Friday, November 07, 2014

OPI Icebergers and Fries (Meh) with Glitter (Yay!)

Yes, it's another OPI.  I'm sorry!  They're just speaking to me right now, and it doesn't help that now I have a couple from holiday to try out.  But don't worry; I have some China Glaze and drug store goodies lying around, too.  So until then, enjoy this color that I'm not quite sure that I enjoy on me.

Okay, so this is Icebergers and Fries from Nordic.  I bought it because of my current earth tone penchant, but I wasn't sure it would work on me.  I do love the color of this.  In the sun it looks like a camel shade (it actually matches my purse almost spot on) and in indoor lighting it looks like milk chocolate (which just makes me want fondue).  The formula was pretty standard for an OPI creme, but I felt like it wasn't super opaque.  I used two coats here, but in bright sunlight I could tell that I definitely had cuticle drag.  Even though I like this color in theory, I don't think it works on me.  Like, at all.  In an effort to jazz it up a little bit, I added OPI All Sparkly and Gold from last year's holiday collection--I had a mini bottle lying around.  It is indeed all the sparkles and all the gold.

I tried to do a bit of a gradient starting at the cuticle.  I think it turned out well, and this glitter complements Icebergers really, really nicely.  Once I added the glitter I felt a lot better about wearing the brown; I'm still wearing it right now after a few days on.

Yesterday I did a little thrifting to check out the ugly Christmas sweater situation, and let me tell you...they're out in full force right now.  Ben and I are hosting our second annual Christmas Vacation viewing, during which we ask that our guests ugly sweater it up.  Last year Ben waited too long to get his and everything was gone from my thrifting haunts.  Anyway, I ended up getting a couple things that were not ugly sweater-related.  One of them is a tartan short-sleeved blazer that was missing a button.  I ended up removing all of them and sewing on some new ones.  I had it spread out on the floor and was checking to see that I had aligned the buttons well, when Remy decided that he was going to live inside that blazer.  He was burrowing in it like a little mole.

Yeah, it totally still smelled like the thrift store at this point...

He was so pissed at me when I took this blazer away from him to wash it.  He followed me to the laundry room and yelled at me from the floor.  Maybe the person who had this before had a cat or something?  Who knows.  Now it Remy.  I'm so into the idea of tartan right now, and I can't tell if it's because of the winter weather/holidays coming up, or because I was just in Scotland and tartan is everything there.  Either way, I like it and want to wear it.  And so does the cat.  

Alright, that's all for me today.  I hope every had decent weeks--I did, and Ben got the dent in my car fixed, so that's good--and I hope you're all gearing up for wonderful weekends.  I'll talk to you later!


  1. Although the name is awful and triggers my gag reflex if I think about it too much, Icebergers and Fries is a very, very becoming shade on you!

  2. So much better with glitter! You always have great ideas. (:


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