Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Essie Vices Versa

A couple weeks ago, on my way home from a particularly hectic Saturday at the museum, I stopped at our local grocery store chain to pick up the stuff for a Mexican dinner.  I only had a couple things on my list, and most of them were over in the dairy section, but somehow I managed to wander by the cosmetics anyway (it's a skill, I tell you).  And there were the summer Essies.  I don't even think it was April yet when I found them.  There were no reviews out yet in the blogosphere, just PR stuff, so I wasn't sure how the formulas would be or which ones to get.  After standing in front of them for about five minutes, I chose two and was on my way (and then I stood in line for literally 35 minutes--it was one of those days).

blah blah cuticles...SORRY.  I put lotion on literally right before I took these pictures--I almost couldn't hold the camera because of how greased my hands were--and it still didn't help.

This is Vices Versa, and it's a spring green "neon."  Now, as has been noted, neons often pop if you put them over white.  But in my experience, true neons are still neon even without the white base.  That's not true with this polish.  Although it definitely has neon pigment in it because it dries matte, when this is applied by itself and without an opaque white base coat (as in my photos), it doesn't look neon when it dries (even with topcoat).  It just looks like a really bright green.  It reminds me a lot of OPI Green-wich Village, which is a creme.  In real life this polish doesn't even look as neon as it does in these photos--my camera messed with the color a little bit.  It also doesn't make my hands look super red like they do here.  I used four coats, and the formula is pretty typical for a "neon;" ie horrible.  It doesn't self level at all and it's sheer.

Karen over at beautygeeks swatched each of the Essie 2014 neons alone and then over white, and you can see that Vices Versa does look like a neon green over white, while it appears as more of a bright shade on its own.  So I'm not alone here.  But you guys know what I mean, right?  Like, even Essie Pink Parka, which I just posted about here, is a bright neon without a white base.  Polishes like China Glaze Surfin' For Boys and Flip Flop Fantasy pack more than enough neon punch on their own without having to resort to a white base coat.  All of this babbling that I'm doing about white base coats is leading up to my saying that these polishes probably aren't worth it.  Yes, they're really pretty and the bottles are super appealing in the display, but unless you really feel like a.) finding a white that'll go on opaque and even in one coat (which I've NEVER BEEN ABLE TO FIND after years of hoarding collecting cosmetics) and b.) doing at least four or five coats of polish.  Do I regret buying Vices Versa?  No.  I like the color on its own even though, to me, it isn't a true neon.  I think the green is really pretty and I don't have anything else like it.  Will I go back for the purple, the coral, the pink, etc?  No.  They're dupable.  Save your money, ladies.

So, what do you think of these?  Have any of them jumped into your shopping carts?  I'm also curious to know if any of you have run across them yet.  I only saw them at Giant Eagle one time; the next time I went back the display was empty and I haven't seen them anywhere else. Truly odd, because I think the official release date for this collection, Too Taboo, isn't until 1 May.  If you guys have any thoughts on this, or neon polishes in general, let me know.  I'm not too big a fan of neons, to be honest.  Surfin' For Boys is probably my favorite one, and it's pretty tame...

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  1. Hiya Stephanie!

    Oh! Oh! I have a OCW (one coat wonder) of a white! It's Butter London's Marshmallow. She goes on thick but she goes on in ONE coat and dries relatively quickly. She is my HG of white undies.

    Thanks so much for the link-love - much appreciated!


  2. 'a white that'll go on opaque and even in one coat (which I've NEVER BEEN ABLE TO FIND after years of hoarding collecting cosmetics)' - I have a solution for you, Cult Nails Tempest:


  3. I hate neons that aren't neon and in my opinion, we haven't had any neons from Essie since Pink Parka was released. I've been very disappointed by Essie since they sold to L'Oreal back in '10. I also *hate* having to use a white base to make a neon truly neon. The China Glaze Poolside collection didn't need a white base, and even though everyone sings the praises of CN Tempest, I have that one, and for me it is not a one coater and I hate the thought of paying $12 for a polish that is hailed as a OCW but doesn't deliver. I love a lot of CN polishes, but that white did nothing for me.
    The most depressing thing is, ChG isn't doing neons this year, although OPI IS!!!! But the display for OPI has a white base with a specialty cap, so it must be some new special white. Maybe *that* will finally be the be-all-end-all white polish?

  4. CN Tempest is not advertised as a OCW, but it does have a self-leveling formula that is easy to apply, and one coat is more than adequate for underwear with a neon. Even the most pigmented polish is brightened by a white base coat, and I use white under water marbles, too.

    As for cost, I agree - way too much. I get the newsletter and buy pre-orders or sales from them only, where the price is cut way down. Free shipping is usually available, so that is nice, too. The topper is, except for that textured polish of theirs, and the staining of Party Time, I've never not been super happy with the actual polish.

  5. Milani White On The Spot is my go-to white. It's pretty thick and sometimes I still need two coats because of a little streakiness, but if you're patient and work carefully you can get away with one. And for about $5 at Walgreens it's well worth a try!


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