Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Some Purples and Stuff

I'm not sure why I felt like I had to do some sort of gradient/ombre deal with purple, but the other day I found myself tearing through my stash looking for five appropriate colors.  I did a decent job, I think.  Fair warning, though, my cuticles are super dry and just not pretty.  


I tried to pick purples--or periwinkles--that were on the cool side of the spectrum, and I think it mostly looks pretty good.  On my thumb is Essie St. Lucia Lilac, a polish I've never posted about before...but it was one of the very first Essies I owned (along with Fiji).  On my index finger is Sinful Colors Baby Blues, which I last wore here.  On my middle finger is China Glaze What A Pansy, which I last wore here (and I love it).  I have China Glaze Grape Pop on my ring finger, and I hadn't pulled that one out in yeeeeeaaaaars, but it's a really nice, pretty much true purple, polish.  I last wore it in 2010.  And on my pinky I have OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, which is an eggplant...but it does lean red.  So, whoops.  I last wore it here.  I like how this turned out, and I think it has a really nice effect from far away.

And now, here are some bonus pictures of Remy:

He basically just becomes a lump when we brush him.  We have to get his armpits really well because he gets little mats there if we don't.  He doesn't even care with you pick up his arm and start hacking away at him.

And then there's this.  He's a majestic beast.

Alright, that's all for today.  I'll be back with another post on Friday, so I'll talk to you all then!  I hope everyone had a good start to their weeks!


  1. i love love love Remy. He's such a beautiful cat. But I super love this mani. I'm going on payday to hunt for Lincoln Park after Dark. its pretty much perfect

  2. I have this shirt OMG it is the greatest


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