Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bonita Cocktails and Carving (and Cat Ears)

I absolutely love carving pumpkins.  Usually I get my own pumpkin and one of those little carving kits and go to town.  Last year I even did it by myself because Ben wasn't home.  I spent an afternoon on my kitchen floor trying to keep Remy from eating pumpkin guts.  This year I was glad that my friend Kayleigh wanted to carve pumpkins with me.  We made the plans a day prior, and decided to use a lambic that I had left at her place forever ago to make a sangria.  After I knew we were making drinks and carving pumpkins, I was like, "I have the perfect nail polish for this!"  Thank goodness for Bonita Cocktails and Carving.

I left the bottle inside when I took these photos and I didn't have time to run back and get, sorry.  But trust me when I say that it's true to bottle color.

First let me say that I think this is a really pretty color orange.  It's kind of muted, a little browner than a true orange like, say, Lippmann Lara's Theme.  Cocktails and Carving also has really pretty gold shimmer throughout.  So those are the good things about it.  The not so good things include the formula, which dried really quickly (but in a bad way--like while I was still polishing), was very thick, and not at all self-leveling.  That combined with my dying dead bottle of Seche resulted in a pretty uneven finish.  Also, I think it looks terrible on my skintone.  I've worn oranges that I really like before, like, say Lippmann Lara's Theme, but this one was not so good on me.  But you know what?  That's okay.  Because it was absolutely perfect for our carving party.  For which I may have worn cat ears and done some makeup:

Seriously, any opportunity I have to wear cat ears I will take.

I was super impressed by Kayleigh's carving skills.  She's a pretty artistically talented and creative person as it is, but she free-handed a little sugar skull on her pumpkin and carved much of it out...with a screwdriver.  Props.

Seriously, look at her skull.  My kitty is way less impressive.  But it's cute.

Aaaaaand after the sangria started to kick in a little (and thankfully we were done using knives and screwdrivers).

If you, too, have a bottle of lambic sitting around that you don't know what to do with, this is the recipe we used for our cocktail.  It was pretty good and also caused a pretty terrible hangover.  Please notice that in these photos we are OUTSIDE.  It was 72 degrees that night and completely beautiful.  It was so delightful to be able to sit outside and do carving rather than doing it inside and worrying about a huge mess.  I'm pretty sure this weekend it's going to be pretty chilly, so I'm glad we got to savor our little warm snap.

Okay, that's all for today.  Stay tuned for one more post this week.  I hope everyone is doing well, and I'll talk to you soon! 


  1. Love your pumpkins! Such a beautiful orange. I have a lovely Julep color I need to dig out. (:

  2. I haven't carved a pumpkin in so long! They're both really cute. Now I want to have a sangria pumpkin carving party. Is it too late? Maybe I'll just have a sangria party. I like the orange. It's too bad it has such a craptastic formula.



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