Friday, November 21, 2014

Rescue Beauty Lounge Opaque Nude

Oh, you guys.  Rescue Beauty Lounge.  If you read me with any regularity, then you know it's not my favorite brand.  I don't buy from them BUT that doesn't stop me from asking my best pals to buy them for me and send them to me.  Rach offered to send me a couple when the recent sale happened, and I have wanted Opaque Nude since...well, since I knew the brand existed, because I'm pretty sure it's an old color.  It's been around since at least 2009, and I know it was part of Bring It Back at some point--but I don't keep up with the brand on social media, so I basically have no idea what's going on with it, ever.  But anyway, I've wanted it for a while, so when Rach offered to send me a couple I couldn't say no.

expect me to be wearing this bedazzled beanie from Target for forever this winter

When I took these polishes out of their little boxes I basically involuntarily went, "AW YEAH" because I freaking love the way the bottles look.  I CAN'T HELP IT THEY ARE SO PLEASING!  The RBL website describes Opaque Nude as "buff-colored."  And to that I say, yes.  It is indeed.  In fact, I have a khaki trench that is pretty much this exact color.  When Rach asked me how I liked it I told her I thought it was a little band-aid-y in color and that I wished it was a little bit pinker.  But really, it's a good nude polish and it is opaque, so good on RBL for accurate naming.  The formula on this is classic RBL, which means it's super thick but okay to work with.  It needed two coats to be fully opaque.  Dry time was fast with SV. One of the reasons I stopped buying this brand is because the formula doesn't agree with my body chemistry and they chip almost immediately, so I was fully expecting Opaque Nude to be making a cameo, one-day appearance on my hands.  Color me shocked, y'all, because it's three days later and I'm still wearing it.  And, let me tell you, I put my hands through some strenuous stuff this week, including unfurling my first ever fake Christmas tree.  It took forever and is seven and a half feet tall.  But anyway, I only have one chip, and it's on my right index finger--which is the one that always chips.  I also knocked my finger against a doorframe and it broke my nail a little, so I don't blame the polish. 

Can we talk about this CLE weather?  What even? 

windchill -9?!  NO.

it requires me to wear my warmest and dumpiest sweaters

it's not pretty but it's warm

UGH.  I miss summer :(  But anyway, that's all for me today.  If you know me and my blog, then you know which polish you'll be seeing from me next week!  Have a good weekend!


  1. I am not a big RBL fan either - I went back and read some of your old entries, and I have much the same problems you do. For $20 I just need better performance than I actually get. (I did cave and buy Meow Meow, the green glitter, a few months back, though, and it's really beautiful.)

  2. Oh, wow: I just googled 12F = -11 Celsius that is extremely cold (we are now at winter in sight). This RBL reminds me of Zoya Avery: a nice fresh neutral.

  3. I like this polish and it looks good on you.

  4. Damn Stef, I've been trying to avoid purchasing this polish for years but this just convinced me to pull the trigger


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