Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Winter's a Good Time to Stay In and Cuddle

Funky Fingers is really tugging on my heart strings this holiday season.  When I was at Five Below looking for the Christmas Story glitters, I also ran into some Frozen glitters.  And three for $5?  I couldn't say no.  And as for the base color of this manicure, the power of polish-sitting-on-the-coffee-table is so strong, because I used White Cap again.  But this turned out completely amazing so I can't even apologize.

Took a run outside because it was 50 degrees and OH MY GOD it was awful.  It's been so long since I've run outside that I forgot I hate it.  Anyway, that's why there's neon clothing.

Two coats White Cap, and one coat Olaf.  Yes, Olaf.  It's a glitter topper with small and larger hex glitter, small holo glitter, and--surprise, surprise--white snowflake glitter.  I was pretty shocked when I saw that single snowflake on my ring finger nail.  I looked around the outside of the bottle searching for other snowflakes and found none.  That's not to say they're not in there somewhere, I just think they're pretty sparse.  But honestly, this manicure turned out stupid pretty.  I don't even care that you can see my nail line through White Cap.  The formula on Olaf is fine and typical of a glitter topper; the hex and holo glitter bits are easy to get on the nail, but like I said, the snowflakes are completely elusive.  I think it would look pretty over a lot of colors.  And for the price and the Frozen reference, you can't beat it.  

K, that's it.  Ben is out of town until Christmas Eve night, so I'm here by myself with the Christmas tree and Remy.  Don't worry, though, I decided to make popcorn strands so I'm super busy.  Christmas ahoy!


  1. I don't have a Five Below but found them eBay and had to have them! So cute ~


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