Tuesday, November 18, 2014

NYC Crystal Couture Fashion Queen

It's honestly pretty rare these days that I find a polish that makes my heart go pitter-patter.  The moment I saw the Crystal Couture collection in Rite-Aid many weeks back I knew that Fashion Queen was something special.  This is the second polish I've tried from this collection, and I'm even more smitten with this one than I was with Ruby Queen--and that's saying something.  At the time I took these photos I didn't have the bottle handy, so I'm holding my change purse.  Sometimes ya gotta improvise.

Fashion Queen has a two different types of glitter in it:  copper microglitter and larger, round gold glitter.  When they're mixed together on the nail and in the bottle it's difficult to identify that overall color as either gold or copper.  It's an interesting amalgamation of the two.  And it's shiny.  And I love it.  The formula was really nice for a glitter, and its opacity was good.  At two coats it wasn't quite opaque enough, so I slapped on a third and also a generous coat of SV; it didn't dry gritty at all, and I loved wearing it.  I put this one on last Thursday afternoon and I just took it off last night, so it lasted almost five days with only one [hardly noticeable] chip on my right thumb.  Seriously y'all, this polish is amazing.  It's perfect for the holidays and for fall.  I'm totally obsessed with it.  It's funny, because if someone asked me if I love glitter I would say no, but some of my favorite polishes are glitters.  Dazzled By Gold, Mingle With Kringle (which are basically dupes), Hors D'Ouevres, Cherry Pie...all glittery.  I guess I'm a closet glitterphile.  

No other news here, just trying to survive the stupid snow that decided to dump on CLE over the past few days.  Ben and I are planning on Christmas-ing up the joint tonight after I get home from work, so I'm excited for that.  We didn't have a Christmas tree last year because Remy was just a little tiny thing and I felt like he would just be living in it like a baby squirrel, so this year we are definitely getting one.  Speaking of Remy, follow him on Instagram (RemyRagdoll) for more little tidbits like these precious little paws!  

K, I hope wherever you are is less snowy than where I am.  Because it's getting a little bonkers up in here.

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