Thursday, June 26, 2014

butter London No More Waity Katie

Cue my being the worst ever blogger, because I totally didn't notice that the BEAUTIFUL GREEN TREE outside my window was reflected on my nails/the bottle while I was taking these pictures.  Sorrrrryyyyyy.

No More Waity Katie is one of the many, many items sold to commemorate the royal wedding.  I can't say I was super pumped about said wedding, but I do have really fond memories of that point in time (like when Sam and I watched the William and Kate Lifetime movie in her very small apartment while eating terrible [but also amazing] Chinese food on the floor).  Anyway, I didn't get this polish until last weekend when I was tooling around Ulta and poking around the butter London display; I had kind of wanted it for a long time, and I decided it was just time.  There are a lot of conflicting opinions on this polish, but I think it's really nice.  It's just lavender glitter suspended in a smoky purple-gray jelly base, but something about the color looks really special...ESPECIALLY in the bottle.  I think it looks better there than on the nail, but I'm still a fan.  Because the base is so sheer it definitely needs three coats to build up opacity, and also it eats topcoat.  I used two coats to try to make it feel sort of smooth, but even with that it's still a little lumpy.  

But anyway, I'm glad I have this polish.  And look at Kate now!  All stylish and babied up.  She probably wouldn't wear this color, would she?  Oh well, more for me!

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  1. This was a polish I absolutely HAD to have when it came out. I bought 2 bottles so I wouldn't run out (ha)...this was going to be my signature nail polish. But every time I would wear it, the dang stuff would chip within 24 hours. I think I am one of those people whose chemistry doesn't work with bL.
    And now your swatches are making me want to go put it on again anyway!! :)


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