Thursday, October 16, 2014

Formula X Anomaly

So when you look at this pictures of my nails in this post, you're probably going to be like, ew look at her dry hands (ALL the hand sanitizer and hand washing), and look at how she did kind of a shitty job applying this polish, gross.  Well, I'm sorry.  But you know what?  There are basically no swatches of Formula X Anomaly on the internet, so I really wanted to do this post even though my polishing skills were lackluster when I put this on.  As I was telling Rach recently, my color palette of interest lately consists of really earthy tones...rust, camel, light browns, olive, etc.  It's all I want to wear on my body, and kind of all I want to wear on my nails.  Anyway, I decided that Anomaly needed to come home with me when I found it for this reason.  I had happily been wearing OPI Germanicure by OPI, and I hadn't even had time to take pictures of that yet before I decided I just had to wear Anomaly.

I got my fringe back.  There is something about fall that just makes me want bangs.  I cannot resist.

Sephora describes this color as a russet brown.  I call foul.  I think "russet," by definition, means a warm, reddish brown.  This color is literally the exact opposite of that:  it's a cool, greenish brown.  It's a brown that's so green that it almost looks olive.  But not quite!  It's still brown.  And I have to say, I'm pretty taken with it.  It's an interesting neutral, that's for sure.  And it definitely fits the season.  This is only the second Formula X polish I've tried.  I was whelmed by my first one, but I had a much more pleasant experience with Anomaly.  The formula was really, really nice.  I used two coats.  I've been wearing it for a day now and I don't have any tipwear or chips to report, so I would say I'm pleased.  I'm trying to think of a color I have that could dupe this or come close to it.  Oh, you know what?  I bet it has some similarities to A-Taupe the Space Needle, which is absolutely one of my very favorite nail polishes ever (but I'd have to do a comparison to see).  Okay, that explains why I dig Anomaly so much--and I just realized it as I was typing this out.  I guess this polish isn' anomaly?  Ha.  Ha.

Last Sunday I took a drive down to Apple Valley to the lake house.  Partially--mostly, actually--to spend time with my parents, but partially because I wanted to do some classic Ohio October leaf peeping.  The foliage (and the weather in northeast Ohio on Sunday) did not disappoint.

we went on what I think was probably the last boat ride of the season when I got down there.  The sky was a lot grayer in central Ohio.  A plastic cup of wine and a blanket and I was happy.

This happened on my way home.  It happens all the time when I'm driving to or from Apple Valley, but this time it was while the buggy was going up a huge hill so I literally could not pass it safely.  I took the opportunity to snap a picture because I was behind it for A WHILE.

Okay, I will be back with a post for you tomorrow, too!  Lucky you, right?  But before I go...

This little grump.


  1. I love the photos of your cat. (: I too live in Ohio and totally get the "stuck behind the buggy" probs.

  2. Great color! I love the photos of Apple Valley. My in-laws used to live there, so your pics brought back many happy memories. Thanks!


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