Monday, August 18, 2014

L'Oreal Jeans & Tonic

Yep, still loving textures.

...even ones that give me a case of the lobstah hands...

Jean & Tonic is from the L'Oreal Miss Denim summer collection.  It's a turquoise texture.  Pretty straightforward, but daaaaaaaamn is it lovely.  The other night I was wanting a summery-looking turquoise or light green to put on my nails, but I was also feeling super lazy.  Then I remembered Jean & Tonic, which dries super freaking fast, doesn't need topcoat, and only needs ONE COAT.  Yeah, one coat.  I considered doing a second coat, but it looks fine at one.  And it's easy to apply, too.  I really like the L'Oreal brush.  It's flat and wide without being huge.

I have one other polish from this collection that I posted about at the end of June, Skinny Jeans.  I like Skinny Jeans better, but that's because I just love that color blue.  But anyway, I think this collection was really cool, and I kind of regret not picking up a couple more.  Live and learn.  AND BUY ALL THE TEXTURES.

Bonus Remy pic:



  1. Pretty color!! I like my textures to have a bit of sparkle to them but this one looks nice! Too bad I missed out on this collex :(

  2. This color is so pretty but Im coming to steal your cat.


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