Thursday, July 11, 2013

China Glaze Ride the Waves

Hi, I'm back!  My trip got a little extended because I got shockingly sick and was unable to travel with a fever.  The medication I was prescribed then made me incredibly nauseous, and I was laid up for about two days at my parents' house and had to change my flight itinerary twice.  Which is both annoying and expensive.  Yesterday was the first day that I felt remotely like myself (and is also when I'm writing this), and when this posts I should be back in NYC and getting ready to go to work (my flight lands at 9:10am, boo--I will be very sleepy).  But my time in the city is pretty short now.  I move out on July 27th and then I have to spend some time in limbo, either at the condo where Ben is living now with roommates or at my parents' house, until Ben and I move into our apartment on August 15th.  We signed a lease on July 1st after looking around for a couple days, and we're really happy with the little community we chose.  So, the life-ball is rolling and I'm ready to close this chapter and start writing a new one.  Adventure, right?  Sure.  So, nail polish.

how's that for a Fourth of July-esque nail picture?

NO makeup.  you see what being a sicky does to me?

China Glaze Ride the Waves came out last summer in the neons collection.  Almost all of the other polishes in the collection were neons with shimmer; this polish is neither of those things.  It's a royal blue jelly.  Very bright, but not neon.  I needed three coats.  It totally reminds me of blue popsicles or slushies.  Perfect for summertime.

I chose this polish for two reasons.  First, I'm desperate for actual summer weather.  Our entire vacation at the lake was almost completely rained out.  Every day it rained.  And not just drizzles.  Huge booming thunderstorms.  Memorial Day was the same.  I'm just longing for a scorchingly hot day to spend floating in the water, riding those tiny waves. Maybe in August.  Second, I watched Coraline with my cousin Mattie last week.  I forgot how completely terrifying that movie is, and I loved it.  Ben watched some of it with us but didn't get to finish it, so when we got home from the lake we bought it (for a whole $4) and watched it together again.  At one point I said, "Wouldn't Coraline be a GREAT Halloween costume?!"  Let me tell you something about me and Halloween:  it's a love affair.  I think at this point Ben just pats my knee, humors me and says, "Yes, that would be nice."  Because this is either the third or fourth costume I've told him that I HAVE TO HAVE since like April (yeah, I start to think about Halloween in April; wanna fight about it?).  Anyway, Coraline's nails look like this:

Aren't they cute?  Blue to match her blue hair.  So when I was sick at my parents' house, shopping my own stash, and I ran across this China Glaze, I knew that I had to try it out (because previously I had actually only worn it on my toes).  And I think it pretty much fits the bill.  By the way, I think that when I move back to Cleveland I'm going to start a Shopping My Stash series.  It's been years since I've had all of my polish together in one place, and I think that would be fun.  Maybe you guys would like that?  I'm going to organize the whole thing either by brand or by color, so you'll get to see what I've been hiding away all this time.  SURPRISES! 

Anyway, I don't have many pictures of my trip.  Actually I have zero pictures.  Ben has all of them, and he's traveling for work right now and so unable to send them.  Maybe at the end of the summer I'll do a nice seasonal wrap-up post and share them with you guys then.  I will tell you that we played a ton of mini-golf, roasted a lot of marshmallows, and spent a lot of time with family.  So it was a pretty decent trip despite the fact that it somehow turned into monsoon season in central Ohio.

Okay, I'll definitely talk to you guys next week!  


  1. Oooh pretty! Yay apartment!!!

    I would love to see all the goodies you have tucked away on your collection :)

  2. I hope you are feeling better!


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