Thursday, March 27, 2014

China Glaze What A Pansy

YOU KNOW, periwinkle is a polish color that never gets old for me.  Maybe it's because I think it looks great against my skin.  Maybe it's because I find the color calming.  Maybe it's because I think it works for many seasons.  Whatever the reason, I love it.  So when I saw there was a striking periwinkle creme in the China Glaze City Flourish collection, the decision to buy it was pretty much made for me.

look how purple this photo ended up!  not color accurate, but isn't it pretty??

There is no better way to describe What A Pansy than as simply periwinkle.  It's a creme.  Its formula was delightful, and what you see here is two coats.  I love this color on shorter nails, and I had to cut mine off the other day because they were just bugging me.  I hope this polish gets good wear time, because, like I said, I really like this color on me and I wouldn't mind wearing it for a few days.  Also the name sort of delights me.  I'm surprised China Glaze didn't have a name referencing a pansy before this.   

And now for something totally off topic:  check out the new little friend I have on my dashboard.  Ben is an expert at feeling those mystery Lego packages and figuring out which character is in them, so I asked him to find me the coffee guy.  And he did!  I put him together and we stuck him down with some velcro.  I think he's adorable.  And apparently his name is Larry.

Alright, that's all for today.  Does anyone else feel the same way about periwinkle polishes that I do?  More importantly, who thinks "periwinkle" is a funny word?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Essie Pink Parka

According to my calendar it is spring.  According to my weather app, today it is 30 degrees.  This does not please me.  To combat this perpetual winter, I chose one of the brightest polishes I own (and kind of an old polish too), Essie Pink Parka.  I ran across it a couple weeks ago when I was going through my Essie drawer and I set it aside for a day like today, when I really need it to feel like springtime.

looks like I used flash, doesn't it?  nope!  the polish is just that bright

Pink Parka, which is from the Fall 2009 collection, is a true neon pink.  These photos make it look way more violet-toned than it is in reality.  The formula was streaky, and after three coats it still had bald spots--but this polish is so glowy and bright that you can't tell in photographs, which is convenient for all of us, isn't it?  I really liked this polish while I was wearing it, but sadly this happened after less than a day of wear:

see all those chips on my nail tips?  ack.

Unfortunately for those of you who love this color, it's now discontinued.  Fortunately for those of you who love this color, true neon pinks like this are not hard to find these days.  As it is, I wouldn't recommend this one because of the formula troubles (although neons are notoriously difficult anyway) and the staggeringly awful wear time I had with it, even after using SV.  But still.  Looks fab, doesn't it?

Sorry for my absence lately!  Remember last week how I was saying that I had a cold?  Well, I still have it.  As of Sunday evening I did feel much better, but for the seven days prior to that I felt like I was a dying snot bomb (and I'm sure Ben felt like that too, because my sneezes were diabolical).  I still have a cough and a lot of lingering congestion, but I don't have that weird fuzzy-headed-where-even-am-I sick feeling anymore.  

My other news is that I got a job!  Yes, after nearly six months of looking and being not-so-funemployed--and wondering whether or not I had totally messed up my life by choosing this path instead of a different one--I got a job at a museum in Cleveland.  Yes, you read that right:  I have a job related to my liberal arts field.  And it's kind of a fun job.  And this has been a happy, happy time despite how sick I've been.  I'm getting on a normal-person schedule (sort of--I work through weekends now) and I'm starting to feel, well, normal.  Life exists beyond grad school for this art historian, everyone!  

Let's all celebrate with neon pink!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

OPI Live.Love.Carnaval

First thing's first:  I take back everything I said about the corals in this collection being unworthy of picking up because they're dupe-y.  Truth be told, they probably do have dupes, maybe even from OPI itself.  But damn if they aren't beautiful.  Case in point?  Live.Love.Carnaval.

In these photos it pulls way more pink than it is in real life.  I'd describe the color as a true, but very-bright-almost-to-the-point-of-being-neon, coral.  It is summer in a bottle.  This color screams LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL to me, and it makes me happy to wear it.  The formula was great.  The first coat was a little streaky, but the second coat evened things out and I was happy with how it looked.  I think Live.Love.Carnaval would be a great color to wear on your toes for the [hopefully] upcoming warmer weather.  It is delightful.

This past Saturday I woke up with a cold.  An actual cold, not the I-think-I-might-be-getting-sick feeling that I've had almost all winter without actually developing a cold.  I had a busy weekend ahead of me, so I just took some Dayquil and powered through it, and yesterday and today I get to relax (and yes mom, drink plenty of water) and sleep this cold away.  I almost made it all winter without actually getting sick!  If I could have just made it a few more days I would have been home free.  Oh well.  

Here is Remy doing his own relaxing next to me in his favorite box.  What a life.

At least with this downtime I've gotten to read Divergent.  I have to say, I was skeptical of the book because sometimes dystopian future young adult stuff just isn't my jam, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I really enjoyed reading it.  I actually went out and bought the second book yesterday (along with a bowl of chicken noodle soup to go from Panera), so I'm fully prepared to see the movie when it comes out this weekend (actually we will probably go at the beginning of next week so we can take advantage of $5 movie night(s) as per usual).  Last week Ben took me to see Mr. Peabody & Sherman, and I was SO DELIGHTED BY IT.  Seriously, I laughed like a crazy person through the whole thing and thoroughly enjoyed it.  So if you're on the fence about seeing that one, I really highly recommend it.

Alright, that's all for me today.  What do you think of OPI Live.Love.Carnaval?  Worth picking up?  What's your perfect warm weather polish color?  Because honestly, I think something like this hot coral is mine.

[This product sent for review consideration by Beyond Polish.  The opinions expressed are my own.]

Friday, March 14, 2014

Shopping My Stash: Happy Pi Day Friday!

I had to reach deep outside the box for this one, guys.  When 2014 started Rach was like, "I don't know what we're going to do for January, but we have to do something for Pi Day in March!"  I've been thinking about the polish I was going to post today for months, and I finally came up with something that's a little tangential, but it works.  

So, when I was 16 my family took a vacation to Italy and my mom brought a book with her; when she was done reading it she gave it to me, and I remember I was so enthralled by it that I couldn't put it down!  Whenever we had any down time (and when I wasn't in the pool) I was reading it.  I liked it because it really made me think.  And it was some heavy stuff for a teenager on vacation, but I was into it.  The book was Life of Pi by Yann Martel. The main character is Piscine Molitor Patel, who is called Pi for short.  His parents named him after a Parisian swimming pool (piscine in French).  Weird, right?  But anyway, after Life of Pi popped into my head, my polish choice for this month became obvious:  Gap Bright Pool.

with flash because sunlight does not exist right now (will it EVER?)

See that necklace?  A Christmas present from my mom.  It's a little piece of blown glass with real dandelion fluff-seeds inside.  It's bringing good luck already!

I have Gap Bright Pool courtesy of Anna of Mitten State Prepster.  Thanks, Anna!  When word got out that there was a dupe for RBL Aqua Lily from the 2012 Fan Collection floating around I was all over it.  I haven't been buying RBL at all because of price, etc, etc, but a dupe of one of the brand's most popular shades?  Well, come at me.  Sadly I couldn't find it myself, and that's when Anna came to the rescue.  She sent this to me in October-ish (?) and DAAAAAMMNNNN is it a fine polish.  

Bright Pool is a, well, bright, crisp teal with some dainty pink microshimmer.  I had never used a polish from Gap before so I wasn't sure what to expect.  The bottle reminds me of Chanel bottles in that it is rectangular and the top pops off to make the polish easier to use.  The brush is interesting; it's very stiff, so at first I thought it might be difficult to use...but nope!  I had no trouble with it.  And the formula was great; very easy to control, and it was opaque in two coats.  I absolutely LOVE THIS COLOR!  It's amazing, and I can definitely see it becoming a staple for summertime.  It's such a happy color.  The best part is probably that RBL Aqua Lily sold for $20--but I think it's no longer available?--and Bright Pool is $6.00.  And they are dead-on dupes.  

Anyway, I know that today is all about celebrating the mathematical pi (or, let's be honest, actual pie), but I guess I couldn't help but think of Pi Patel.  I haven't read the book in over ten years, but I think its lessons have stayed with me to this day.  We are all telling stories; we are all part of stories (our own, and those of the people in our lives); and we all choose our stories.  And where would we be without them?  Life would be less colorful, more difficult.  And Bright Pool?  Well, that's a color I just don't wanna live my story without.

Okay, that's all for me today!  Thanks for stopping by, and make sure you pop on over to stuff i (s)watched to see what Rach has to show you.

Happy Pi Day Friday!

Monday, March 10, 2014

OPI I Sao Paolo Over There

The OPI Brazil collection is full of really bright, crisp cremes, but there are a few neutrals thrown in for contrast.  As is my nature, I was immediately drawn to all of them, but I initially passed all of them up.  Happily, though, I was sent I Sao Paolo Over There by Beyond Polish, so I have it to show you today.

I Sao Paolo Over There, aside from having a fantastically punny name, is a really lovely, very cool toned, taupe.  I can definitely see the purple in it all the time, whether it's in low light or sunlight, but there is also a lot of gray in it.  I think it's ALMOST an exact dupe for China Glaze Below Deck from the Anchors Away collection of 2011, but it's really lovely nonetheless.  The formula of I Sao Paolo is absolutely perfect, completely opaque in two coats.  There are three neutrals in the Brazil collection, and this one is the darkest of all of them.  I don't necessarily think "spring" when I see a dark taupe like this, but I really like the color (and it reminds me of Swiss Miss), so I'm on board.  

This past weekend was really nice.  On Friday it was a glorious ALMOST FIFTY DEGREES.

We let Remy wander around on our back deck for a little while, and he seemed to really enjoy himself. He's always interested in going outside, but we never let him go by himself because he's a wimp, he gets cold and shivers in like two seconds, and you're really not supposed to let Ragdoll cats outside for the aforementioned two reasons, and also because they don't fear predators.  Because they're weird.  But I did let him watch the birdies.  

And then later that night we hit up a martini bar near us, Billy's, and I kind of fell in love with it.  I told Ben we have to make it our spot.  The munchies are tasty, the martinis are extra boozy, and it's close to home.  We had a lot of fun (almost too much), and then went to Ben's cousin's birthday party.  

Banana martini, you guys.  Yes.

Saturday we went out to dinner with friends, hit up the martini bar again, and then on Sunday we sprang forward which is SO EXCITING BECAUSE SUNLIGHT.  

Anyway, that's all for today.  Only ten more days until it's officially spring!  I think this is the first post I've done about OPI Brazil--aside from complaining that the corals are dupe-y in another post--so how do you guys feel about I Sao Paolo Over there?  Are you down with colors like this for spring?

[This polish sent for review by Beyond Polish.  The opinions expressed are my own.]

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Sinful Colors Baby Blues

When Rach told me that the spring Sinfuls were some interesting pastels, I was all, yawn!  Great, pastels UH-GAIN.  But then I ran across them at Rite-Aid and did some re-evaluating.  And, let's be real here guys, it's so hard to resist Sinful Colors because they're so damn cheap.  I took two home from the Mod In Bloom collection, and here's the first one, Baby Blues.  By the way, there is a Remy-fur stuck to my pinky in all of these pictures.  I'm sorry.  But it's like he's with us.  Isn't that nice?

the only shade photo I snapped, and this is probably the most color accurate

and then there are those days when I JUST CAN'T with my contacts.

Baby Blues is quite the misnomer, because while this polish is certainly blue-leaning, it's definitely a lavender color.  It's great, though.  I  mean, if you can't tell from the amount of pictures that I decided to post, I'm really into this polish.  It does have some barely-there shimmer that you can kind of see if you squint at it in direct sunlight, but most of the time the finish looks pretty creamy.  The formula was thick, but lo and behold, it self-leveled without the help of any topcoat.  I would do a coat and freak out about how streaky it was looking, and then by the time I got to the second coat everything had evened itself out.  I used three coats because after two it looked a little sheer.  Oh, also, it looks totally awesome in black light.  The cardio theatre at my gym is all black lights, and while I was working out yesterday I couldn't stop looking at my nails because they were glowing in the coolest way.

That's all for today.  I have no fun life updates for you, but I do have a feeling that March is going to be a good month.  Spring is coming!  

Monday, March 03, 2014

Essie A Crewed Interest

First, can we all share a collective WAHOO! that February is over?  Yay for March!  I can't wait until it goes out like a lamb.

I knew that Essie A Crewed Interest would be a difficult polish.  I remembered reading reviews of it back in 2012 and passing on it even though I liked the color because a pastel formula from Essie is rarely a joy to work with.  But when Michelle decided she wanted to get rid of it while I was helping her organize I decided to take it home with me.  Was it worth it?  

[if my cuticles look orange it's not because I've been indulging in Cheetos, SADLY.  Lara's Theme did some staining when I removed it]

Totally worth it.

[two things:  first I had just watched Frozen for the first time and wanted to do some Elsa-esque purple shadow (it turned out really nicely); second, I hit pan on Urban Decay Last Call!!  It's been a long road with that shadow, guys; a long road.]

A Crewed Interest is a light peach.  It might be slightly more orange than pink, but not by much.  I really like how colors like this look on me.  I also have sort of a sentimental attachment to peach because it was the color of a bedspread or a duvet cover that my mom had on my bed when I was a little girl.  But anyway, I can see why this polish frustrates people.  Yes, the formula isn't good.  This is three coats, and it looks mostly opaque and even, but I did not have an easy time getting it to look like that.  What I did was load the brush with polish to avoid streaks, and then I waited about five minutes between each coat to avoid cuticle drag.  I topped it off with NYC GCS.  

Pretty much as soon as I had finished applying top coat my power went out.  It wasn't just my power, it was all over my city and several surrounding cities.  It went out around 11 on Saturday night, and for a lot of people it was still out at 9am on Sunday.  Luckily for me mine came back on around 4 in the morning on Saturday (except it scared the ever loving crap out of me because my tv and all my lights came back on and woke me up).  Which is good because I was alone (aside from Remy), we live next to an empty field so it was totally pitch black, and it was 10 degrees out so it got cold in here fast.  Once my nails were dry (of course) I piled on four blankets, put on snuggly pjs, and hunkered down to text with a bunch of friends who kept me company.  I was particularly irritated that the power went out right in the middle of When Harry Met Sally.  But, you know, sometimes life throws you curve balls like that.  The tv gods smile upon you by playing your favorite movie on a Saturday night when you have nothing to do, and then the electricity gods just take it away.  C'est la vie. 

Alright, that's all for today.  I hope everyone had a nice weekend, too.  Ben comes home today, so I'm excited to hear about his trip and to find out WHAT SOUVENIRS HE BROUGHT ME.  Here's hoping for kitsch, y'all.  Here's hoping.  Opinions on A Crewed Interest?  Are you willing to deal with a crappy formula if the color is nice and you're happy with the end result?   

Happy Monday!