Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Love & Beauty "Peacock Feather" (Grey Multi)

I've been so bored of most polishes lately.  Nothing has been exciting to me.  Last week I went to Forever 21 to take advantage of the absolutely enormous sale they were having, and I spotted a polish that I thought was interesting.  Distressingly, Forever 21 doesn't name their polishes except by color, but after some googling I found out that this one might be called Peacock Feather.  

the DRIEST of cuticles.  I can't even.

how could I not have bought this?  LOOK AT IT

Well, I was right.  Peacock Feather is interesting.  It's a sheer gray jelly base with dark purple glitter and fuchsia and teal round glitter.  I liked the layered look of this, like rocks frozen under ice, and I liked how shiny it ended up being.  But the formula is awful.  It took me forever to get it sort of even and for the glitter to not look clumpy.  I think this was three coats.  Also, by the next day this was literally falling off my nails.  I had insane tipwear and there were chunks missing.  But it was a cheap thrill, and I'm glad I tried it out.  For $2.80 I'm not too upset.  

That's all for today.  I wanted to to let you guys know that if you've e-mailed me about teacups for my wedding and I haven't responded to you, it's probably because I'm a little overwhelmed with wedding stuff right now.  But I'm planning on getting my shit together and penning several responses.  Thank you to those who have reached out.  I truly, truly appreciate your generosity.  

I'm going to try to have another post up on Friday.  It's been a slow nail week, guys.  But I did hit up Five Below a couple weeks ago, so I might have something sparkly to show you.  Here's hoping.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. I have this one! I really need to wear it. It's a very pretty color. It's also a very cheap dupe of NCLA Sugar Fix.

    1. Oh my goodness, so it is! I had no idea.

  2. Whoa, LOVE this on you! That color combo is awesome. Too bad the formula *and* the wear time sucked! But sometimes such is the way of the cheap thrill ...

    1. I might try it again in the future and be a bit more careful and precise. I think if I had stopped at two coats instead of three it may have lasted a little longer. Buuuuut I got frustrated and just slapped it on in thick patches.


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