Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: A Year in Review

2014 was a weird and big year for me!  Lots of things happened that I thought would never happen, so I thought I would share some photos to help it go out with a bang.

First, the last hand-by-face of 2014 to quickly show you my NYE nails:

The base is an H&M polish called Chill Out that is perfect for winter, so I'll wear it on its own sometime soon.  The GLITTAH is Lippmann Today Was a Fairytale, which...swoon.  I didn't have good enough light to actually take pictures of my hands, but hopefully you'll get the idea that this is glittery and blue-tinted.  Perfect for New Year's Eve, if you ask me.  It also matches my bedtime shirt pretty well, which is Ben's Transformers shirt.  So comfy.  So soft.

Okay, and now for 2014 in pictures.

we rang in 2014 at a pajama party, which I think is definitely the best kind of party

we went to Fallingwater

took a trip to Colorado for my cousin's graduation and met family I had never met before (my grandpa's brother's daughter, on my left); also my grandpa's brother looks and sounds just like he did...makes me miss him

went to Ptown with Sammy

saw my first whales aboard the SS Steffie's Seasick

got my first tattoo--yes, on my ribcage.  Yes, it hurt.  Yes, it looks all normal and healed and pretty now.

bonus first tat picture...this is apparently what happens when you get a tattoo in Provincetown--pirates

my mom and I learned to paint, kind of

4th of July antics

I had a bridal shower

I had a bachelorette party with Kayleigh

I got married

we went to Scotland and, among other things, saw Loch Ness

I had the best Halloween costume of all time

had an ugly sweater party (sorry you can't see the sweater; you can trust me when I say it was ugly.  Maybe the reindeer antlers and Christmas light necklace makes up for it)

I put antlers on The Fuzz and he wasn't pleased...but I was

So, there's a little of my year in pictures.  Not pictured:  I started working at an art museum, which is pretty major.  I also made some new friends and cherished the ones I already had a little bit more.  It was a year of traveling and laughing; of firsts and forevers.  I have no idea what 2015 will bring, but I'm ready to ring it in with glitter all over my face and nails and a glass of champagne in my hand.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year's Eve.  I know that, particularly this year, my blog is been a little lackluster.  I go through ups and downs with my interest in writing it, but I do find that I enjoy going back and reading my posts to see what I was up to in a certain month of a certain year and things like that.  I'll be keeping it up for as long as my blog stamina holds out...and thanks for sticking with me, if you have.  And if my sporadic once-a-week posting isn't up to snuff, follow us on Instagram (@RemyRagdoll).  I post there every day.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 29, 2014

I'll Have a Blue Twixtmas

I always think that the few days between Christmas and New Year's Eve are the weirdest days of the year.  It seems like we shouldn't be working, but we are.  It seems like the holidays should be over, but they're really not.  I feel like we should probably take the Christmas tree down, but somehow it seems too early.  I had never heard the term "Twixtmas" before to refer to this weird set of days, but I read it somewhere recently and thought it was completely perfect.  So, Blue Twixtmas.

washed out, but looking pretty and sparkly

Remy creepin'

I used a base here of two coats of  Essie Midnight Cami, which is a pretty old color.  It's from the 2009 Cuddle With Color collection that brought us such favorites as Chinchilly and Mink Muffs (and I also love Pink Parka and Angora Cardi--really, an all-around awesome collection).  Midnight Cami is just a navy blue shimmer.  A pretty simple color, but very pretty and with a decent formula.  I topped that with two coats of H&M Mermaid, which is mostly a teal microglitter.  I was attracted to it in the store because I tend to go for glitter this time of year, and also because it was $1.  It's really pretty over a dark blue.  Dry time was good with Seche.

I hope everyone had a nice holidaytime, if you're so inclined to celebrate.  We had a pretty chill Christmas and Christmas Eve.  My mom made a great breakfast and we went to see Big Eyes (which we all enjoyed).  Ben had been gone for the ten days prior to Christmas, so it's been nice to be home with him, hanging out...and watching Nip/Tuck because now I have him hooked too.  I also did a lot of hanging out with Remy.

Remy cuddlin'

favorite dog friend, Trevor

I also cuddled with my aunt and uncle's rescued greyhound, but I don't have pictures of that.  I am not a dog person, really, but I enjoy Trevor very much.  A very cuddly Christmas, indeed.  

We're definitely looking forward to NYE over here, and I'm hoping I'll have time to write a post before then.  I have my eye on a sparkly polish combination and I really want to do a year in review post since I didn't do one last year.  Plus a lot of stuff happened for me in 2014, and I wouldn't mind doing a little blog roundup since this is Short n Chic's fifth year.  

Alright, I hope everyone is doing well and that if Santa visited he brought some good loot.  I'm just over here enjoying my Guerlain Meteorites that Ben bought me like yaaaaaaaay.  Hopefully I'll talk to you again before the year is out!

Monday, December 22, 2014

...With a Compass in the Stock, and This Thing Which Tells Time

I cannot freaking believe that it's Christmas this week.  I had a holiday party to attend this past weekend, so I decided to deck out my nails with the most Christmas-y of Christmas colors, red.

China Glaze Tip Your Hat topped with Funky Fingers Red Rdyer.  Also, sorry for the itty-bitty tipwear.  I had been wearing this a day when I took pictures.  Really, what is more Christmas-y than a creamy, creamy red polish and a sparkly, sparkly red glitter?  Tip Your Hat is a phenomenal polish.  It's totally basic--a true red creme that has a touch of dustiness to it--but if you're looking for a red to add to your collection, or if you like reds, I recommend you get this one before the holidays are over.  The formula is super smooth and creamy, and it was perfectly fine at one coat.  The Funky Fingers is part of the Christmas Story mini-collection that you can probably find at Five Below right now.  It's hex and microglitter in a clear base.  I think the monochrome look is just gorgeous here.  I wasn't sure how red glitter on red (non-jelly) polish would turn out, but it's stunning.  And the glitter just glows in low light.  I used one coat of glitter, topped it off with one coat of Seche, and called it a day.  

No other news to report here.  I had a super chill weekend because a.)  I knew Saturday night was going to be nuts at the Christmas party (it was) and b.) because I got completely sucked into Nip/Tuck.  I bought the first season from an exchange store for $5 a long time ago, and since Ben is out of town I just decided to start watching it.  And I am totally hooked.  Yesterday after I semi-emerged from the hangover I get like once a year I went and bought almost all the rest of the seasons, so I am STOCKED UP.  

I might have another post up this week, but also maybe not.  I'm not sure how busy I'm going to be.  Definitely going to be at work for part of the week, working from home for the other part.  So we'll see how I do on the nail front.  Happy Monday, all!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Winter's a Good Time to Stay In and Cuddle

Funky Fingers is really tugging on my heart strings this holiday season.  When I was at Five Below looking for the Christmas Story glitters, I also ran into some Frozen glitters.  And three for $5?  I couldn't say no.  And as for the base color of this manicure, the power of polish-sitting-on-the-coffee-table is so strong, because I used White Cap again.  But this turned out completely amazing so I can't even apologize.

Took a run outside because it was 50 degrees and OH MY GOD it was awful.  It's been so long since I've run outside that I forgot I hate it.  Anyway, that's why there's neon clothing.

Two coats White Cap, and one coat Olaf.  Yes, Olaf.  It's a glitter topper with small and larger hex glitter, small holo glitter, and--surprise, surprise--white snowflake glitter.  I was pretty shocked when I saw that single snowflake on my ring finger nail.  I looked around the outside of the bottle searching for other snowflakes and found none.  That's not to say they're not in there somewhere, I just think they're pretty sparse.  But honestly, this manicure turned out stupid pretty.  I don't even care that you can see my nail line through White Cap.  The formula on Olaf is fine and typical of a glitter topper; the hex and holo glitter bits are easy to get on the nail, but like I said, the snowflakes are completely elusive.  I think it would look pretty over a lot of colors.  And for the price and the Frozen reference, you can't beat it.  

K, that's it.  Ben is out of town until Christmas Eve night, so I'm here by myself with the Christmas tree and Remy.  Don't worry, though, I decided to make popcorn strands so I'm super busy.  Christmas ahoy!