Thursday, February 19, 2015

Essie Blossom Dandy

When I saw the Essie spring preview over on Michelle's blog they totally made my heart go pitter patter.  Imagine my surprise when I wandered into Walgreens the other night when it was -26 degrees (with windchill) out and I saw the mini, four-color version of the display.  I believe I said, "Yay!" aloud and grabbed Blossom Dandy immediately.  I go through periods where I'm all about minty colors, and I'm pretty sure BD has rekindled my love somethin' fierce.

V-Day flowers from B

I always pull out this now-five-year-old Target cardigan when I'm ready for spring/it is spring.  See here--last year I busted it out in April, but like I was -26 the other day.  Spring please.

weird sunset light, sry

Ahhhh, I love this SO MUCH.  It is just what my fingers need right now.  Is it unique?  No, probably not.  But I love it anyway.  I would actually call it more of an aqua than a mint.  Maybe it's a mint-leaning aqua.  Either way, it's blue-y green-y.  The formula is okay.  It's not as bad as I anticipated it to be--can we all recall last year's spring collection?  Anyone remember Fashion Playground?    Beeeaaauuuutiful color, baaaaaaaad formula.  And I blogged it almost exactly a year ago, to the day.  Anyway, Blossom Dandy is way easier to work with than FP.  I did two [thick] coats, but I think three thin ones would be better.  But I am way impatient, and when I'm doing my nails it's basically my life mission to never use more than two coats.  So, there you have it.  It still looks nice, and there are no bald patches, so I'm calling it a two-coater.

I really love the look of Essie spring this year.  Like if I could mash all those colors together and wear them on a floral print dress I totally would.  I know I've said this the past couple years, but spring is my favorite season.  Used to be fall, now it's spring.  Spring forever.  Spring please.  I love the sudden influx of color in the makeup world, I love trench coats, I would rather it rain than snow, and I love it when the flowers start to bloom and the trees don't look dead.  So, I got really excited when I saw this collection at the drug store.  I got one more polish, but I feel like I want them all?  This is one collection that I just might need to own in its entirety.

In conclusion:  yay spring.  Yay Essie.


  1. Gorgeous!! I can't wait for my bottle to arrive =)

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  3. I wuv Essie!!!!!!!!

  4. I love this color! I will be definitely getting it. The whole spring collection from Essie might not be super unique but I still like it a lot!


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