Friday, July 11, 2014

Shopping My Stash: Nautical Edition

I was pretty sure that I would have had another post up before July 4th, but it didn't happen because I was too busy.  Hell, I even thought I wouldn't be able to make SMS this month, but here I am.  Rachel suggested a nautical theme and I was happy enough to oblige because I have a few Wet n Wild Mermaid's Cove polishes from 2011 that I've been wanting to use for, well, three years.  A couple of pictures are a little blurry because the polish is so sparkly, but hopefully you can get the idea.  Also you're seeing my right hand because one of my lefthand nails is a little wonky right now.

So this is Diving For Pearls, and it's a teal with gold and green shimmer.  It's really, really beautiful, actually.  I'm not sure why I waited so long to use it.  Teals like this aren't usually my favorite polishes, but this one just screams summertime to me.  It was a tiny bit sheer and probably could have done with three coats, but I did two and felt fine with it.  This was a really good collection, you guys!  Does anyone remember Waves of Enchantment?  That was one of the most beautiful drugstore polishes I've ever come across.  And Diving For Pearls definitely gives that one a run for its money.  Also I love the name.

Alright, that has to be all for me today.  I'm glad I could get a post up, but I just haven't been into blogging lately.  I've been really busy with just like, life stuff.  Nothing is wrong or anything I'm just keeping busy with work and wedding and friends and family.  And also I've been cross stitching in my spare time.  Sounds boring, doesn't it?  But it's super cathartic.  Okay, hope you're all doing well!  And make sure to check out what Rach is wearing today (it's right up my alley...)!


  1. This is still in my untrieds because I am terrible. I love this color on you! Also, I agree. This collection was everything, probably one of the best drugstore collections I have ever seen TO THIS DAY.

  2. Gorgeous! Love your lipstick too! May I ask what it is?

  3. Oh wow: it matches your eyes as well!! Lovely polish <3

  4. love the polish. you look beautiful and the lipstick looks so pretty on you.

  5. I agree w/ Rach! I loved this collection soooo much, but never found it in CA. So I hunted to find the closest matches I could. Found a dupe, a couple so close you can hardly tell, and a few, well in the right light, from a distance sorta kinda look like they could be close...haha. It was a fun search anyway! This was one I couldn't exactly copy, to my disappointment, because it is gorgeous!!


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