Friday, August 15, 2014

Shopping My Stash: Extra White Before Labor Day

Guys, it's been almost a solid year since Rachel and I started our Shopping My Stash series.  The first post was last September 13th, and I cannot freaking believe how quickly time has passed.  I absolutely love doing this series; it's so fun.  And I love collaborating with Rachel because she's seriously one of the coolest chicks I've ever known.  I'm pretty flattered and thankful that we're still at this!  For August, I suggested that we play off the "no white after Labor Day" cliche because Labor Day this year is September 1.  I for one have been enjoying wearing white polish since before Memorial Day, I've just not posted one.  So, without further ado, here is NOPI Yoga-Then-Yogurt.

First, I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever posted a NOPI.  I know, I know.  I just...hate the way the bottles look?  I've never been drawn to buying them because the bottles are so weird.  But anyway, I actually got this one because a.) like I said, I've been into white polish lately and b.) because of Rach's post on it a while back.  It's a white, but I think it has a drop of yellow in it, maybe?  Because it's not exactly the starkest of whites.  It's a tiny bit more subdued, but honestly not by much.  It's still pretty WHAT'S UP I'M WEARING WHITE POLISH.  But this is definitely a polish that I would recommend to someone who likes pastels or whites.  It's unique in my collection.  I think I've been spoiled by Formula X White Matter (definitely my favorite white) though, because for some reason I expected to only have to use two coats of Yoga-Then-Yogurt, but I definitely needed three.  And because this is my first experience with Nicole by OPI, I wasn't sure what to expect formula and brush-wise.  I found the brush stem to be shorter than I expected, but I thought everything was easy enough to control.  The brush is a nice size for my nail beds and I didn't really have any problems.  But I still think the bottle is ugly.  Funnily enough I have another NOPI waiting in the wings that I picked up last week when Sam was visiting.

Anyway, all in all, I don't think I'll avoid NOPI so much in the future.  Ugly bottle aside, Yoga-Then-Yogurt is a great polish and I'm glad to have it.  Also, can we talk about how I'm wearing a sweater in the above picture?  It has been total autumn weather in CLE for the past few days and I am way less than pleased about it.  I remember that last summer I was waiting to embrace fall until its very first day, and I was milking summer all I could.  The weather now is making it hard to do that.  On the first day of fall this year I'll be packing for SCOTLAND where I really will need a sweater.  And a jacket.  And some leggings.  That'll make the season easy to embrace.  But for now, Cleveland, pull your shit together.  It's the middle of August.

K, hope everyone's well.  Don't forget to pop on over to Rachel's and check out her post today!  Bye!

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