Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rah rah sis boom bah

You guys, it's been a tough two weeks.  I haven't felt great physically or emotionally, and Ben was out of town for thirteen days in a row.  Thankfully he got back last night, but I'm still totally overwhelmed with this wedding crap.  Somehow I still found the time to do a sort of back-to-school themed manicure.  I stopped at a Five Below after work one day on my way to my officiant's house to discuss our ceremony, and I found a super fun glitter polish called Pep Rally.

Man.  Funky Fingers bottles:  hard to hold, easy to love (I'm available for marketing purposes, FF)

Pep Rally is a bunch of bright, almost-neon, differently shaped glitter in a clear base.  The bottle is absolutely packed with glitter.  I was getting too much on the brush while I was polishing so some nails (mostly on my right hand) ended up looking like a hot mess.  But still, I like the look it gives.  I did what I guess we can call one coat, but really I was just dabbing glitter on and trying not to wipe it off with the brush when I was polishing.  You all know the deal with application of chunky glitter toppers. It's like a dab-then-smoosh kind of deal.  I put it over Funky Fingers Dark Knight, which is just a basic black creme.  It was good after two coats--and actually I really like its formula so I'm glad I picked it up.

This past weekend I had a joint bachelorette party with my friend, Kayleigh, whose wedding is September 13th (one week before mine).  She rented out a condo in Sandusky for the weekend, and we mostly spent time at the pool and lounged around--which was fine by me.  I think there were nine of us total, so it was pretty fun.  I didn't get a lot of pictures because we were around so much water and I was scared I'd drop my phone in, but I like this picture of us:

ring pop!

My best friend Aimee came in from the Chicagoland area to spend the week before the party in town.  We ended up going to my final wedding dress fitting together (it's finally done after being too something every time--too long, too big, too whatever.  Now it fits), finding her own wedding dress (she's getting married next August), and just generally spending time together.  Which is always nice.  On Sunday, after we had to check out of the condo and while most of the other girls went to the Lake Erie Islands, Aimee and I went to a safari park.  We had gotten way too sunburned to properly be outside anymore, so we needed another activity.  This was one of those places where you drive around and feed the animals from your car.  Aimee loves this stuff and I had never done anything like it, so we figured, why not?  It's called African Safari Wildlife Park and it's in Port Clinton, OH.

Aimee and a friendly elk--there was an unfriendly elk too, and that one was super freaking aggressive; this one was nice

me and some sort of deer (and Aimee's arm)

There were giraffes and zebras to feed too, so that was interesting.  We had a lot of fun and got to stay in the shade.  Aimee looked like a little lobster and my back didn't fare too well either, even with several applications of SPF 50.  Oh the trials and tribulations of the pale.

So yeah, that's what's been going on.  After many months of sort of trying to hold in how stressed out this wedding is making me, I finally succumbed to it last Tuesday night and ended up ugly-crying to my mom and saying, "I can't do this by myself anymore!"  It wasn't pretty.  But I guess this could be considered the home stretch.  Basically I'm counting down the days to when we get to leave for Scotland and when Ben and I can be like, yeah, we're married.  Sup.  And I still haven't figured out what's obviously the most important thing about my wedding day, which is which polish to wear.  Oh, the problems I have.

Okay, I hope everyone is doing alright, and hopefully I will talk to you all again soon.  And if you're starting school this week, good luck!  Rah rah!


  1. Safari Wildlife Park? That sounds AMAZING! Also, that deer is too cute.

    You're so close! Sending you crazy hugs.

  2. Random reader here... Just wanted to say, hang in there. I got married last September, and I definitely understand where you're coming from. Try not to worry too much, things have a way of coming together fine. And what doesn't, really tends not to matter anyway! :-)


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