'm so into it.

Here it is on me.   
I love the color of the tube!  It's like a weird combination of neon orange, pink and red.  It's so neat.

Arm swatches.  Vivid Rose on the left and Hot Plum on the right.

Hot Plum is a bright pink that leans purple.  I wouldn't call it a plum, I'd call it more of a purple-leaning fuchsia.  I just love this lipstick.  Like I said, I have a soft spot for Maybelline lippies.  They apply really nicely, have a really lovely formula, have wonderful coverage, and feel lighter than most creme lipstick formulas.  I find that they typically last for about 4 hours on me without touchups.  This color is totally perfect for spring.  It's also nice because lately I've been really into pink makeup.  I never thought I'd like pink eyeshadow, but I just can't help myself.

I've been loving this little drugstore quad by Revlon (Berry Bloom), which I've had for years and I've just started using.  Used sparingly, I think pink looks great on the eyes.  It's so happy.  And now I'll have lips to match!  

You can find the Maybelline Vivids lipsticks in most drugstores for between $6-8, depending on where you are.  I've heard that some people have found them at Target for as little as around $5.50, so do be on the lookout for that.  

I am soooo ready for summer.  I can't wait to raid my lipstick collection, which is still at my parents' house, when I go home this week...


  1. I used to wear lipstick, liner with gloss on top of all that. Even did touchups every hour or so. I would wear the super dark wines and burgundys. Then I got tired and lazy. Recently, I made myself get into it again and I got a ton of compliments with my coworkers who hadn't seen me wear anything other than chapstick. Well, I got lazy again and am back to chapstick. Am sensing a pattern here! I am loving your eyeliner-I used to do that too-same story as the lipstick. I won't bore you with the repeats!

    1. My makeup doesn't exactly look like that every day. A lot of the time I skip the tightlining and stuff because I cannot get ANYTHING to stay on my waterline. I got the Urban Decay 24/7 whatever pencil in Perversion because I heard that performs really well on the waterline...not on mine. It's a bummer.

      But I am a huge advocate of lipstick. I think a little tinted lip product really brightens up your face and just...makes me FEEL better.

  2. Lovin the Hot Plum - going to see if they still have it at Walgreens when hit there 2 morrow. I read a blog review on a red from this May. collection - think it's called Infra-Red - a warm red...and I got that - needed a new red with stay power - really like it so would think I will like this plum 2!

    1. Yes, I saw that one! I'm not a HUGE fan of blue-based reds so I didn't get it, but it's so pretty.

  3. Ah! Yup, I totally have one of those. Totally the best kind of lipstick I've ome across yet that is a bright color AND actually stays on with the first coat. :)

  4. I'm going to have to try these, that one looks gorgeous on you


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