Friday, February 06, 2015

China Glaze Wanderlust (King)

You guuuuuuuuuys ohmigod the ChG spring collection is too.  It is too everything.  Too pretty, too amazing, but not too pastel.  When they landed at Ulta I scooped up a few (and when I told Rach this she guessed three out of four of the ones I got out of thin air because she's a magic fairy), so I have one to share with you today.  I should let you know that things didn't go well with the manicure.  All manner of things went wrong such as:  the formula wasn't great, and some nails looked like the polish had been applied really thickly (it had been; my fault); the polish flooded my cuticles; my topcoat is starting to go so it's doing that weird wrinkly thing; and I got shrinkage from the Seche even though I wrapped my tips.  It wasn't pretty.  So that's why you're seeing two nails.  Yes, just two.  Because those two look marginally okay.

the most elusive shimmer...


Wanderlust is  a heavenly combination of pink and lavender that I am just dying for right now.  It also has all manner of pinky-gold shimmer in it that is SO FLIPPING HARD TO SEE.  But then you do see it and you do a spring polish happy dance because it is perfection.  There's a weird color relativity thing going on with Wanderlust, because when I have it next to a true pink, it definitely looks like a light lilac hue.  But then when it's on me, it pulls super pink.  But I'm fine with that.  It's a nice color on me, and it definitely says spring.  Oh yeah, and it tooooooootally reminds me of Gogol Bordello Wonderlust King (which is not the same as Wanderlust, and also not a real word, but...), which is good because that song is a favorite and Eugene Hutz brings me joy.  

The formula is something that I was not so pleased with.  If you're familiar with pastel formulas at all, then this is pretty much par for the course.  I had a little trouble with it and I didn't want to baby it or do much cleanup because, like, my life is busy?  So I just left it like it was any gave you two fingers.  #sorrynotsorrybutkindofsorry.  I will admit, again, that part of it is the fault of my topcoat.  But the polish wasn't helping.  I did three coats and probably could have used four.  The next time I wear this I'll try to do a bit better job of polishing.

Anyway, not much else to report.  Pretty much the only thing that has been going on is this:

In between doing that, I've been doing a lot of work for, you know, jobs and such.  This week has been a bit of a stressor, but I think after today is over I'll feel better until...Sunday when I have to start all over!  Hah.  But, I guess it's good to be busy.  It just doesn't leave time for nail polishing and blogging.

I hope everyone is doing well, and I will certainly talk to you next week at least once.  Anyone else ravage the ChG spring display?


  1. Not only didn't I ravage it, I didn't get any yet. I picked some up to look at, sure, but somehow when there are that many new colors all at once I get brain lock. :)

  2. I picked this one too, and because I couldn't restrain myself, the peach one, Pack Lightly, and the blue one Dashboard Dreamer. Wearing Pack Lightly now, only did 2, but needs 3 as it is a little streaky, but man, is it pretty in the sun.


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