Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Nicole by OPI Sweet Daisy

It took me until two weeks into the new year to get back to the blog, but here I am.  This is always kind of a fun time for drug store cosmetics because the new collections start to come out for spring--which seems impossibly far away right now, but not in retail land.  I was tooling around CVS the other day, and a ton of polishes were on clearance, including the Carrie Underwood NOPIs.  Sweet Daisy appealed to me last spring when the collection came out, but seeing it with a nice little 50% off sticker on it pushed me over the edge and I finally bought it.  

Sweet Daisy is somewhere between a peach and a coral, but I would say it leans more peachy.  In the bottle it looked a little muted and Molly Ringwald-y to me, but once I had it on I liked it a lot better.  The formula was nice, and I like the NOPI brush.  I used two coats.  I really, really enjoyed wearing this one and I think it looks nice with my skin.  A good buy, this one, especially at 50% off.  If you had your eye on any of these Carrie Underwood polishes but never pulled the trigger, check out CVS and see if they're on clearance.  

Not much to report here, honestly.  I'm pretty busy with like, life stuff.  Definitely keeping myself occupied.  Trying not to get sick, because everybody seems to be.  Although for the past many days I've been so sleeeeeeeepy.  I go to bed super early (for me) after inevitably conking out on the couch. So either I'm trying to fight something off or the winter is just getting to me.  Who knows.

But anyway, the holidays had a happy end.  We actually just took down our tree a few days ago.  I so loved having it up, so I was sad to see it go.  But we had a great New Year.  We spent New Year's Eve with our good pals...

...and had a great time together.

Anyway, I will be back to chat with you all again on Friday for Shopping My Stash with Rachel.  It was supposed to go up last Friday, but I totally derped on it.  The first week of January was so weird and it just sort of slipped by me.  So I hope you all also had a lovely New Year with friends and family, and that the first couple weeks of 2015 have treated you well.  Talk to you soon!


  1. This looks gorgeous on you! It is a no-go for my skin tone, so pretty jealous that you can werk this one. 2015: The year you blog more NOPI???? ;)

  2. This looks great on you, not sure I could rock it though. Plus I *hate* the nopi brushes, too fat/flat!

  3. This looks awesome on you & since we have about the same coloring..I am headed to CVS!!! Thanks:)


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