Monday, February 23, 2015

Orly Color Blast Coronation Ball

I'm just going to cop to loving Frozen right now.  I know I am not a six year old girl, but dammit I grew up during the Disney Renaissance (I'm pretty sure I watched The Little Mermaid so much as a little girl that I WORE OUT THE TAPE) and if there's one thing I love it's singing princesses, OKAY? So when I was at Walgreens and I saw displays with Elsa on them I was sold.  I haven't bought Orly polish in a long time, but cute little bottles + Frozen made me take a couple home.  

This is Coronation Ball, which should probably actually be named "My Sister's Cornoration" as per Anna's sleepy mispronunciation at the beginning of the movie.  I guess I'll call it a lavender microglitter; it also has some darker purple glitter in it too, and in the bottle it definitely has a hint of duochrome, which you can see in some of the shade pictures.  Try as I might, though, I couldn't see it on the nail.  The formula was thin enough that you could use this as a glitter topper, but it's opaque at three coats.

I think there were two displays of Elsa polishes.  One appeared to be brights, and the other was pastels.  I only bought from the pastel display because I guess that's what I'm feeling right now.  It's worth mentioning that although these smaller Orly bottles are really cute, they're also a little pricy for the size.  I'm pretty sure I paid $6.99 apiece for these little guys, but they're Disney so it's okay.  I guess the Color Blast line is also sold at Kmart, but I can't remember the last time I was actually in a Kmart so this was the first time I'd see them.  So far I approve.  

I had the weirdest week last week, y'all.  Ask Rachel, because I was bitching to her about my life (which isn't actually that bad) on Saturday night so hard.  But there were some good parts of the weekend, like when Ben dragged me out of the house to see Whiplash (which he had already seen with Rach).  I was stunned by how good it was and by how emotional it made me.  Apparently it's out on Blu-Ray tomorrow and I'm excited to buy it and watch it again in the comfort of my own home/in pajamas.  I also finally watched Birdman yesterday right before the Oscars (glad I did) and thought it was pretty clever.  I saw 6/8 Best Picture nominees this year, so I feel like that's pretty decent.  Whiplash was BY FAR my favorite, but I see the merits of Birdman and the acting was phenomenal.  Yay movies.

Aaaaaanyway, that's going to be all for me today.  I hope you are all surviving your Februarys (because it's THE WORST MONTH); it has been so shitty here, weather-wise, that I'm just ready to GTFO to a warmer climate forever.  I love Cleveland with all my heart, but these winters are getting to be too much.  Has anyone else run across the Elsa polishes yet?  I hear tell that there's an Elsa makeup bag, and I might just have to scoop one of those up, too...  

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