Monday, September 30, 2013

Wet n Wild I'm Not Shrimpy

Guys, there are new Wet n Wild displays lurking around Walgreens.  That is ridiculously exciting to a crazy person like me.  I've picked up a few things, but only one polish.

I got I'm Not Shrimpy even though I'm reasonably sure that it's a dupe of Waves of Enchantment from the limited edition Mermaid's Cove collection of summer of 2011.  Two years ago I described Waves of Enchantment as:  "a lovely rosy coral absolutely packed with gold glitter."  I can't think of a better description for I'm Not Shrimpy.  The formula was good.  Maybe a little sheer, so I did three coats.  I had a bit of trouble with the brush, which was reminiscent of the SH Insta-Dri brushes but a little...bushier?  I don't know.  It was a little unwieldy.  But anyway, if you missed Waves of Enchantment, which I've heard was difficult to find, then this is a good substitute (if not a dead-on dupe, which I strongly suspect it is).  

Ben and I had basically the most adorable weekend ever.  We went to a wedding in a very tiny town.  We knew about the wedding for ages and kept telling each other that we had to book a hotel.  Then it just never happened.  Once I actually got around to calling to make reservations I was told that the hotel was totally booked.  I said, "Okay, what are the other hotels in the area?"  The woman responded, "There are none within thirty minutes in either direction.  This is the only hotel here."  For a while Ben and I were defeated and we thought we would just make the drive home after the wedding (kind of a long drive).  Then my dad suggested we look for a bed and breakfast.  I found one and we got the last available room.  OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS.  This place was SO CUTE.  Here are just a couple pictures.  Ben actually has most of the pictures of the B&B itself, built around 1885.

This was at the wedding and I thought it was the CUTEST idea.  Everyone got a little "yay" flag when we left the church, and then we waved them when the bride and groom walked out.  I'd steal the idea for our wedding, but these friends will be there and they'd know I'm a thief.

The parlor at the B&B.  Adorable.

There was a stereograph and I got unnaturally excited and made Ben use it.  Please also notice the stack of VHS tapes behind him.

Bikes for us to use!

And we used them

The little marina on Sunday morning

An amazing Lake Erie view

Ben with the little Vermilion lighthouse

After the wedding we went for a drink at Chez Francois, which was within walking distance of the B&B.  And that bloody mary was AWESOME.  I would go back just for that.

Ben with his dark and stormy

We loved the B&B and little town experience so much that we're planning on going back one weekend in October when we can just laze around and look at the lake.  If you're looking for a weekend getaway and you're in the Cleveland area, then I'd seriously think about checking out Vermilion and the Gilchrist Guesthouse because it's adorable.

Of course leaving for one night meant we had to leave little Remy.  It was his first night alone, but our friend Jenna came over to hang out with him and make sure he was okay.  When we got home he was glued to me and he had a lot to say.  Then Jenna, who along with being an excellent friend is also a super talented photographer (you can find her work here), surprised me with pictures that she took of Remy!  She sent me a lot, but my favorite one is probably this one:

He looks so grown up!  His kitten face looks like a cat face in this photo.  In reality he only weighs about three and a half pounds and he's still a baby.  One of the interesting things about Ragdolls, and many pointed cats in general, is that they're born very light--sometimes almost white, like Remy--and as they grow up their coloring darkens until finally, at around two years old, they get their full coloring.  Remy's tabby stripes are really coming out on his face and paws, and he has very faint stripes on his legs and body that I think will darken up a little more.  Also, look the little pink spot on his nose! He's too cute.  Jenna takes great photos.  We bought a bunch from her for our apartment (which we have yet to hang), and I love poking around her etsy site every so often.

Lastly, I absolutely have to mention my Cleveland Indians, who have absolutely kicked ass in September.  They won ten games in a row and swept the Minnesota Twins to clinch the first place spot in the wild card race.  PLAYOFFS, BABY!  I love baseball and I love the Tribe.  I'm so proud of them!  I'm so, so happy to be able to watch them play in October.  The regular season ended yesterday, which was sad because that means summer is totally gone.  Also Breaking Bad ended yesterday (which I've been watching for years and I'm a huge fan of) and Ben and I finished watching The Sopranos a couple days ago.  It's been a week of goodbyes.  While I wait for the wild card game (Wednesday here in Cleveland) I'll be working on my resume and making job contacts.  So maybe this week will be one of new beginnings, too.

So, has anyone else stumbled on the new Wet n Wild displays?  If so, what did you snag?  And also, now that I'm obsessed with B&Bs, does anyone in Ohio have any suggestions for ones we should visit?  I'm on the lookout.


  1. Looks like a great get away and what a fun time of yr to do the Stereo-opter - wish I had kept the antique one my mom had - it was one of the really early antiques she had that I recall was in our house from my earliest memories in like 1951 or 52! Love the Shrimp shade...I look right past the very few Wet N Wild we have in our little Rite Aide because they usually chip badly on me.

    1. It was SO FUN. Maybe try a different base/topcoat combination with the Wet n Wilds? Some of their polishes are really worth trying.

  2. What a cute,little outing! I may need to find those WnW's

    1. I have seen them in a few different Walgreens, so they shouldn't be too hard to find!

  3. I'm guessing this is also the same as Spoiled Shrimp on the Barbie, which I bought when it was first released. You have inspired me to finally wear it.

    1. I'm not sure! But I'm guessing it's probably the same or similar.


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