Thursday, July 17, 2014

Funky Fingers Jawbreaker

This is going to be...the worst post.  Because I just couldn't get pictures of this.  Every time I thought of it I didn't have the bottle or the light was wrong or I needed lotion or something.  But it's the thought that counts. 

I got the aptly named Jawbreaker about a year ago from Five Below.  Originally I got it as a sort of substitute for China Glaze It's a Trap-eze, which I just never got around to picking up.  But really they're not that much alike at all...and at least in photos, I like Jawbreaker way better.  This polish is a variety of glitters in a sheer, milky white base.  The formula is fine and easy to work with; here I did three coats, but I think if you want it to be totally opaque it's probably a good idea to do four.  It's wearing exceptionally well on me with Seche.  Today will be its fourth day, and not a chip in sight.  I honestly have no idea if this is still available...I haven't been to a Five Below in quite a while.  I tried to run into one last night, but I didn't make it before it closed at 9.

So, can we talk about weird weather for a minute?  Last night at almost 6pm it was only 62 degrees.  It's the middle of July.  I don't understand this.  We'd better have a warm fall or I'm just going to move south because this is total crap.  

Also, last night my mom and I did this Wine and Canvas thing where we went to a bar, drank some wine, and learned how to paint a painting of fireflies on a pond.  It was one of those things where everyone did the same painting, but everyone's also looked a little different.  Here's mine:

While I was doing it I kind of thought it looked shitty, but once I finished it I thought it looked pretty nice.  Because I'm an art historian a lot of people--outside of my field, at least--assume that I have some sort of artistic inclination.  The answer is that I absolutely do not.  I am not a visually creative person at all.  So, I was happy to attend this event where someone told me exactly what to do in easily understandable steps and I walked away with a presentable finished product.  Anyway, I think Wine and Canvas does events like these all over the place, so I definitely recommend checking it out.  It's pretty fun and low pressure.  Plus, wine.

Okay, that's all for today.  I hope you're all doing well and that it's not 62 degrees in July where you are (if you're in the northern hemisphere, anyway).  Until next time!


  1. That is a really lovely painting, I love the colors on the water!

  2. Kind of Van Gogh-ish (too me), I really like it.

  3. I love the painting - sounds like a lot of fun! You picked right when you got Jawbreaker - I have it plus It's A Trapeze, and I like Jawbreaker MUCH better!

  4. Love the polish! Wish I could get it out here in CA. Haven't found anything close. Love your painting too, by the way! I totally am a frustrated artist type, something gets lost in translation between my brain & my ability to put the artistic vision I have in my head on paper. I am envious of people with no such communication issues!


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