Monday, July 28, 2014

Unintentional Xmas in July: China Glaze Velvet Bow

The other day I went with some friends to Great Lakes Brewery for a screening of the 1989 Batman.  The guy who was introducing the film said something like, "And just to let everyone know, this is an active brewery, so you might notice people walking around a lot.  We have a lot of Christmas Ale to make!"  I think I was supposed to be all, hehe! but instead I was like, NO CHRISTMAS.  NOT YET.  NOT EVER.  I am too into summer right now.  I would like time to slow down.  So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a polish at Marshall's that I felt like I really needed to have...and it's a Christmas polish.  WHOOPS.  But I wanted to wear it now, because sometimes a girl needs a little Uma Thurman vamp(ish).

So this is China Glaze Velvet Bow, which is from the 2011 holiday collection, Let It Snow.  Before this...I didn't have anything from this collection!  I don't know what the hell I was doing in 2011 that I missed all of these polishes.  Anyway, Velvet Bow is a pretty standard vampy brownish-burgundy-deep red.  I'm like 95% sure it's a dupe for one of my favorite vampies, OPI All A Bordeaux the Sled (last worn in 2012!).  I read a lot of reviews of Velvet Bow after I bought it, and most people said they had issues with the formula.  I didn't think it was bad, but because it's sort of a jelly-creme hybrid it did apply a bit patchy.  I used three coats.  I like colors like this a lot, but they're definitely a dime a dozen.  You'll find something like this in every brand's core line, but I like this one anyway.  I think vampies look great on everyone.  Definitely worth $2.99.  Thanks, Marshalls!

Not much to report going on over here.  I'm slowly getting wedding things done, which is good because it's getting pretty close.  My invitations went out last week, which is exciting.  But the most exciting thing is that after months and months of talking about it, we finally booked our honeymoon flights.

On September 23 we'll be on our way to Edinburgh for a ten-day stay, yaaaaay!  That's right, instead of going to a tropical location like I feel like most people do, we're going to a rainy, cloudy, kind of cold place with a lot of sheep.  We're pretty excited about it.  We've started reading Scotland books and deciding the type of things we want to do (should we pull a Lily and Marshall and head to Loch Ness? we think yes).  The reason we're going is actually not because of How I Met Your Mother, but because we have a family friend who has a flat in Edinburgh that she's letting us use, so that makes the trip a lot more affordable.  Regardless, we're pretty psyched.  So if anyone has any Scotland things that they think we should check out, let me know!

Alright, I hope everyone has a good start to the week.  Tonight I'm going to see my favorite band, Gogol Bordello, so I think I'm going to have a great day.  Take care!


  1. I just tried my first China Glaze polish, Flip Flop Fantasy, and it was a total flop for me because of the formula. I know you said this one didn't give you any issues, but is that true of the entire China Glaze line? FFF's issues kinda put me off China Glaze forever, but I feel like I should give it a fair try (unless you say they're all crap)...

    Congrats on the honeymoon plans! I don't know if you watch beauty gurus on YouTube, but MsGoldGirl took a trip to Scotland last year (?) and vlogged along the way if you want some ideas! It looks like a beautiful country! Plus, who cares that you're not going somewhere tropical - it's YOUR honeymoon, do whatever the heck you want!!!


  2. I'm so jealous you're going to Edinburgh! My little sister lives there and I'm dying to visit her but I can't afford it. Have a great time!!!

  3. Scotland is awesome (lived there for five years), and imo very romantic for a honeymoon!! You should definitely see the highlands if you can, and the Isle of Skye is ridiculously beautiful (though not sure if you want to venture that far away from Edinburgh). A nice day trip would be to take the train about an hour away to Leuchars - part of the ride is along the coast and really pretty - then take the bus from the train station to St Andrews and maybe from there go to some fishing villages like Crail and Anstruther (Anstruther has the best fish and chips ever!). If you like vegetarian food, Henderson's in Edinburgh is great, and Bibi's Bakery has the most delicious cupcakes. Have so much fun!!

  4. I have always thought that Scotland would be a wonderful honeymoon destination. I visited Edinburgh years ago, so any recommendations would be out of date, but it's a beautiful, historic city with lots to see and do.

  5. I love that color! It's so beautiful!

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  6. I live in Falkirk (Scotland), home of the world's largest equine sculptures (, and you should definitely visit them if you get the chance. It's a 20-30 minute train journey from Edinburgh, and there are loads of other cool stuff to see in this neck of the woods. Also, we're in the midst of one of our hottest summers for years, so there's a chance the weather won't be all that cold and miserable when you're here in September :)


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