Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend: Motorcycles, Marriage, Mercury

Oh, guys.  So, I hear that Mercury is in retrograde and that it tends to screw things up.  I don't know if I believe in that stuff, but if it's true...then this past weekend makes a lot more sense.  Some good things happened, for sure.  But also, some bad things happened.  

The first good thing that happened was that Rach and B got to Cleveland on Thursday night; I was super excited to see them.  But then the worst thing happened:  immediately upon their arrival I got a phone call from the police that my dad had gotten in a motorcycle accident.  I had to leave R and B with Ben and go to the hospital where he had been life flighted.  The cop who talked to me [probably unintentionally] made his injuries sound life threatening, so I was freaking the hell out on my drive to the hospital.  My mom was out of town but she got there eventually.  Basically...we still don't quite know what happened.  He lost control of the bike somehow and went down.  He was wearing a helmet, so he has no injuries to his head, thankfully no injuries to his neck, and his internal bits are okay.  However, he broke both of his ankles (one pretty badly), and they both require surgery.  He also has road rash (which is apparently super painful) and a pretty nasty gash on his arm.  It's going to be a long recovery...and he doesn't go into surgery until June 1.  He'll be in the hospital until then.

Once Ben and I knew that my dad didn't have any life threatening injuries we packed our stuff and headed to Michigan to see Anna and Bryant get married.  We made Rach and B watch the Cavs game with us at a weirdly deserted wine bar in Muskegon on Friday night and had some pretty tasty dinner.  Saturday we...experienced Muskegon?...and had some seriously amazing lunch involving much bacon.  The wedding ceremony was super cute and Anna looked freaking gorgeous.  I loved her dress!

The reception was also very fun, and again I say:  Anna looked amazing.  She and Bryant are so stinking cute that I can't even.  Their first dance was sweet and they looked so happy.

I didn't take very many pictures but I love this one.

Also they had DONUTS instead of cake.  Uh YAAAAAAASSS to this, so amazing.

Here's us being happy.

And here are my terrible-looking nails.  I didn't have time to think about polish with everything that had happened, so this is one coat of Revlon Queen of Hearts.  It is what it is.

Seriously, it was so good to see Anna, especially looking so happy.  Ben and I had to head back to CLE really early on Sunday so that I could make it back in time to host my best friend's bridal shower  (I know; last weekend was just crazy busy).  Rachel and B followed us a couple hours later, and while I was at the shower...and then the hospital to see my dad...they went to see Mad Max with Ben and his other friend.  Then we made them watch another Cavs game, haha (but this game was REALLY GOOD oh my god you guys).  

It was so good to see Rach!  I'm glad they could stay with us a couple of nights--although I kept apologizing for not being able to be there the first night because I was at the emergency room.  I felt bad having guests and leaving them with just Ben.  Although they actually know Ben better [in person] than they know me, because they've gotten together a few times when he's in VA for work.  They had a little fiasco with their rental car on Monday--nail in the tire!  We were afraid they wouldn't be able to get a new car because of the holiday but they were and they got home safely that night.  ANYWAY.  I'm thankful for all of these friends that I've made through this nice little community.  And that alone makes the blog worth it.  

I took off the hastily applied Revlon Queen of Hearts on Monday night and replaced it with Lippmann I Know What Boys Like.  Y'ALL.  I remember wanting this color when it was released in like...2011...? and then I got it on clearance at Ulta sometime in the past few months.  Uh it's really good.  

Not quite sure how to describe the color.  Maybe a dark periwinkle?  It is so stinking beautiful.  Seriously, I put it on and wondered why it had taken me so long to try it.  I have always heard that Lippmann cremes have great formulas, but I felt that this one left something to be desired.  I needed three coats, and even after that I had a couple noticeable (to me) bald patches.  But still.  I am in love with this color.

It's so good!

The one good thing about the hospital where my dad is?  They serve Caribou.  Takes me back, guys!  All the Caribous in Ohio closed semi-recently, and I haven't had it since I was out in Colorado last May.  Reminds me fondly of when I worked at Bou. 

Miss youuuuuu.

Oh, I forgot to mention that on Saturday while we were in MI our apartment complex caught on fire.  Not our actual apartment building, but the buildings across the street.  My friend who was watching Remy texted me about it and I was just like WTF IS REMY OKAY.  That was a terrifying text to get while we were out of town/ever.  Luckily things were fine when we got back.

I spent pretty much all day yesterday with my dad at the hospital.  I brought my work laptop so I could get some things done, but generally we just chatted and...watched this building get demolished out the window.  Which actually seemed to cheer him considerably.  I can't imagine how shitty it is to be holed up in a hospital alone with two broken legs.  My mom and I are both trying to be there whenever we can because dude.  This is rough.  Seeing him like this makes my heart hurt; that's the only way I can describe it.  We're all just thankful that this happened close to home and not on the country roads he likes to ride on.  After surgery there will be recovery and rehab and all that other stuff, but he'll be okay.  Which is good, because I love him a lot.

Whenever my parents' cats, Alley and Raven, stare out the window, my parents always call it watching cat tv.  So here's my dad and me watching cat tv.

And to end, not that this is the worst thing that's ever happened, but our cable went out during the Cavs game last night.  Rach tells me to blame Mercury, and at this point I think she might be right.  We had to hoof it to a bar to see the second half, but they trounced the Hawks so badly it almost didn't matter.  Stupid Mercury, though.

Alright, so...thanks for reading all that if you did?  I know it's probably scattered and weird, but I felt like I had to get some of this out.  So why not blog, y'know?  I hope everyone else had nice non-Mercury-probs weekends, and I will hopefully talk to you soon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Essie Find Me An Oasis

Couldn't really get proper pictures this time, but luckily Find Me An Oasis is easy to describe and a pretty simple color.

Lipstick is NARS Audacious Charlotte with Jordana Plush Plum liner.  I really can't say enough good things about the Audacious lipsticks.  I applied Charlotte one time, in the morning, and it wore all day.  It definitely faded, but it faded gracefully.  Charlotte gets a thumbs up from me.

It's just a baby blue.  A really light baby blue creme.  That's all.  But it does look nice!  It's from Resort 2014, and it definitely reads as a spring color.  The formula, for me, leaves much to be desired.  If there's a dupe of this one out there with an easier application then I would love to know because this one is super finicky.  This is three coats and I still had some patchiness and unevenness. 

I spent last weekend at the lake again.  It was sunny on Friday night when I got down there (at like 7:00pm), but it rained the whole rest of the weekend :(  I still got a little of this in:

Still worth it.  But now it's cold here!  I needed a coat again today!  And I think this chilly snap is supposed to continue into the end of the week.  I would like summer to come and stay, please.

Okay, that's all for me today--and likely this week.  At the end of the week Rach and B arrive, and then on Friday we're all hauling ass to MI for Anna's wedding.  I know you're jealous and you should be ;)  I'm pretty excited for a little getaway.  I will report back!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Rescue Beauty Lounge Footpath

Rach sent me this polish forever ago and I just now got around to remembering I have it using it.  I know it's pretty much the antithesis of a spring color, but as soon as I found the box floating around my Many Drawers of Makeup I decided to slap it on right then and there.

doing a little research at work because gooooooooooold

Against ALL of the odds, I actually weirdly enjoy this color.  As you can see, it's a brightish yet still muted mustard-y color in the sunlight; in shade it's much browner.  But I think it's really interesting.  Of course it doesn't suit my skin tone, but that's fine.  I'm still digging it.  The formula is typical creme RBL--very thick, very dense, but very easy to control at the same time.  I used two coats.

Not much to report today except CAVS WIN and the Bulls can go the hell away now.  I'm on my way down to the lake house today to spend the weekend and I'm hoping it doesn't rain and is at least decently warm because, as you can see above, it's been a little cold the past couple days.  I needed a trench coat.  That was very disappointing when it was 90 degrees over the weekend.  But, summer is coming and I intend to really enjoy it.

Footpath thoughts?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Essie Urban Jungle

I could have sworn that I posted this one because I know that I wore it at least once, but apparently I just derped on that.  The other night I really wanted to find sort of a stark neutral (or even a white, but we all know how difficult that is) to wear, and I came across Urban Jungle.  And I really like it.

I don't really know how to describe this color other than putty-pink.  At first it seems like sort of a grungy neutral color, but it's definitely pink--especially in indoor lighting.  I think it looks really beautiful and classy, and I vaguely remember wanting to wear this one for my wedding.  So, whoops. The formula is what you would expect for such a light color.  I needed three coats.  Applying it didn't piss me off too badly, but I wouldn't call it pleasant.  Regardless, I'm keeping Urban Jungle around for sure (and I've already had it a year--haha).  I think it'll be a great color for toes in the summertime.

Speaking of summertime, spring said goodbye to us (at least for last weekend) and it was 90 degrees. Luckily I was at the lake house for Mother's Day and it was the best weekend I've had in a long time.

Day 1.  This was obviously taxing but someone had to do it.

Our first sunset boat ride.  It rained later, but held off for our little jaunt.

Day 2.  Sky was blue.  It was hot.  Thumbs up.

Seriously, I feel like it has been the longest winter ever--I mean, it snowed like three weeks ago.  As soon as I got down there on Saturday after work I was immediately in a bathing suit lying on the dock.  My paper white self needed that vitamin D help, definitely.  Plus Mother's Day is always nice because I love my mom ;)  But something about this past weekend was particularly amazing.  OH YEAH and the Cavs beat the Bulls on Sunday, so I screamed myself hoarse about that.  Just good times, generally.  Ben is out of town again next weekend, so I'm going back down lakeward to hang out with my dad--my mom is going to be painting the town red in New Orleans celebrating her retirement with a friend.  I think dad and I will survive.  And I really hope it's hot again.

K, hope you guys are having good weeks.  Looks like another busy one for me, but my final grades are in for my class and my articles are edited so HELL YAAASSSS.  Things should start to slow down for me soon.  Hooray for summertime!!

Monday, May 04, 2015

H&M Chill Out

NGL, partially chose to wear this polish because of the name, but also because I'm kind of feeling mints right now.  This isn't exactly a mint--in fact, I'm not sure what color it is--but it's a damn pretty polish. 

Y'all, what even is this color??  It's like, not quite blue...not quite green...not quite robin's egg...but also not quite mint.  I like it because it's sort of beachy-looking.  I bought this one in the winter at some point--I think in December--but I also think it's a great color for spring.  I was bracing myself for a terrible formula, but it was actually pretty flawless.  I used two coats here plus SV.  It's so, so pretty, and if you can find this one at H&M I recommend you check it out.

So about my last post...thank you!  Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for commenting with your own experiences and for making me feel better and less alone.  It was very sweet of all of you.  I honestly wasn't expecting that, so it's been a joy to read through the comments and e-mails I've gotten.  I'm glad that you're still reading me!!  And I'm glad to still be writing.

Yesterday was Ben's birthday, so we had a weekend dedicated to his turning 30.  I think he had a pretty good time.  We saw The Avengers on Saturday night with friends and then went out and had a big dinner.  After that we watched what I like to call "Batman and Bane," thanks to my unfortunate drunken ramblings the previous night that went something like "BANE IS SO HOT OH MY GOD" that Ben posted to Facebook.  All weekend everyone was talking about Tom Hardy/Bane to me, and it was pretty funny.  Yesterday morning we went out to brunch with man-friends, then I baked birthday brownies to feed the boys (see, this is why I don't need kids yet).  Ben and I finished the day off with pizza and a Redbox movie.  So, hopefully he had a good birthday.  He always tries to make my birthdays special so I want him to have the same treatment. 

I thought I'd end by showing you this pretty amazing chalk drawing of Optimus Prime, I mean Iron Man that was outside the movie theater: 

I remembered this weekend after seeing the second Avengers that I actually didn't like the first one.  That kills me to say, because I love Joss Whedon.  But there is just too much going on in them for me.  I can watch Thor and be like, okay, cool.  I can watch Iron Man and be super into it, etc. etc.  But when all of those weird mythologies are presented in one movie, it becomes really difficult for me to suspend my disbelief and take it seriously.  In a nutshell, I think the movies are stupid.  BUT.  SO FULL.  OF MAN CANDY.  RDJ, Mark Ruff, Guy With the Hammer...I mean, if I have to watch something for two and a half hours, at least there was that.

Okay, I'm out.  Until next time!  And thank you all, again.