Friday, May 09, 2014

Shopping My Stash: May Flowers (Finally!)

I made it to our monthly Shopping My Stash post, yay!  I'm pretty excited about this one because I've been meaning to wear this polish since I got it...FIVE YEARS AGO.  Five years.  Half a decade.  It has been sitting around quietly.  I knew that if we went with the April showers bring May flowers saying as a theme then I would be forced to pull it out this month and finally give it a whirl.  So here she is, ladies:  Sally Hansen Salon Night Hydrangea.

seriously bad hair day=Indians cap and hair wrangled into pigtails

I feel like I should have taken more photos of Night Hydrangea...and really, I did.  But purples are so rough to photograph that most of them just didn't turn out.  Anyway, can we just pause and have a moment of silence for the Sally Hansen heavy square bottles? ....  miss ya, squares.  Miss ya.  Night Hydrangea came out in the spring 2009 collaboration with Tracy Reese.  I have a couple polishes from that collection, and let me tell you...these bitches were really hard to hunt down.  I remember exactly where I was when I found an almost-full display:  in Chicago, visiting a Boyfriend Past, in a CVS in a kind of terrible neighborhood right off the green line.  I wandered in on a particularly hot summer day and THERE THEY WERE.  I was so excited and I grabbed Honeydew, Forsythia, and Night Hydrangea.  I really love when I can remember the little stories behind how I got polishes.  Just because I hadn't used it until now doesn't mean I don't have a special warm place in my heart for it!

I was fully expecting the formula on this polish to be terrible and I was dreading using the old skinny brush.  But I was delighted to find that after I gave the bottle a good shake, the formula was just fine.  I used three coats and dry time was good.  The color is really nice, but probably not something that's not completely dupable, especially within the last five years.  I don't recommend tracking this down on eBay or anything for that reason, but I will say--damn, it's a nice purple.  I believe Rach is also showing you all one from this collection today, so lucky for you, you get a twofer!  

Alright, I have to keep this short because I'm tired of staring at a computer screen all day (making powerpoints and scanning stuff is just the worst).  Hopefully I will be back with something new next week, and thanks for stopping by!  Remember to visit stuff i (s)watched to see what Rach is wearing today!


  1. Damn Right they were WTF..Got Arabian Night and a back up This is one that I really wanted also...........(moment of silence for those [ ] bottles and that rubber handle

  2. I honestly don't even think I knew about cosmetics (much less nail polish) in 2009… which is crazy for me to think about now considering the drawers and shelves full of the stuff now in my possession. I wasn't even young in 2009! Oofta. Anyways this looks like a lovely purple; glad you finally got around to enjoying it! And I completely feel you on keeping memories of FINALLY finding a product near and dear to your heart. It's a joyous moment to say the least.


  3. omg the old bottles. God I miss those too! This color is fantastic.

  4. also.... my wordver was hipagej laxative


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