Monday, October 06, 2014

Topshop Dancing in the Dark

Hello, everyone!  I'm finally home!  I've been pretty exhausted since we arrived (although jet lag is better coming back to the US from Europe than the other way around, I think), but I did find time to do my nails with one of the polishes I picked up on Princes Street in Edinburgh.

I know that I could have gone to Topshop in NYC every day if I had wanted to, but I don't think I ever did.  But when I saw it in the UK I definitely wanted to go in and poke around.  And poke around I did, at many clothes and shoes, but all I walked away with was one polish for £6 (which, I think, is kind of steep for the size of the bottle, which is .27 fl oz--to put it in perspective, an OPI is .5 fl oz).  Anyway, Dancing in the Dark is a taupey-gray jelly with white "speckle" glitter.  They had a couple colors like this with the same idea, but for some reason the gray one spoke to me.  I don't have anything exactly like this polish, but it's kind of the same idea as Hard Candy Cocoa S'more, except that one has black as well as white glitter.  Dancing in the Dark was pretty sheer, and I used three coats here.  A fourth one probably wouldn't have hurt, but no thanks.  Three is plenty for me.  Topshop polishes have small, wide brushes with short, stubby stems.  I didn't find this one difficult to work with, and I was really happy with how it ended up looking.  I like a taupey-gray like this for fall--or really anytime of year because it's so neutral--and the white glitter just gives it a little extra somethin' somethin'.  

I'm going to have to do another post that has some photos from our trip, because I myself don't have very many.  I didn't bring my own camera, and because my phone was a totally useless brick over there, I ended up turning it off, so I don't even have any crappy iPhone photos.  None of note, anyway. But I will get some photos from Ben to show you.  Spoiler:  we had a great time.  The weather in Scotland was unseasonably nice.  We were over there for a full 10 days, and it only rained at all on the very last day.  It was even sunny and warm and beautiful when we went into the highlands, which is apparently very, very strange.  We explored all of Edinburgh and did lots of things, and we also went to Loch Ness and a bunch of different locations in the highlands.  I'm really happy with how the trip ended up going; nothing went wrong at all, and I got to see two friends over there (one who I know from NYC, and another one from London who came up to spend the day with us).  The flat we were staying in--which belongs to a family friend--was absolutely gorgeous and homey and perfect.  I was very sad to leave Scotland.  Very.  Very sad.  I absolutely loved Edinburgh.  But I was happy to come home to this little fuzz:

This is his happy face while he was snuggled up next to me on the couch for the first time in a week and a half

Poor Remy must have thought we were never coming home.  But come home we did, and he hasn't left me alone since, even when I'm asleep.  Last night I woke up pressed against Ben, totally on his side of the bed (which is weird because I need space when I sleep), and when I scooted back to my side to see what the hell was going on, I ran right into Remy's butt because he was sprawled out longways against my pillow.  So that explained it.  

Alright, that's all for me this morning.  I will be back soon to show you some more polishes I got over in the UK (helloooooo Barry M).  I'm feeling a little more interested in blogging now, probably because I had a break and because...I don't have to plan a wedding!!!!  Wahoo!  K, talk later.  Happy Monday.


  1. I love that color. Your cat's face is absolutely priceless. Like "human, dont you ever think of leaving me again!" haha

  2. I can't wait to see photos! It sounds like an absolutely marvelous time.

    Remy is too much, I love him.

  3. So happy to see a post from you Stephanie!! Also super glad to hear you had a fabulous trip… can't wait to see photos and, of course, lots of UK nail polishes :D Jealous on ALL of the levels. And this polish looks absolutely gorgeous!! Shame that it's so expensive for such a tiny bottle though; I suppose you're paying mostly for the brand name than the polish itself :/



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