Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Little Wedding Preview

I know what you're thinking.  Oh, she's so fickle, saying she's going away until October and possibly forever but now here she is with wedding business.  But here's the truth:  the wedding went better than I possibly could have ever imagined (said the cynical pessimist), and that makes me excited to share the few pictures I have.  I didn't have possession of, well, any of my possessions during the day.  My bridesmaids had all of my stuff, and I only asked for my phone once for a limo selfie.  But photos have been trickling in from other people, and it makes me so freaking excited to see how our photographer's photos are going to turn out.  I also saw Anna and her B at the reception and got to chat a little, and hung out with Rach and her B at the reception and the following night for dinner, so that was great.  I think they might have a picture or two that they might put up, as well.  Anyway, first thing's first:

Here are a couple of crap pictures of my nails.  This is one coat Essie Hi Maintenance (ha), one coat Revlon Starry Pink, one coat Hi Maintenance.  It's very, very soft with just a hint of a little something extra.  I had no idea what I wanted to wear up until Thursday evening when I tore through my stash, decided on the Revlon for sure, but knew I had to tone it down.  I think it was really nice for something subdued.  And my toes were Maybelline Poolside, which were totally visible through my Steve Madden jelly shoes. 

None of these are super fantastic high quality pictures.  Ben took one, Sam took a few, and my friend Jenna took some...but I couldn't wait to share them with you guys. 

Here's a less than stellar and totally candid picture of me in my dress.  This was right after Ben and I did our "first look," which was the most nerve wracking part of the day for both of us.  The dress is by Maggie Sottero and it's called "Juliette."  I picked it out almost two years ago and I loved it as soon as I saw it.  It was definitely the star of the show.  Everyone was ooing and ahing over it all night.  And I really did feel beautiful.

My best friend (and maid of honor) Aimee and I in the limo.  My makeup that day was mostly my own, some applied by me and some by the hair and makeup people.  I had some Naked2 palette on my eyes, generous winged liner, and the lipstick is my perennial favorite, Illamasqua Maneater.

My dad walking me down the aisle.

Jenna took these and I love them!

When I finally got to take off the dress after wearing it for almost twelve hours.  My hips are bruised from the weight of it, but it was totally worth it.

Before we went to bed.  So much dancing and loud music equals a bit of a headache, but I was still totally content.

Seriously, if something went wrong at this wedding I didn't know about it.  Everything seemed to go super smoothly, and everything was how I wanted it to be.  The venue was amazing, the weather was more perfect than we could have hoped for (and even a touch too warm), my photographer was a goddess, the event coordinator at the venue was amazing, the food was good, the cake was wonderful, and we danced until they kicked us out.  I had danced the bustle right out of my dress by the end of the night.  My bridesmaids were great, Aimee made THE BEST SPEECH EVER, our flowers were absolutely stunning, and there were teacups.  I made a lot of things for the wedding myself, and it was nice to see the little personal touches set up once we got to the reception.  

Now that everything is over I feel very relieved.  I am not a super social person and crowds unnerve me, so I thought the wedding would be hard on me.  The hardest part was planning it.  Living it was pretty easy, surprisingly.  Like I said above, I had a lot of nerves right before I saw Ben, but once I did see him I felt a lot better.  I was a little nervous before I walked down the aisle because my dress was a touch too long and I had to handle some stairs, but in the end I just walked on my tiptoes, held onto my dad for dear life, and it was fine.  The reception was definitely a dance-like-no one's-watching situation for me because I didn't caaaaaaaare.  The whole day was a blast.  

And now...

We're off to Scotland this afternoon!  So I'll talk to you guys later, and hopefully have some non-smart phone photos to share in the future.



  1. Have fun in Scotland! I saw some photos of the wedding on Rach's Instagram. You looked so beautiful and happy! Congratulations to you and Ben!

  2. Beautiful makeup and photos and, as you've heard before, WHOO is that a gorgeous dress (and you look great in it - it is a beautiful, flattering dress so it didn't wear you or look stiff or too "over the top", you wore it in a very pretty, elegant look).

  3. Congrats! Your dress is beautiful! Have fun in Scotland!

  4. Love everything_ the dress, the nails, the flowers!! So glad you had a wonderful day - enjoy the honeymoon!!

  5. Awww, yay! Congratulations! You were a stunning bride. Can't wait to see more pics. Happy honeymoon & safe travels!


  6. Now that's what I call a wedding dress! So glad you had a wonderful day, and have fun in Edinburgh. I lived there until recently (farther north now, a Highland lass I am), so I know you'll have a fab time.

  7. Your dress is beautiful-- looks like you had a wonderful day! Congrats! Enjoy your honeymoon!

  8. Congratulations! That's an amazing dress. I also love your nails; I wore Essie Hi Maintenance more than probably any other polish over the summer.

  9. OMG that dress is everything!!!! Can't wait to see more pix of your beautiful day. Really looking forward to seeing what you did with the teacups. Congrats & Happy Honeymoon!

  10. Congratulations! That dress is goooorgeous. And you look beautiful too! Wearing a lipstick named Maneater to your wedding is kind of scary, but it looks great. XD Have a good honeymoon!

  11. WOW, you did it! Congratulations, to both of you!!
    I love your dress: so elegant with the black sash and those sculpted volants, it is b e a u t i f u l <3 Very cool as well that you did the red lips >tres francais<, the black dresses for the bridesmaids, the teacups, the mixed flowers and the nails: everything looks perfect and very pretty!!
    Have fun in Scotland, hope the dust has settled after the failed vote for independence from England! Say hi to Nessy for me ;-)

  12. Congratulations!! My wish for the both of you, lots of love, happiness and laughter! You made a beautiful bride!

  13. Your dress is gorgeous -- you are gorgeous! And your nails are perfect! And yay for everything going so well, and for it to be over! ;-)

  14. First of all, congratulations! Secondly, these are great pictures! You're right that planning is the hard part. Once you see your plan unfolding perfectly before your eyes, the rest of your wedding day would be a lot easier. I'm glad it went seamlessly, and you didn't encounter problems. Have fun in Scotland!

    Stephen Young @ Pixcellence

  15. Amazing wedding photos! The venue is awesome. My brother is looking for such beautiful venues in Chicago for his wedding. He would be really happy if he can arrange things in this venue as it’s exactly the same how he described me once.


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