Friday, December 05, 2014

In Winter It's a Marshmallow World and Some Wedding Pictures

Okay, quickie post with quickie pictures!  I wanted to wear a white this week, and I realized that I had yet to show my favorite white on the blog.  I wore Formula X White Matter for, honestly, most of May.  And I also used it as a base for a really cute Fourth of July manicure that I never photographed.  But anyway, here it is with The White Cap Treatment.

White Matter has a great formula for a white.  PRETTY MUCH LIKE A NORMAL COLOR THAT'S NOT WHITE.  Really.  It's good in two coats.  And at the risk of sounding redundant, it is white.  By that I mean, it is not like colors like NOPI Yoga-Then-Yogurt, which are slightly cream or off-white.  No, White Matter is just blindingly, pure white.  It's fabulous and I highly recommend you pick it up if you're looking for a good white polish.  And aren't we all?  I topped it with a generous coat of China Glaze White Cap, which made this manicure look like that fake snow that has iridescent pieces in it.  You know what I mean.  

In the spirit of Christmas, I got this little Santa guy from Home Goods the other day, and when I brought him home Remy sniffed him from every possible angle for like 20 minutes.  I think he eventually decided he approves because he hasn't tried to eat his beard yet.

Lastly, we got all of our wedding pictures back a couple weeks ago.  There are so many; I could never choose which ones to post--or even which ones to print, damn.  But my photographer, who is Cleveland-based and amazing, put our wedding on her blog along with some of her favorite photos from the day.  If you're interested in seeing those, you can find them right here.  I think she picked some really good ones; obviously she has a great eye.  And if anyone reading this lives in NE Ohio and is getting married/looking for a photographer for pretty much anything, I recommend Lindsey Beckwith.  I can't even describe how great our experience was with her.  Plus she's funny, which is important, obviously.

Alright, I hope everyone has a good Friday and a fantastic weekend, and I will talk to you next week!


  1. Love your sparkly white combo! Remy sure does look like he's concentrating hard on evaluating the new addition to the decor. :)

  2. I was just thinking I need a white polish. I have numerous sparkly toppers that would look great over white - so thanks for the recommendation! And your wedding photos are just beautiful!

  3. Your wedding photos are very nice, you looked beautiful. So glad you chose to share them with us.

  4. Love the photos!!! Beautiful mani too!

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