Monday, November 24, 2014

They Say It's My Birthday

I've been wearing the same polish on my birthday for the past four years.  Last year I decided to change it up and use OPI Dazzled By Gold as a topper instead of on its own, and I liked it so much that I did it again this year.  I decided to use a China Glaze holiday polish, Out Like a Light, as a base (it's dark, dark gray). Here's how it turned out.



wore the same cupcake sweater yesterday that I did last year on my birthday...sadly couldn't wear it today because not office appropriate

Something pretty interesting happens to Out Like a Light with Dazzled By Gold over it.  Namely, it looks kind of green.  I took a photo of it with my hand on my green coat, and it really enhanced the effect.  DBG is kind of sheer on its own; if I recall correctly it definitely needs three coats to be worn on its own.  I've never worn it over a dark color before, but I like how this looks.  Kind of a lot.  Also, the China Glaze has a really good formula--pretty much a one coater.  Yaaaaaay.

So I'm not quite sure what's on my birthday agenda today, but Ben and I definitely made a weekend out of my aging process.  On Saturday I had to work a little, but after that we went out for a fancy dinner and then we went to my favorite ice cream place, Jeni's.  Y'all, the buttercup pumpkin ice cream was bomb.

YEEEEES all the spoonfuls

On Sunday morning we got our butts out of bed [kind of late] and went to my favorite breakfast place of all time, The Inn on Coventry.  I used to go there all the time, like at least once a week, but now that we live further away we never go.  If you've never been there and you're in the Cleveland-ish area, I highly recommend a trip.

eggs benedict (literally my favorite meal because it's eggs topped with more eggs and butter) with avocado

Then we went to The Cleveland Flea (which we also did last year) and poked around.  Lots of good stuff this year, but lord was it packed and hot in there.  A lot of the vendors that we talked to said that Saturday was actually way, way more crowded, so it was a good thing we went Sunday.  Still seemed super packed to us, though.  I came away with two necklaces, some prints, and Ben got a Christmas gift for a friend.  A good haul.  Then last night we went and saw Mockingjay, and then had sushi.  So, it was a pretty great weekend.  I have to work today, for at least a little while, but later in the day I'm going to go see my parents and have dinner with them and such.  Plus cake!  Can't beat that.  

I feel like turning 28 is kind of weird for me.  Now that I'm married people invariably are like, SO WHEN ARE YOU HAVING BABIES.  I never know what to say because, frankly, I don't feel ready to care for another life and also kids just aren't my bag.  Cats, yes.  Kids, eh.  I know it's different when they're your own, etc etc.  But anyway, I'm reasonably sure my mom had me when she was 28.  I know that I shouldn't be pressured by what other people do or say, but still.  Turning 28 feels like I should be thinking about procreating and stuff even though most of the time I'm just like WHAT IS LIIIIIIIIFE.  

But I'm having good birthday times anyway.  Things are good and I'm going to eat cake and snuggle my fluffy cat.  So I hope you're all having good days too, and I will talk to you later.


  1. Happy Birthday. (: Tell people you'll have babies when your'e good any ready. People can be so pressuring... I'm getting the same, but opposite pressure. We had a baby first and did things a bit backwards. So we are constantly hearing "When are you getting married?" The nerve of people I swear. (;

  2. Happy Birthday!! I actually turned 28 yesterday! :D Glad to see you're continuing the DBG tradition, it looks so lovely over dark grey. Enjoy cake (I had some of mine for breakfast this morning :x)!

  3. Please. At 28 the last thing on my mind was having babies. I was still sleeping in late and going out late at night. I waited till 36, which seems FAR more reasonable to me. Most of us are done with late night at that point.

  4. I don't know if it's the same for everybody, but people didn't stop asking me about babies until I was well over 40. I just kept saying, "Maybe in a few years..." People are so weird about that.

    I really like that combination, it's interesting and cool-looking how it turned green!

  5. Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was wonderful.

    I'm really loving the polish combo and will try to dupe it for my Thanksgiving mani. Thanks for the inspiration.

    As for babies, you and your husband will know when the time is right. I've never understood why people feel the need to pressure. They need to chill and respect.


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