Thursday, January 29, 2015

OPI Thanks A Windmillion

I don't know what to say as an introduction to this post other than that I've wanted OPI Thanks A Windmillion for a while now.  Have you ever dropped a nail polish in a store?  I did, and it was this one.  Of course the bottle broke and there was polish everywhere.  I was also with my friend Sam, and it was literally right after we got our tattoos done.  We stopped at a store for like...I don't know.  What you need for tattoo aftercare and also ice cream, and I was planning on buying Thanks A Windmillion but I dropped it instead.  So, whoops.  I saw it at a local drug store not long ago and decided to firmly grasp it this time and actually take it home with me.

I can definitely see why people really liked this polish when Holland came out in 2012 (2012!  I can't believe it was that long ago!).  I don't usually love colors like this, but it looks really good on me.  I don't know if it's something about the tone of the color or what.  I'm tempted to call Windmillion sea foam green, but I think it's too...muted? dusty? for that.  It's also not teal at all.  I've seen it described as "sage," but I really don't think it is.  I don't know what to call it, but whatever it is it's good.  The formula was great, and I only needed two coats.  I seriously wore this until I couldn't wear it anymore--maybe six days.  I didn't get sick of it.  This is also how I felt about OPI Stranger Tides, which is still one of my favorite polishes of all time...and is also kind of a weird green color that's hard to describe.  That's not to say that Windmillion is in any way like Stranger Tides...they're just both weird colors.  I'm really glad I finally picked Windmillion up (and kept it in my hands long enough to get it to the checkout).  

I seriously need to consider doing a collection purge, y'all.  And not just like, oh this Wet n Wild polish from 1996 is kind of crappy and I never use it so I guess I could be persuaded to throw it away...  No, I'm talking like a real purge.  But it's so hard to get rid of things.  It's like deleting music on iTunes (what if someday I decide I want to listen to this song that I've only listened to once ten years ago?!).  I also have no time to do something like that, but lately the magnitude and general disarray of my collection has been irking me.  Maybe I just need to organize.  Anyway, that was a weird tangent.  I think it was because I was thinking about whether I'd rather keep Windmillion or Stranger Tides if I had to pick, and then my brain was immediately like NEVER PICK KEEP BOTH.  Sigh.

Alright, that's all for me this week.  I'll be back next week at least once!  I guess I should ask:  do you guys do regular collection purges?  How do you organize your polishes?  Do you ever wonder if you should just stop with the nail polish and makeup but then quickly realize that's insane because it's exactly what keeps you sane?  Yeah.  Me too.  

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

essence Hello Marshmallow!

Back at the end of November I received the loveliest gift box of goodies from Karoline, proprietress of the blog Glittersnapdragon.  There was a nice wedding card, a little change purse, and OODLES OF NAIL POLISH.  I had fun unwrapping each one with my dad, and he gave me all of his opinions on which ones he liked best, etc.  Seriously, this was a beyond generous gift.  I just now got around to trying some of the polishes out, and there are so many gems that it was tough for me to pick which one I wanted to wear first.  In the end, the name of an essence polish got me.  I mean, when something is called Hello Marshmallow! it's difficult to resist.

When I looked for swatches of this one I found two different polishes with the same name.  The first one is a lilac creme, and the second one is a lilac chrome/frost.  Obviously this is the second version.  I was attracted to the color straightaway, but when I was polishing I got pretty worried about brushstrokes.  As soon as I put topcoat on, though, the brushstrokes disappeared, and instead of looking like a frost, this looks kind of like a chrome.  So I don't know what to call it.  But whatever you want to call it, I'm into it.  The formula was really good, and even though essence bottles are pretty tiny, I thought the brush was easy to work with.  I used two coats.

Colors like this ALWAYS remind me of Buffy/the late 90s.  I swear, in season one her nails are always some sort of frost-ish pastel shade.  So even though when I look down at my hands I kind of hear Lucius Fox say, "three buttons is a little 90s, Mr. Wayne," I still really like this color.  Especially for winter.  It reminds me of frozen stuff.

Alright, that's all for me today.  Sorry this was a quickie; at least I met my goal of getting a post up at the beginning of the week!  Hopefully I will have another one for you by Friday, but this week is going to be a little crazy bananas so we'll see how I cope.  Take care until next time!  Also, just do yourself a favor and watch some Buffy.  You know you want to.

Friday, January 23, 2015

SH Insta-Dri Show Steel-er

I failed again at blogging this week and you only get one post.  Sry.  But like, winter?  And stuff?  The good news is that there might be new Insta-Dris, I guess.  I mean, I didn't recognize any on the display I saw recently at Target and I didn't find any swatches during a cursory Google search.  I only picked up one.

As the name of this one might imply, it is gray.  But it is a very, very cool gray.  So cool, in fact, that I questioned whether or not it was gray when I got it home and looked at it in my kitchen light (which is terrible).  But no, it's definitely gray.  It just looks like a powder blue sometimes.  What to say about Insta-Dri?  You all already know about the a.) weird shaped bottle b.) long, flat brush stem that is hard to wipe off and c.) the canoe paddle brush.  At one point I thought I was used to the brush, but it had been a while since I had used one of these polishes, so when I went to do my nails I was basically like WTFFFFFF all over again.  The formula was good, though, for such a light color.  Two coats and I was in business.  I actually really, really like this polish.  It's a really good neutral and I think it's nice for winter and even into spring.  Oh yeah, and the display I found this on said these polishes are "new and improved" or something along those lines.  ??  I don't know.  The formula seems to be the same.  The staying power of this has been good so far, though.  I'm on my third day of wearing it with nary a chip in sight (but some tipwear).

In other news, I got this really professional, adult-looking watch from Bed, Bath & Beyond yesterday:

I know, I know.  You want one too to wear with your work ensembles.  I get it.  Lucky for you there were a bunch of prints--not just sprinkles!--and this was only like $14.  Can we also talk about how all BB&Bs are not created equal?  There's one about half an hour from me that has a Harmon's in it and dude.  It's good.  I almost never get to go there, but I'm going to have much more occasion in the future because I'm teaching for a school with a campus right next to it.  Hey, benefits.  Ben is out of town so I texted him a picture of this watch and somehow it ended up in this conversation, which cracked me up:

This is how we share our love.  It was basically our wedding vows.

Okay, NEXT WEEK I will have at least one post.  And that post will go up Monday or Tuesday, I promise.  It's becoming a habit to not have something up until Friday and I don't like it.  So I'm going to do my best next week.  MY BEST.  Which sometimes isn't that great.  But I have a sprinkle watch on, so please forgive me.  Has anyone else run across this "new and improved" Insta-Dri display?  I'm always kind of happy to see new SH polishes, but the colors for like the past year in seasonal collections have not been speaking to me.  But!  This gray is good.  Trust me.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Shopping My Stash (2015!): Marsala, Marsala Everywhere

Rachel and I are back for SMS 2015!!  I don't think last year we did a COLOR OF THE YEAR post for SMS, but this year decided that we must.  Honestly, you are probably either a.) living under a rock or b.) you don't give a shit about Pantone (and really, who can truly blame you?) if you haven't heard about MARSALA.  I'm always interested to know what the color of the year is going to be because it sets the tone for interior design, fashion trends, makeup releases, etc.  Last year's Radiant Orchid was okay, but I didn't really embrace it.  This year I'm actually pretty excited about Marsala because it can be such a neutral.  Also it reminds me of my mom, because I kind of feel like it has always been one of her colors (she has a Marsala couch at her house!).  So, without further ado, my Pantone 2015 polish [stash] pick.

Y'ALL.  Remember when Essie was $7 at Trade Secret?  AT TRADE SECRET.  I hardly do.  But I think I got this in 2009.

I actually thought I had a pretty good Marsala lip going on in these pictures, but the light reflecting off the snow outside totally washed me out.  If you like earthy lipsticks--and lately I really do--then check out the new Rimmel Provocalips in Make Your Move.  Honestly, you should just check out that line of products, period.  Because they do not come off your face all day.

Okay, so this is Essie Sassy Satchel, which has a great name and is just an okay color.  As in, I have a million polishes that look preeeeeetty much exactly like this.  It's a wine-colored vampy shimmer.  It's fine.  It's an older polish, and the formula was great.  I used two coats.  What I like about it is its brown undertones, but I think I prefer a vampy creme to a vampy shimmer (case in point--I wore China Glaze Velvet Bow a couple times this year, and I featured it not once but twice during the second half of 2014).  Can I recommend that you run out and find this polish?  No.  If the best word I can use to describe it is "fine," then you don't need it.  

But.  I think Marsala can be interpreted in a variety of ways.  Let's check out some Pantone stuff, shall we?  

So if we check out that first image up there, Marsala looks pretty dark, rich, and jewel-toned.  What is that, anyway?  A pot of gel liner?  A plate of...something?  I don't know.  Anyway, if we look at the swatch in the second image, I think Marsala looks a lot more terracotta-y.  Browner, more subdued.  Pantone describes it as "a naturally robust and earthy wine red."  So, I suppose this color can have a range of interpretations.  And I like that.  Between the two colors there, I would say that I gravitate more toward the subdued one because, like I said at the beginning of the post, I like that it can be neutral.  

I don't tend to run out and buy color of the year stuff when we find out what it is because, like all trends, it's pretty transient.  My favorite color of the year from the recent past has been 2009's Mimosa (a mustardy yellow).  Ben will tell you that, much to his chagrin, I love yellow.  It's all over our apartment.  Will I put Marsala all over our apartment?  Probably not.  Will I buy a few Marsala lipsticks and seek out Essie In Stitches because it appears to be the absolutely perfect Marsala nail polish?  Yeah, probably.  But this is a pretty easy color for makeup because it's on the red spectrum.  I might even look for a Marsala-toned blush just for fun.  I think NARS has a few good options (also I'm late on the Pantone Universe stuff so I'm sure I won't be getting any).  Plus, I mean, Christmas Sephora gift cards are burning a hole in my pocket.  Well done, Pantone.  Well done.

Okay, that's all for me today.  So glad that we're continuing this series into 2015, because it's become one of my favorite parts of blogging.  Hop on over so stuff and check out Rachel's pick.  I like it way better than mine! :)  What do you guys think of Marsala?  Do you pay attention to this color of the year stuff, or do you just keep doing your thing and buying what you like already?  It's so easy to get sucked in!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Nicole by OPI Sweet Daisy

It took me until two weeks into the new year to get back to the blog, but here I am.  This is always kind of a fun time for drug store cosmetics because the new collections start to come out for spring--which seems impossibly far away right now, but not in retail land.  I was tooling around CVS the other day, and a ton of polishes were on clearance, including the Carrie Underwood NOPIs.  Sweet Daisy appealed to me last spring when the collection came out, but seeing it with a nice little 50% off sticker on it pushed me over the edge and I finally bought it.  

Sweet Daisy is somewhere between a peach and a coral, but I would say it leans more peachy.  In the bottle it looked a little muted and Molly Ringwald-y to me, but once I had it on I liked it a lot better.  The formula was nice, and I like the NOPI brush.  I used two coats.  I really, really enjoyed wearing this one and I think it looks nice with my skin.  A good buy, this one, especially at 50% off.  If you had your eye on any of these Carrie Underwood polishes but never pulled the trigger, check out CVS and see if they're on clearance.  

Not much to report here, honestly.  I'm pretty busy with like, life stuff.  Definitely keeping myself occupied.  Trying not to get sick, because everybody seems to be.  Although for the past many days I've been so sleeeeeeeepy.  I go to bed super early (for me) after inevitably conking out on the couch. So either I'm trying to fight something off or the winter is just getting to me.  Who knows.

But anyway, the holidays had a happy end.  We actually just took down our tree a few days ago.  I so loved having it up, so I was sad to see it go.  But we had a great New Year.  We spent New Year's Eve with our good pals...

...and had a great time together.

Anyway, I will be back to chat with you all again on Friday for Shopping My Stash with Rachel.  It was supposed to go up last Friday, but I totally derped on it.  The first week of January was so weird and it just sort of slipped by me.  So I hope you all also had a lovely New Year with friends and family, and that the first couple weeks of 2015 have treated you well.  Talk to you soon!