Monday, March 30, 2015

Essie Petal Pushers/Whoops Here I Am

Oh, hey.  Accidentally took a month break from blogging and caring about nail polish because March has been a little crazy for me.  I've had a lot going on in a lot of ways, and I couldn't find time to a.) do my nails b.) take pictures of them and c.) write about them.  I had to write about other stuff, which, trust me, was way less fun.  But now, here I am and I don't even have good pictures to show you.  But I figured that something was better than nothing.

this lipstick is Maybelline Siren in Scarlet and it is everything, which I may have mentioned before

uh, love this

I didn't have good enough light to take proper photos of Petal Pushers, but I'm so overdue on this one that y'all know what it looks like.  It's a very, very cool toned gray creme.  The formula was really nice and I only needed two coats.  I think if you like grays you should just buy this.  It'll look good on everyone, and it's appropriate for pretty much every season.  It also lasted a pretty long time on me, so I give it a ringing endorsement. 

So anyway, like I said I have been busy, but I've also been trying to head down lake-ward when I can, because everything is starting to thaw and I'm ready for sun.  Last weekend it was still a little cold but there was a pretty sunset, so I thought I'd share this picture I managed to snap from inside--because, like I said, it was cold.

Not much else to report.  Ben and I just watched the finale of The Walking Dead and I felt kind of whelmed by it/by the second half of this season generally.  Maybe my expectations were too high going into it; who knows.  But you know what I have been enjoying?  Better Call Saul.  Seriously, if you were at all into Breaking Bad and you're not watching BCS you are missing some profoundly amazing television.  It makes Mondays worth living through.  Also Rach got me into Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  I binged it in one day, and then I also made Ben watch it a couple days later.  So good.  We are constantly singing the theme song.

Alright, I hope that you guys have been doing well.  I'm sorry I haven't been around, but I will try a little harder in April.  


Wednesday, March 04, 2015

L'Oreal Masked Affair

Limited edition collections are so annoying.  I heard rumblings a while ago about a drugstore holo making an appearance in a L'Oreal collection, but I didn't expect to run across it because I don't have time to hunt around (regrettably).  A couple weeks ago I had to go to Walgreens for something, and as per usual I made sure to walk past the seasonal cosmetics.  And there it was!  The L'Oreal Dark Sides of Grey collection!  Completely full!  I grabbed the holo, Masked Affair.  The other polishes didn't look super special to me, but it's hard to pass on a holo, amirite?  

I will apologize in advance for my ridiculously dry cuticles and the failing sunlight.  ..sorry.

Okay we should probably talk about how obsessed with red lips I am right now.  I mean, I'm kind of always obsessed with red lips, but I'm going through a serious whenever-I'm-not-at-work-I'm-wearing-red-on-my-face phase.  This particular combination is one I'm dying over:  SmashBox Always Sharp Liner in Crimson (LOOOOOVE--wore to my wedding, is epic) with Maybelline Creamy Matte Siren in Scarlet.

So, is Masked Affair worth whatever hype it's generating?  I mean, it depends on your collection.  First let me say that I've read descriptions of Masked Affair that call it lavender.  I guess I can see how it could be construed that way, but really it just looks silver to me.  So if I'm callin' 'em like I see 'em, this is a silver semi-linear holo.  There are other places you can get dupes or semi-dupes, like China Glaze OMG (maybe if I actually put Masked Affair next to OMG I would see a difference, but...lazy).  But this polish is really accessible in that you can find it at the drug store.  Conversely, it's also kind of inaccessible because it's limited edition, like so many good things in the makeup universe.  I already have a couple of silver-ish holos, so I didn't really need Masked Affair.  But, I mean, it was there.  So I bought it.  No regrets.

The formula is actually really nice for a holographic polish.  I didn't use it over a special base coat or anything, just my standard OPI base.  I used two coats of Masked Affair and experienced minimal dragging.  The nice things about linear holos like this is that they almost always look great in photos because of the effect the polish generates, even if there are weird brushstrokes.  But like I said, this one actually has a decent formula.  An interesting thing about holos is that when you put topcoat over them it immediately makes the holographic effect look like it has been dulled.  Fear not, friends.  As the topcoat dries the holo comes back.

So...yeah.  There are my weird flip-floppy feelings about this polish.  It's good and beautiful, but it's pretty much dupable...I think.  It's like $5, though, so I feel like if you do happen to see it it's best to just snap it up.  You know, for hoarding purposes.  So, that's all for me today.  Anyone else run across this magical limited edition display?

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Essie Coat Couture

Spoiler:  love this polish.

Coat Couture has a smoky, cool toned taupe base and electric blue-ish aqua shimmer.  It's an absolute beauty that can pass for a neutral but when the light hits it, it's all KAPOW.  The formula was sort of typical for a matte-finish polish.  It was pretty thick, but overall easy to work with.  I used two coats.  I also put topcoat over it, obviously.  I recommend you get this one if you're at all a fan of taupe polish because it's out-of-this-world pretty.

I'm referring to last weekend as my Lost Weekend because House of Cards.  I am totally obsessed with it and have been since I lived in New York and watched a lot of political shows to distract myself (I marathoned The West Wing like there was no tomorrow).  Remy isn't exactly named after Remy Danton, but the name was in my head when we got our cat because I had been watching House of Cards.  For the first week or so I had our Remy, I kept hearing Frank Underwood's southern drawl in my head when I thought of his name.  So, this:

if this isn't the best use of pic stitch idk what is

Season three was completely amazing.  I think episodes one and thirteen were probably the best, and Doug's storyline was totally enthralling.  Also there was a lot of Remy Danton, which I liked, but there was not enough Cashew the guinea pig, which I didn't like.  All in all though...I'M FREAKING OUT THAT I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER YEAR FOR MORE.  But god was it good.  Did anyone else finish it all in one weekend like a maniac?  Please tell me I'm not insane...?

K, that's all for me.  Hope you're all doing well, and YAY IT'S MARCH!!