Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sinful Colors Leather Loose

So, it's been a while.  Sorry about that.  First I went on my trip, then came down with some sort of stomach bug that I'm still trying to shake, then Ben and I went to a clambake at my uncle's house, then we had engagement photos taken, and now we're trying to plan a Halloween party that's happening this coming Saturday.  Not to mention I'm looking for jobs and sending in applications and resumes and writing cover letters and meeting with people.  So there's that.  We've had a lot on our plates over here. But I did have time to put something on my nails yesterday, and it's this:

without topcoat

isn't he handsome?!

This is Sinful Colors Leather Loose from the Leather Luxe collection, which is all matte polishes.  I think, anyway.  I only got this one because Halloween.  Honestly, without topcoat it's pretty blah to me.  I put it on and was planning on wearing it matte, but I was all, "meh."  So I added some Insta-Dri and POW.  It's good.  The formula was a little tricky because it left really severe bald patches if I went over an area more than once with the brush per coat.  Letting it dry between coats is key (and it dries quickly because it's a matte).  I did two coats here.  In most of the swatches I've seen of this one the base looks decidedly black, so I was genuinely surprised that the base is actually sort of a murky merlot/brown.  There is copper or maybe orange shimmer peppered throughout, and that's what really makes this one special.  Very fall appropriate, and super Halloween-y.  

I also thought I'd share some photos from my trip to Massachusetts to visit Sam (great fun was had).

Cape Cod was chilly

But The Lobster Pot in Provincetown has great bloody marys (my favorite)

I love this picture of Sam.  She's very elusive in photographs, like a bird of paradise or something (you know you are)

Me at the MFA Boston with a Hassam

Me crying to myself about this Sargent, which is mind-blowingly amazing in person

Salem.  I had to.

Nathaniel Hawthorne statue in Salem.

The smallest bookstore with the worst filing system (read:  no filing system) ever.  Also in Salem.

Sam was amused at how excited I got about shells.

I love ships!

We saw this a lot.  Thanks for being embarrassing, US government.

So, we had a lot of fun!  I would love to go back and I told Sam that I'm looking for haunted real estate in Salem.  I was entranced by how old stuff is there.  In Ohio most stuff is mid-nineteenth century, so I'm used to that, but over there it's like SEVENTEENTH CENTURY, WHAT.  I loved it.  Can't wait to go back.

To end, here's a little peek of Remy's Halloween costume...

I've only had it on him for like five minutes at a time and so far he's a pretty good sport.  He's just so cute.  AND it glows in the dark.  He'll be the life of the party!...for five minutes, and then I'll take it off of him and he'll probably walk around begging for food the entire night.  

So that's all for now.  Sorry it took me so long to post.  Hopefully I'll get to be around a bit more in the coming weeks.  Did anyone else pick up anything from the Sinful Leather Luxe collection?  Nothing else jumped out at me, but I'm glad that I got Leather Loose.  I'm planning to show a few more Halloween polishes in the next few days, so here's hoping!


  1. Welcome Back. Youve been busy. Sick is going around. The man had that stomach bug and a bad cold and Ive had a cold thats slowly going away. Damn you for making me want this polish and nowthat kitty is the cutest thing everrrrrr

    1. He is the cutest thing ever. He knows. HE KNOWS.

  2. Love that you were in my area. Please tell me you went to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

    1. We did, on the same day as the MFAB. Couldn't take photos though, as you know.

      I liked it a lot. It was like The Frick on steroids.


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