Thursday, November 28, 2013

I Like My Nail Polish Like I Like My Peanut Butter

Chunky.  At least that's what one of my choices from the L'Oreal Gold Dust collection says.

I chose I Like It Chunky because I thought it was delightfully autumnal, despite its silly name.  It's sort of like...a light brownish reddish color with pink and gold shimmer and large CHUNKY gold glitter.  The application was really great.  I could have been good with one coat, but I did two just in case.  I like it, and I think it's good for Thanksgiving.  Will I ever wear it again?  Probably not.  But I'm all about textured polishes these days, so I figured...why not, right?

I never know whether or not to post on major holidays because I don't know if people read blogs.  I know I'll be super busy today all day.  But I figured I'd throw up a short post just in case anyone needs to escape family between dinner and pie (we've all been there).

Here's a picture of Remy and me from the other day that Ben took.  I have to hold him while Ben goes outside or else he'll try to follow.  As you can see he is not happy.

UChicago hoodie.  Heart PJ bottoms.  Santa socks.  Fluffy kitten.  Yeah, it's hibernation time in Ohio.

K, I'm out.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your families and your pie, everyone.  

Monday, November 25, 2013

OPI Dazzled By Gold: I Had A Birthday

Welp, I had a birthday yesterday.  It was a nice one.  We hit up the Cleveland Flea on Saturday, Ben took me to dinner Saturday night, and then yesterday my mom took me shopping and we all had Indian food and ate cake.  A success.  True to tradition, I wore OPI Dazzled By Gold.  But I actually used it as a topper this year for China Glaze Igniting Love, which I think is at least one of my top three favorite releases from 2013.  It's such a great red.

Gorgeous, right?  At one coat Dazzled By Gold is sheer enough to be used as a bit of icing, so I decided to switch it up a bit.  This is two coats Igniting Love, one coat Dazzled By Gold.  I also trimmed my nails and I like them so much better this length--although I've been letting them grow long pretty often.

Last week I got a special sweater from Target and decided to wait until my birthday to wear it.

Target sweater here (on sale now!)

I really couldn't resist the prospect of wearing cake.  And I was totally delighted by it all day.

Oh, you also may have noticed that I have way less hair than I used to.  It used to be down to my waist-ish, but I just got sick of it.  It took years for me to get sick of it, but I did.  I got about eight inches cut off and it's a pretty big change.  Also I guess I'm doing side-bangs now?  Here's a picture from right after I got it cut (so it's ideal, style-wise):

So yeah, very different for me.  But I like it a lot.  It felt good to get rid of all that extra hair and to look a little different for a change. 

Anyway.  My mom took me to Anthropologie and Sephora, and I ended up getting a sweater and also the UD Vice 2 palette (!!!!!!!!!!! SO excited about that).  She also picked a few polishes up for me, which was very nice of her.  Also my parents got me a cake that had so many candles on it that it looked like it was on fire in this picture:

WATCH OUT.  This is serious.

Overall it was a very nice weekend.  EXCEPT.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while may remember my little friend Raven.  

(I just love this picture)

Raven is sick.  He's very sick.  I guess the other day he wouldn't stop vomiting, and it got so bad that he has been staying at the emergency animal hospital for a couple days.  He had to be on fluids and anti-nausea medication.  Finally he would eat when hand-fed.  He's very timid and shy and just generally terrified around most people, so he wouldn't go to the front of his cage himself to eat his food :(  It breaks my heart that he had to stay there by himself.  But my mom was calling to check on him all weekend, and he's coming home tomorrow.  He has pancreatitis, and I'm sort of unclear on the prognosis and what his life might be like after this.  My mom told me yesterday to "prepare for the worst."  It's hard.  He's only 6 and he's just the nicest, sweetest cat.  He loves to be petted and talked to softly, and he never hisses or bites or anything.  He just gives you tiny little meows and very big purrs.  I'm really hoping that he'll be okay.  It did put a bit of a cloud over my weekend, knowing that he was in an unfamiliar place, in pain and scared.  What is it with my cats lately?  I'm glad that Remy is okay, but now I have this other guy to worry about.

Send good thoughts our way.  We might need them.

That's all for today.  I hope everyone had a nice weekend, and I'll talk to you later in the week.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

China Glaze Rendezvous With You

Do you guys remember that one China Glaze fall collection from like, maybe 2009?  I think it was called Retro Diva.  Anyway, it was pretty meh.  Mostly metallic-y frosty shades, and almost all of them warm colors.  Not to be a brat, but I actually kind of feel that way about Autumn Nights from this fall.  I didn't see anything particularly exciting (aside from the rosy gold shade, Strike Up A Cosmo, but I don't think that would look good on me), so I didn't think much about the collection.  Beyond Polish ended up sending me one, Rendezvous With You, and you know what?  I actually really like it.

You know what's annoying?  The tiny bit of cuticle flooding on my middle finger that I didn't notice, AS WELL AS the ITTY BITTY SPECK of polish on the same cuticle that is invisible to the naked eye, but in pictures is like OH HEY.  Sigh.  Okay, anyway, Rendezvous With You is a really interesting smoky purple foil.  The base of this polish is straight up silver, so that's where the smokiness comes from.  But there's also some pink shimmer in it, which warms it up a bit.  The really nice thing about foils like these is that they're insanely pigmented.  I used one coat here and was decently satisfied.  I used a bobby pin and added some Mingle With Kringle dots to the tips of my nails, just to make things more interesting.  If you like purple, I do recommend Rendezvous With You.  It's interesting enough to warrant owning, and it's very pretty for fall.  Also, one coat?  Sign me up.

I didn't get to take a picture of Remy with the bottle or anything, so to make up for it here he is watching the Ragdoll episode of Too Cute at like 3 in the morning:

I know.  It's pretty much too cute.

That's all for today.  I probably won't get to post anymore this week, but I'll try to update on Monday with what I wore for my birthday.  I'm thinking of switching it up this year (GASP), so I'll let you know what I decide on.  I remember when I turned 25 I was a little depressed, and I'm feeling that again this year.  I just don't feel like I'm where I want to be in life, and I'm struggling to get there and to be satisfied.  Don't get me wrong; I'm way way way happier back in Ohio than I was in New York, but things aren't quite how I want them to be yet, job-wise (read:  I don't have one and it's really hard to get one...but I keep trying).  I feel a lot of pressure--some from outside sources and a lot from myself--so I'm definitely struggling.  So yeah.  Birthdays.  They're...somethin'.

I hope there's cake.

[These polishes sent for review by Beyond Polish.  The opinions expressed are my own.]

Monday, November 18, 2013

Butter London Two Fingered Salute

Once my last manicure of MAC Formidable! chipped I didn't know what to wear.  I have a few new polishes to try out, but I'm not super excited by any of them.  I was thinking that I haven't gotten a polish in forever that I'm just giddy over.  Like, it's been since July.  I was fondly recalling when I stumbled upon Butter London Two Fingered Salute during my very last trip to Ricky's on 5th and 34th in NYC.  Then I remembered the unthinkable:  I hadn't worn it yet even though I was really excited about it.  I fixed that immediately.

This one is a sage green base with copper shimmer/glitter that flashes pink in low light.  It is everything and I love it.  I splurged to buy it way back in July, and now I'm really glad I did.  I think I did two coats here.  The formula actually reminded me of a Rescue Beauty Lounge polish; thick, but still workable with a small brush.  I loved wearing this one even though it only lasted a couple days on me before chipping.  

Another reason I love this polish is because it reminds me of:

Still makes me laugh.

In other news, the time has come that I actually have to start planning my wedding.  My mom and I had a meeting with a caterer on Friday and we're seeing another one today.  And now I think I'm changing my colors from my original idea of very simple black and white.  All of this is a lot to think about it and it's overwhelming me, but I'm liking flipping through magazines.  

I'd like to hear about your weddings and any good ideas (that you don't mind sharing) in the comments.  What colors you had, any cute decor ideas...etc.  It would be helpful!

Alright everyone, hope you have a nice Monday.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Shopping My Stash: MAC Formidable!

Hey guys.  Welcome to the November edition of Shopping My Stash, a collaboration with Rach of stuff I (s)watched where we explore unused polishes of yesteryear.  This post is a little late this month because Rach and I both had crappy weeks last week.  She had her car incident and I had my kitten incident.  But now we're back on track and better (?) than ever.  Rach let me choose the theme for this month (because it's my birthday month), and because I'm boring I chose vampy.


I ended up choosing MAC Formidable!, which is from the 2010 Venomous Villains collection.  The other two polish offerings were the now-legendary Bad Fairy and Mean and Green, both of which I've featured before (they were gifted to me as a set from my friend Michelle).  The color of Formidable! is...interesting.  And for me, just okay.  When it's not in direct sunlight I think it's a bombshell.  When the sun hits it, though, I'm less enamored.  That's when the darker blue shimmer really shines in the plummy base, and to me it just falls flat.  But in natural light it's an interesting little chameleon, and is very pretty.  It flashes purple, pink, and teal.  

The formula is less pretty.  I did three thin coats here, and as you can see in the first picture (in the sunlight), I still had a few bald spots (most notably on my index finger).  Not a fan of that.  And I also refused to do four coats.  The formula is thin and runny, yet not difficult to work with.  So that's a good thing.

People were all disappointed in this three-piece offering from MAC because two of the polishes, Formidable! and Mean and Green, both have dupes in Orly Galaxy Girl and Orly Space Cadet, respectively.  And that's why polish junkies went nuts for MAC Bad Fairy, because it was the only truly unique one of the three.  After wearing all three of them now--it only took me THREE YEARS--I can unequivocally say that Mean and Green is my favorite from this collection.  I don't care that it has an Orly dupe, because I don't have that one and it doesn't bother me.  Forbidable! is so pretty in natural light, but I don't think it's one I'll reach for least not for a while.  I'm glad I finally tried it out, though.  And that's why the Shopping My Stash series is so great for us!

Okay, that's all for today.  I'm glad we got around to doing this collaboration this month.  I was worried I wouldn't be able to get it together.  Crisis averted.

So what do you guys think?  Did you have a favorite of the three polishes from the Venomous Villains collection?  Or did you opt for the Orly polishes instead?

Monday, November 11, 2013

China Glaze Mingle With Kringle and a Sick Kitten

First, the winner of the Alcatraz...Rocks giveaway is Annette. We've been in touch to confirm her win, and it's all good. Thanks for entering and reading, and stay tuned for more giveaways in the future. 

My very first thought after looking at China Glaze Mingle With Kringle in the bottle was how much it reminded me of OPI Dazzled By Gold, which was an Ulta exclusive from 2009.  I've featured it on my blog a lot, most recently here.  I didn't do a comparison, but to my eye they look pretty similar.  Here's Mingle With Kringle:

This is a really, really nice gold.  Like, it's really great.  It's exactly my cup of tea.  It's very sparkly and very flattering on my skin tone.  On the first coat it was pretty sheer and I thought it may have needed three.  But nope, on the second coat it was totally opaque.  I am delighted with it, because (without a direct comparison) I feel like it's a pretty good substitute for OPI Dazzled By Gold (which is hard to find now).  I'm so happy with this.  I plan to wear it a lot over this holiday season.  Because GOLD.  

Last week was kind of a mess for us here.  We had a crisis with Remy.  Usually he eats everything in sight.  If you're eating a salad, he sneaks up and then is all of a sudden tearing off away from you with a piece of lettuce in his mouth; he will lick anything that's set down on the table; he wakes me up obscenely early to feed him his wet food breakfast.  Anyway, last Tuesday morning he just stopped eating.  He wasn't eating any of his dry food that's there for grazing, and he wouldn't eat his wet food meals.  He would literally just attempt to bury the food.  He'd paw at the linoleum around the dish, like he was trying to bury his pee (the vet later told me that they do this to attempt to camouflage the food from you; like OH DON'T WORRY I ATE IT SEE IT'S NOT HERE ANYMORE).  I decided to just let it go for one day.  That night he still didn't eat dinner.  When he wouldn't eat the following morning we took him to the vet.  He needed x-rays to see if he had a blockage, and the vet actually thought he had a hairball he couldn't pass, so she gave us a chicken-flavored lubricant to feed him that would let it slide through his system, and also an appetite stimulant pill.  We gave him both.  Several hours later he just looked worse, so I took him to a different vet that was open later.  He did x-rays too, and told me that he might have to have surgery to clear the blockage.  For the next two days he would only eat if I hand-fed him.  I had to smear my fingers in kitten food and let him lick it off.  It was disgusting.  And then he had to go back to the vet.  After one last x-ray he determined that there was no longer a blockage, but he thought it was best to test him for a number of horrible diseases/viruses (and we're still waiting for the test results).

Then on Saturday, out of nowhere, he became totally ravenous for kitten kibble.  He couldn't get enough.  He ate it so fast that he had the hiccups.  By this time I had stopped offering him his wet food, so I just let him go to town on his meat cereal.  By yesterday, he was back to normal, eating-wise (ie eating everything:  his kibbles, his wet food, a few licks of cheese here, a piece of lettuce there, anything that fell on the floor...etc).  I have no idea what was wrong with him last week.  He looked sad and very tired.  Now all of a sudden he's better.  He's back to normal, causing trouble.  

This was on Wednesday.  All he wanted to do was sleep right by me.  All day.  He wouldn't get up to have a drink or even go to his litter box.  Could he have had a little cold?  Sometimes I feel like that when I have a cold.

After the first vet told us he might have a hairball, we got this thing, the Zoom Groom.  Remy doesn't like brushes, but this thing is sort of like a curry comb.  He's so weirded out by how it feels that he just lets me brush him now.  It does a pretty good job removing any excess fur.

FINALLY he's eating

We were so stressed out and worried.  We didn't want the little guy to have surgery.  Add to this that Ben's dad wasn't doing so well, that Ben and I had to work all weekend, and that I had a few potential-job-related meetings, and last week was just terrible.  I'm glad that now it's this week.

Okay, that's all.  To conclude:  Mingle With Kringle is the perfect gold that might be a good substitute for OPI Dazzled By Gold.  I highly suggest that you invest in it if you missed out on DBG or if you're a gold polish fan.  

[This polish sent for review by Beyond Polish.  The opinions expressed are my own.]

Monday, November 04, 2013

OPI Alcatraz...Rocks and GIVEAWAY!!

I'm so excited for today's post for so many reasons!  The good people over at Beyond Polish sent me over a few fall/winter polishes to try out and show you, and this is the first one, OPI Alcatraz...Rocks.  

normally I'd crop these pictures, but look at the fall foliage in the background; so pretty

by lamp light

look at all the different sparkles!!!!  ahhhhh!!

without topcoat--it's pulling waaaaaay purple here, but look how sparkly!

and just for fun, here's what happens when I try to take a selfie with Remy lately.  I'm trying to make a noise to get him to pay attention and he's all STEP OFF, TALK TO THE PAW.

Oh.  My.  God.  This polish.  I can't.  I can't even.  It's just too beautiful.  The base is sort of a smoky indigo that leans more toward the blue side in real life.  Then it's just packed with different colors of shimmer.  Seriously, there's gold, green, blue, pink, purple...that's why I included that really blurry picture up there, because it does a good job at showing the shimmer.  A couple coats of topcoat really bring out the sparkle, too.  I have to say that when mattes were trending in 2009 I was not into it.  But I LOOOOOVE the textured finishes that have been happening for the past year.  I have a couple other ones, including Jinx from OPI (which is aaaawwweeesome), but I feel like Alcatraz...Rocks is basically the end-all-be-all of Liquid Sands.  It's too lovely.  The formula was great, and I used two coats.  

So now for the other reason I'm excited about this post...I actually bought Alcatraz...Rocks for myself back in September and never used it.  So now I have two bottles:  the one sent to me by Beyond Polish, and my unused bottle.  And that's where the GIVEAWAY comes in.  There's no reason for me to have two bottles, so I want to give one to one of you.

Here's how you enter.  It's easy.
1.  Make sure you're following this blog.  Just click "follow" over in the righthand sidebar.  Already did that?  Cool.  
2.  Comment on THIS POST.  In the comment please include the following:
  1. Your name
  2. A way to contact you (e-mail address)
  3. Your favorite thing about fall
3.  Tell someone about this giveaway.  There are no extra entries for this.  Just tell someone.  Text your mom, send your best pal an e-mail, whatever.  You can post about it on your blog if you've got one.  It's the honor system, girls, so do me proud.
4.  Enter by Sunday, November 10 at 11:59pm EST.  I will randomly choose a winner and announce who it is here on the following Monday.  YES, THIS IS OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL READERS, TOO.

That's all.  Good luck in the giveaway, and if you don't win you can always order this polish from Beyond Polish for $6.95 (once it's back in's that popular).

Thanks for reading, guys, and I'll talk to you soon!

[This polish sent for review.  The opinions expressed are my own.]