Monday, December 22, 2014

...With a Compass in the Stock, and This Thing Which Tells Time

I cannot freaking believe that it's Christmas this week.  I had a holiday party to attend this past weekend, so I decided to deck out my nails with the most Christmas-y of Christmas colors, red.

China Glaze Tip Your Hat topped with Funky Fingers Red Rdyer.  Also, sorry for the itty-bitty tipwear.  I had been wearing this a day when I took pictures.  Really, what is more Christmas-y than a creamy, creamy red polish and a sparkly, sparkly red glitter?  Tip Your Hat is a phenomenal polish.  It's totally basic--a true red creme that has a touch of dustiness to it--but if you're looking for a red to add to your collection, or if you like reds, I recommend you get this one before the holidays are over.  The formula is super smooth and creamy, and it was perfectly fine at one coat.  The Funky Fingers is part of the Christmas Story mini-collection that you can probably find at Five Below right now.  It's hex and microglitter in a clear base.  I think the monochrome look is just gorgeous here.  I wasn't sure how red glitter on red (non-jelly) polish would turn out, but it's stunning.  And the glitter just glows in low light.  I used one coat of glitter, topped it off with one coat of Seche, and called it a day.  

No other news to report here.  I had a super chill weekend because a.)  I knew Saturday night was going to be nuts at the Christmas party (it was) and b.) because I got completely sucked into Nip/Tuck.  I bought the first season from an exchange store for $5 a long time ago, and since Ben is out of town I just decided to start watching it.  And I am totally hooked.  Yesterday after I semi-emerged from the hangover I get like once a year I went and bought almost all the rest of the seasons, so I am STOCKED UP.  

I might have another post up this week, but also maybe not.  I'm not sure how busy I'm going to be.  Definitely going to be at work for part of the week, working from home for the other part.  So we'll see how I do on the nail front.  Happy Monday, all!

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