Thursday, April 30, 2015

China Glaze Boho Blues

Well.  I mean, you've probably noticed that I haven't been around, maybe?  Sorry guys.  Everything is okay, I've just been busy with lots of things.  But we can talk nail polish first and things later.

I left OPI's spring collection completely untouched (my wallet thanked me), but I did buy a few China Glaze colors.  I don't love blue nail polishes, typically, but I do really love periwinkle polishes. Boho Blues is juuuuuuust on the end of the blue spectrum towards periwinkle; a couple more drops of purple and I'd say it tipped the scales.  But it is a really pretty blue.  I've had troubles with the formulas on all of the ChG Road Trip polishes I've tried, and while the formula on this one is okay, it's not ideal.  I mean, especially for a creme.  China Glaze knows how to make creme formulas pretty flawlessly, so I don't know why these polishes have issues.  I was able to get away with two coats, but I used pretty thick ones.  Otherwise it would have been patchy and I would have needed three.  And as a great woman (it was me) once said, eff that.  I like this polish, but it doesn't come close to a recent China Glaze favorite from last spring, What A Pansy.  Now that is one delicious periwinkle.

So anyway, my absence.  It's been a combination of things, really.
1.  I don't know if I ever mentioned this here, but I started teaching a class at a community college at the end of January and it has kicked my ass.  It's my first time teaching this class, so I had to create a lot of content.  It's a three-hour class once a week, so I have had to write these long lectures weekly etc etc etc.  It took up so much time; I was kind of shocked.  Combine that with my other job, and I have been working much more than full time the past few months.  I'm also pretty sure I'll be teaching this same class next semester, but because I've already written the lectures and stuff it should be less time consuming and perhaps more enjoyable.
2.  In March I was doing a writing gig for...well, it's super boring so I won't even elaborate on that.  But basically I was writing [short] articles about what were, to me, completely unfamiliar topics (that were art historical but not in my field at all).  I spent a lot of time doing that, and sadly I've found out that that process still isn't over because they just came back to me from an editor.  So, that was a thing I was doing too.
3.  This is weird, and I've never had this happen before in the half a decade I've maintained this blog, but I got a little anxiety about posting stuff.  Of course this is a blog about nail polish, and I assume that if you're here we have that interest in common.  But since January or so I'd do my nails and look at them and think, well my hands look terrible or the topcoat looks weird or this stupid shit polish pooled at my cuticles, I'm not even going to bother taking pictures and stuff.  The last thing that I want is for this blog to cause me any sort of anxiety or for it to feel like work.  I wasn't really excited to post something today, but I at least had the urge so, there's that.
4.  I've kind of been having a hard time lately about some personal stuff.  It's nothing cataclysmic, and I know that I have it really good compared to many, many people.  My issues right now are related to being a married woman in my late twenties whose girlfriends are all pregnant.  People ask me all the time when I'm having kids, and I feel like the socially acceptable answer isn't to slap them in the face and say, "UH MAYBE NEVER??"  It's hard for me here right now because most of my really good friends are sort of scattered across the country, and the few lady friends I've managed to make here are pregnant now (all at the same time!!).  I feel like I'm just totally on a different page than they are, and it makes it difficult for me to relate to them/feel like I can fit in at all anymore.  I already felt different for a lot of reasons, but this has really highlighted it, underlined it, italicized it, and put two exclamation marks after it.
5.  Because I've been so busy/sad-ish/confused, I haven't been feeling super creative.  I don't do like nail art or anything like that, but I do often find that I like to express myself through writing--which is why I started a blog at all.  It's not about the pictures like many in this particular niche are; it's about the words and it's, at its base, about me.  I haven't felt like writing lately and I haven't felt much like sharing myself.  I guess it's just a weird time.

So, there are some reasons why I haven't been around.  I don't even know if anyone is reading this anymore, but I think that in May I'll try harder to maintain things around here.  I don't really want to be posting just once a month, because that's not worth it to me.  Here's hoping I can get my shit together and then keep my shit together, which I'm sure is a sentiment many of you can echo.  See you in May (fingers crossed)!


  1. I've never commented before but I've been reading your blog for a while and really enjoy both your polish reviews and hearing about your life. I'm sorry you're having a rough time, hopefully things will get a little better when the semester is over and you have some time to relax.

    As someone who has made a choice not to have kids, I understand the problems you are having with people asking about it. For the most part people mean well but that doesn't make it easier when you just want to be left alone to do whatever it is you eventually decide to do.


  2. Count me in as well as someone who has never ever commented. I also made the choice not to have kids - it was hardest for me at the beginning, when I first got married. Now 12 years later, and at the beginning of menopause (as are all my friends) it is almost a non-issue. I know this does not help you right now. I guess I just want to say "hang in there" and also I really love your blog posts. Xoxo from Canada

  3. Nice to see you write here again, Stephanie. I have been following your blog for a while and I have liked both the polish aspect and the personal aspect of the blog. I especially liked following your blog when I moved to Cleveland a couple of years ago since we have that in common now, as well. Our lives couldn't be more different though. I'm in a science-y medical field, find writing to be more of a chore than a stress reliever, and just had my second baby in two years. Being on this side of motherhood, I can tell you that I still can't escape the opinions and pressures of other people. I have heard questions, concerns and opinions from all directions about when to have kids, how many kids to have, how far to space them apart, how much work I should be doing depending on whether or not I have kids from people I work with and don't work with and even suggestions to try for a third one since "I didn't have the girl that I'm sure I want". Here's another opinion from a stranger for you: you should do what is right for you, your lifestyle and your family. I know quite a few women who chose to never have kids and they've never given me any indication that they regret it. Their lives are still full with significant others, friends, and family. I'm envious of their ability to be spontaneous, go on gorgeous vacations, not have to worry about whether a restaurant is kid friendly, etc.

  4. I read your posts always. You are one of two (stuffed i (s)watched) that I religiously read. So when you both went off the grid I was worried. I don't always comment, but I always read.

  5. Oh yes, I hear ya on the late-20s-married-no-kids thing. And how people assume/expect you'll start popping out babies and all. Been there. I found myself super ambivalent about having kids...just couldn't come down on either side of the internal it took a long time for me to figure out what I wanted, and I was just shy of 36 when I had my son. My one-and-done son (awww, cute little rhyme there). I adore him to pieces and am glad I did it, but don't want to do it again, which then is another topic for people to get nosy about (don't you want to give him a sibling, etc? Grrrrr, NO!). I generally don't mind being an "older mom", for what it's worth. But I'm good with how things played out and the decisions I made that were the best for ME, and no one else. Hang in there through this time, it does get better/easier. I have friends who have chosen not to have children and have lovely lives that include spoiling the crap out of their nieces, nephews and friends' kids. :) Either way, it's all good, it's okay to not know, and it's okay to say "no clue, maybe never, maybe whenever, thanks for your interest" to anyone who's nosy enough to ask. In the meantime, post when ya wanna post (or not), I for one will be around when you do.

  6. Welcome back! I read your blog and check in frequently, but I'm not much of a commenter.

    My motto is "life happens." Things come and go, and we handle them as best we can.

    As a 32 year old with a boyfriend of 3 years, and 4 of 9 coworkers, aged 22-27 years, currently pregnant, I can sympathize. Today I was asked if I thought bf and I would ever get married. My answer was a firm, "unlikely." Followed up with, "so you don't want kids?" Fallacious logic! It does not necessarily follow that without marriage one can not/will not seek to produce offspring. And vice-versa.

    My unsolicited advice? Don't sweat it. Enjoy your husband, your polish, and your fuzzy kitteh. Work your ass off if it suits you. At least your mama didn't raise a slacker.

  7. De-lurking to say that I really enjoy your blog. Take care of yourself and I hope that everything sorts itself out for you.

  8. I guess like everyone else here I've come to comment on the baby topic. I'm 34 and have been married for almost 12 years and people never seem to stop asking me about babies. I guess it's an innocent enough question but really its a personal matter that involves no one but you and your husband. My normal response to random people is, no I have cats instead and then I try to change the topic but some people just have to press the issue. I also feel a major disconnect with any friends that do have children for multiply reasons but mostly because their children become an convenient excuses for anything that they don't want to do and because I'm terribly jealous that they are parents and I never will be.

  9. Hey girl, I read your blog every time you post something :) I am sorry you've been having a rough go of it. I'm in my late 20s, not married, no kids, no plans for kids so I kind of know how you feel about the pressure. I like your writing and your photos, and if it's about nails or not I'll still come by to read. xx

  10. Wow, you have been super busy! You forgot to mention that you're also in our first year of marriage! Yep we (readers) are still here :) And for the record I always love your swatches. I like your unique style of photographing them and your lipstick is always so pretty too! Looking forward to "seeing" more of you in May! Take care of yourself.

    1. **I meant in YOUR first year of marriage haha

  11. So glad you're back! You've been busy - teaching is so time-consuming, especially the first time you teach a course. And kids - it really IS no one else's business, but that the fact that others think it is their business will probably always be the case, since it was certainly that way when I was your age (about the time you were born!). Hang in there, and post whenever you feel like - we'll be here!

  12. I have two kids, and it never even occurred to me that I might want kids until I was 35ish. It seems vaguely like teen pregnancy to me when I meet women who didn't wait until their 30’s to have children, which of course I do occasionally. I live in Boston, not Ohio, so maybe that's why it seems slightly unusual to have children in your twenties. To me, your twenties are a time to enjoy getting to really know your partner, figure out career stuff, and just enjoy the freedom of being an adult with money! I don't even get why someone would want to be saddled with crazy responsibility in their twenties. Wait till you're too old to enjoy going out anymore, and would rather just watch TV at home(joking, mostly.)
    Move to the Northeast?


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