Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Taking a Break

Hey guys.  I'm dropping by to let you know that I'll be taking a break from blogging for a little while.  I mentioned in one of my previous posts that May is a little bit busy and harried for me, so I thought it might be best for me to go on hiatus.  I'll still be around if anyone wants to drop a line or anything, and of course I'll be reading blogs and stuff.  

In the past when I've taken breaks I haven't been able to stay away too long, so we'll see how long this lasts!

Until next time!  Hopefully all of you are enjoying nice weather like we have been here!

Remy says bye, too

Friday, May 09, 2014

Shopping My Stash: May Flowers (Finally!)

I made it to our monthly Shopping My Stash post, yay!  I'm pretty excited about this one because I've been meaning to wear this polish since I got it...FIVE YEARS AGO.  Five years.  Half a decade.  It has been sitting around quietly.  I knew that if we went with the April showers bring May flowers saying as a theme then I would be forced to pull it out this month and finally give it a whirl.  So here she is, ladies:  Sally Hansen Salon Night Hydrangea.

seriously bad hair day=Indians cap and hair wrangled into pigtails

I feel like I should have taken more photos of Night Hydrangea...and really, I did.  But purples are so rough to photograph that most of them just didn't turn out.  Anyway, can we just pause and have a moment of silence for the Sally Hansen heavy square bottles? ....  miss ya, squares.  Miss ya.  Night Hydrangea came out in the spring 2009 collaboration with Tracy Reese.  I have a couple polishes from that collection, and let me tell you...these bitches were really hard to hunt down.  I remember exactly where I was when I found an almost-full display:  in Chicago, visiting a Boyfriend Past, in a CVS in a kind of terrible neighborhood right off the green line.  I wandered in on a particularly hot summer day and THERE THEY WERE.  I was so excited and I grabbed Honeydew, Forsythia, and Night Hydrangea.  I really love when I can remember the little stories behind how I got polishes.  Just because I hadn't used it until now doesn't mean I don't have a special warm place in my heart for it!

I was fully expecting the formula on this polish to be terrible and I was dreading using the old skinny brush.  But I was delighted to find that after I gave the bottle a good shake, the formula was just fine.  I used three coats and dry time was good.  The color is really nice, but probably not something that's not completely dupable, especially within the last five years.  I don't recommend tracking this down on eBay or anything for that reason, but I will say--damn, it's a nice purple.  I believe Rach is also showing you all one from this collection today, so lucky for you, you get a twofer!  

Alright, I have to keep this short because I'm tired of staring at a computer screen all day (making powerpoints and scanning stuff is just the worst).  Hopefully I will be back with something new next week, and thanks for stopping by!  Remember to visit stuff i (s)watched to see what Rach is wearing today!

Monday, May 05, 2014

Formula X for Sephora Kapow!

Welp, just didn't get to blogging last week.  Sorry about that!  Shockingly I actually wore the same polish for over a week straight and it was PINK.  It was pink and I didn't get good photos of it, but you'll see that below.  After I finally got my ish together I decided to wear one of the Formula X for Sephora polishes that I got back in January because I was in the mood for something bright.

This is the aptly named Kapow!  It's a blue with neon pigment and pink shimmer.  I was pretty whelmed by it, honestly.  In the pictures above I had been wearing it for about one day, and as you can see I got some mad tipwear.  I do think it's unique in my collection, and the pink shimmer sort of kicks it up a notch.  The formula was okay.  Better than your typical neon, but it was still pretty gloopy...but it still managed to be almost totally sheer on the first coat!  I did a thicker second one, and I felt fine leaving it at two.  All in all I felt a little lackluster about this polish and it was my first experience with this new brand.  Here's hoping the other one I got pleases me a little more.

You know what I didn't feel lackluster about?  OPI Elephantastic Pink, which is what I wore all last week.  Like I said, I didn't get proper pictures of it for many reasons, but here's one of my HAND-FACE PICS:

And also an it-goes-with-my-cardigan pic:

THIS POLISH.  I've had it forever and had never used it so I decided to bust it out and DAAMN it looked really good on me.  It's a more yellow-toned pink, and I think that's probably why I liked it so much.  I wore this for eight days and when I took it off I wanted to put it right back on.  But instead I put on Kapow! and was like, eh.  C'est la vie.

Part of the reason that I didn't get to post last week is that Ben and I went on a little trip to the Pittsburgh area.  First we went to Fallingwater in Mill Run.  If you've been reading my blog since the beginning you may remember that my dad and I popped down that way in 2009.  It had been almost five years since I'd been and I knew Ben would love it, so we decided we had to go.

the iconic view

me taking a picture of Ben taking pictures of the nice couple who had just taken a picture of us.  meta.

So Fallingwater was great.  Even though it was either raining or threatening rain the entire time we really enjoyed ourselves.  Then we decided to hit up another FLW house nearby called Kentuck Knob. When we got to the second site we were told that the hike up was short (it wasn't) and given a map (that was not remotely helpful).  Then we started walking.  On our way up the MOUNTAIN to the house we walked into a sculpture garden that was mostly contemporary sculpture dispersed throughout a huge open field.  And by that time it was raining.  Hard.  And we had no umbrellas.  It was literally the most surreal moment of my life when Ben and I were forced to huddle together in a London phone box (part of the sculpture installations) in this otherwise mostly empty field in the middle of rural Pennsylvania to get out of the rain.  We were holding this soaking wet map that looked like it had been drawn by a third grader with no sense of direction.  Ben finally had to get out his phone to GPS the area so we could get to the house.  It was not a great experience when it was happening, but looking back it was pretty funny.  We have some pictures of the ordeal, but everything's on Ben's camera.  Rest assured, we got to the top of the mountain (and I was complaining the whole time that my flats would be RUINED--they're actually okay) and saw the house.  

After that we headed on to Pittsburgh, and I really enjoyed what I saw of the city--which wasn't much.  But I liked the bridges and that everything looked relatively clean and orderly.  The whole reason for the trip was to pick out our wedding bands at the same place Ben got my engagement ring.  I had been looking at wedding bands on and off for the last year and never saw anything I really liked.  Then as soon as we went to this jewelry store and I sat down and started looking I saw the one I wanted.  I picked out my ring within ten minutes.  Ben was actually the one who took a long time, which was kind of funny.  But, we both chose our bands.  Then we drove on home.  It was a successful--but also wet--trip, and I actually really want to head back Pittsburgh-ward to go to The Warhol Museum (we didn't have time this trip).

So anyway, things are busy here.  I'm hoping that I'll be back on Friday for a Shopping My Stash post with Rach.  I hope everyone is doing well and that spring is arriving for those of you in the northern hemisphere.  I noticed yesterday that all the trees have buds on them, so I was pretty excited about that. I don't want to wear a coat anymore...

Until next time!