Monday, October 27, 2014

Bonita Eat, Drink & Be Scary

I CANNOT BELIEVE that Halloween is Friday already.  Oh, how October just flies by every year.  My Halloween nail-game has been woefully inadequate this year, but I think I might have a few polishes to show you this week.  Maybe.  I mean, at least one.

I can't say that I know much about Bonita.  I noticed their Halloween display in Rite-Aid in July, but at the time I was all, SUMMER WILL NEVAH END so I didn't get anything.  Eventually I did succumb and buy a couple closer to autumn-time, and Ben chose this one.  Eat, Drink & Be Scary is ridiculously pretty, especially in the sun.  I would describe it as a blackened teal foil.  The formula was pretty typical for a foil-type polish, meaning that it was absolutely incredible.  I could have gotten away with just one coat, but I wanted to make sure there were no bald spot incidents, so I did two.  I absolutely luuuuuuurrrrrved how this looked on my short nails.  I've been pretty into darker colors lately, so that combined with its spooky theme make this polish a winner for me.  Plus it comes at a pretty cheap price point; I think I paid $3.99 for it.

I had to add the picture below because it cracked me up.  If you ever wonder if my hand-by-face photos are kind of awkward to take, they are.  First I'm looking for decent light (which I can't always find) and next I'm standing there posing with my hand on my face for as long as it takes to get an okay picture, sometimes in public.  The other day I was about to get in my car when the sun came out, so I rushed to take nail photos.  Right as I was about to take the hand-by-face picture on my front-facing camera, a bee flew by my nose.  I freaked out, but I still managed to click the shutter, and this was the result:

This was right before I screamed/yelped, jumped into my car, and shut the door.  No thanks, bee.  No thanks.

Other than bee incidents, I had a pretty decent weekend.  I ran errands on Saturday for most of the day, and when I got home Remy made it pretty clear that I wasn't going to be going anywhere else for the evening:

Submit to my snuggles, human.

I had recorded a ton of Halloweenie movies, including, but not limited to, The Addams Family and Addams Family Values.  I hadn't seen either movie in forever, and I couldn't stop marveling at how flawless Anjelica Houston looks in them.  I mean, FUH-LAW-LESS.  That would be a great Halloween costume one year.  I mean, either that or Wednesday as Pocahontas.  

And on Sunday my friend and I went for a walk.  It was a really lovely fall day, and the perfect temperature to be outside.  So, so pretty.

Okay, that's all for me for today.  I'm hoping to be back a couple more times this week with some more Halloween goodness, but we'll see how it goes!  I hope everyone is doing well, and I'll talk to you soon!


  1. Beautiful fall nail color. Don't forget to record Hocus Pocus! (;

  2. Love shades like this! Also, THAT LIP COLOR. GIMME. THAT. Please? Then I can copy you and try to be cool too.


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