Friday, October 17, 2014

Shopping My Stash: October Occult!

Is there any time better than Halloween?  I love walking into Walgreens and seeing severed hands and skeletons in the seasonal aisle.  I love the creepy feeling that October evenings have.  I love that the leaves are changing colors and that it is time for all things pumpkin.  But really I just freaking love Halloween and have since forever.  When I was a teenager I got it into my head that I was going to celebrate Samhain with my two friends--because I was totally fascinated by the origins of Halloween and the idea that the dead could cross over into the world of the living--and we went to the woods, a graveyard or two, my friend's treehouse (ha), and even this creepy abandoned house with our Ouija board in tow.  We did this all throughout October, and I always felt electric waiting for Halloween to come.  Now that I'm a grown-ass woman and I know that no religion is for me, even the cool Gaelic ones, I still get so anticipatory every October.  Last October Rach and I had a general Halloween theme, and this year she suggested a broader occult theme.  Fine by me, girl.  Fine by me.


this necklace is from J.Crew, by the way.  a couple people have asked me.

I have to say again what I said last year, which is that it's a challenge for me to find unused spooky or Halloween-related polishes in my stash because I tend to buy them and use them right away.  But I did have SpaRitual Howl tucked away.  It reminds me of werewolves and Professor Lupin.  This polish is from 2011, but I haven't had it that long.  I actually think I got it from Michelle at some point, because I don't usually buy SpaRitual for myself.  And now I know why!  I got mad tipwear after like half a day.  Seriously, when I looked back at these pictures I was like, uh?  I just put this on!  I guess this formula just doesn't agree with my chemistry or something.  Which is a shame, because Howl is very pretty and very autumnal.  The base of it is a deep, espresso brown, but the shimmer is red, gold, and lighter brown.  When the light hits it you can tell how special it is.  It kind of reminds me of China Glaze Wagon Trail in that way.  When you're looking at it inside you're kind of like, yeah, this is okay... but when you get outside?  fugetaboutit.  Like I mentioned in my post about Formula X Anomaly, I've been really, really into browns and earth tones lately, so Howl is right up my alley.  That's why I'm so bummed that it wouldn't stay on my nails.  I had to remove this after only a day.  Sad!

Aaaaanyway, I know that Rach isn't much for Halloween, but I have enough excitement for us both.  This year Ben and I are going to parties on the 31st and November 1st (hopefully we can make it to both) so I am excited.  We're doing two obligatory-we-just-got-married couples costumes, and I think they'll both be pretty good.  What about you guys?  Any fun Halloween plans?  

Make sure you drop on by stuff to see what Rachel has for you today, and I'll talk to you all next week!

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  1. Giiiiiiiirrrrrllll, this is mad beautiful. It looks similar to OPI Oktoberfest, if my eye's aren't deceiving me?

    I have to work a cross country meet on Halloween so I'm going to stuff my face with all things pumpkins after (which basically means ALL THE BEER). Ugh.


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