Friday, October 10, 2014

NYC Crystal Couture Ruby Queen

I don't really wear that much red.  I have a few red polishes that speak to me (hellooooo ChG Igniting Love), but for the most part I'm not super, super into it.  I also don't wear that much glitter.  But when I ran into the NYC Crystal Couture collection at Rite-Aid a couple weeks ago I was completely drawn to Ruby Queen (as well as, let's face it, basically the entire rest of the collection).

(trying out the 90s Cindy Crawford lip here--or, as it has been reincarnated recently, the Kylie Jenner lip--I'm into it.  NYX Mauve lipliner and NYC Euro Trash matte lipstick)

Ruby Queen is a pinkish red jelly with small red and larger purple/maybe fuchsia round glitter.  You guys, it's good.  The fuchsia glitter is what saves it from being too holiday-esque, but I definitely see this working well for Christmastime, if you're so inclined.  For a jelly/glitter, the formula was phenomenal.  It was thick without being too thick, and it stayed where I put it.  I needed three coats for it to be opaque, but I think that makes it a versatile polish.  Layer it at one coat, or wear it opaque at two or three.  The best part about Ruby Queen is that it's $1.99 at Rite Aid, and there are usually coupons on the collection displays.  NYC is, hands down, my favorite drug store brand for polish.  I always find myself loving their seasonal collections.

And cat shenanigans.  Remy loves straws.  There are straws all over the floor of our apartment because he loves to pick them up and run around with them, chew on them, chase them, bring them into bed with me...etc etc.  We buy multicolored straws so we can easily find them when they're all chewed up.  I don't usually use them to drink, but there was some lipstick happening on my face and I had never used a NYX matte before, so I wasn't sure how it would do with drinking.  Anyway, straw.

As you can see, he's interested.  As you can also see, this is where I do my nails.  And I like to stay hydrated?  That's one of my issues.  Water bottles everywhere.  You should see my nightstand (SORRY BEN).

AAAAAAND he goes for it.  He tried to take the straw right out of my mouth with his teeth.  Gently yet forcefully.  And his breath really smelled.  He is the cutest.

Okay, I'm out.  Anyone else pick up any of these Crystal Couture polishes?  I'm kicking myself for leaving the green one behind, and I'm hoping that if I pop up to Rite-Aid in the next couple days it will still be there for me.

Until next time!


  1. 100% infatuated with that necklace. NEED and LOVE!

  2. Love the polish <3 Lips look great too :) And the cat <3

  3. Now, that is one beautiful polish. I'm not the biggest fan of reds either, but this one is a gem :)

  4. Love your mani! You look so sexy and classy with those. Great choice indeed!

  5. Your cat is gorgeous, and so are your nails! I must find that polish.

  6. I don't wear red or glitter much either, but I couldn't resist picking this up today after seeing your pretty pics! Plus it was the last one!


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