Friday, September 12, 2014

Shopping My Stash: Something Blue

This month Rach suggested that our theme for SMS be "something blue" in honor of my impending wedding (there's only a week left to go).  She and Anna are both coming to the wedding, so I'm excited to see them both and get my shimmy on with them--although my dress is enormous so I don't know how well the shimmying will go down.  But anyway, I found the blue theme difficult.  I don't buy a lot of blues, and if I do buy a blue it's usually because I really like it so I want to use it right away.  I only had one untried true blue that I could find, and it's not really that old.

This is OPI Wharf! Wharf! Wharf! from last autumn's San Francisco collection.  That collection was okay.  The only polish I was super excited about from is was Alcatraz...Rocks!, which is beautiful (and after going back and reading my own post on it, I think I need to pull it out again).  I didn't deem WWW to be unique or exciting at all, but I think I was kind of wrong.  I'm not really sure what color blue this polish actually is.  In those pictures up there it looks like an electric cobalt, but in the shade and indoors it's more subdued.  The texture, though, the texture is where it's at.  It's not super obvious IRL, but instead of making the polish look bumpy or weird, it just makes it look totally sumptuous and luxe, like velvet.  It's a really cool effect.  I don't think I have any other dark-ish blue texture cremes, so I was unsure how I'd feel about it.  I've been wearing it for a couple days, though, and I've gotten a few compliments, and I don't feel any desire to take it off--except it's chipping a little now, so it'll have to go soon.  I also only had to use one coat.  One coat!  And another benefit of textures like this is that there is no topcoat involved, so things go a little faster.  This one is for sure a win in my book.  

And another Remy picture that I actually sent along to Rach the other night.  His little faaaaaaace has so much personality in that one.  He's like, lady.  what the hell are you doing.

Okay, I gotta get gone now.  I will hopefully have a post up for you next week, and then I will be gone for a while and you will just have to live without me for a couple weeks.  It'll be difficult, I know.  But not as difficult as it will be for Remy, I'm sure.  Until later!

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  1. STEPHANIEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I've been meaning to comment for awhile now but laziness has gotten the best of me. SO excited for you to be getting married!!!!!!! Gah it's so super soon; I can't wait to see your dress :D When I catered weddings during the summers of my undergrad years, seeing the dress(es) was always my favorite part because… well, I'm a mean girl and liked to judge them when their choices were regrettable/when it was obvious that they picked ugly dresses for their bridesmaids in order for them to look better. Surely yours is gorgeous though!!! And Remy? What a stud-muffin.



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