Monday, May 04, 2015

H&M Chill Out

NGL, partially chose to wear this polish because of the name, but also because I'm kind of feeling mints right now.  This isn't exactly a mint--in fact, I'm not sure what color it is--but it's a damn pretty polish. 

Y'all, what even is this color??  It's like, not quite blue...not quite green...not quite robin's egg...but also not quite mint.  I like it because it's sort of beachy-looking.  I bought this one in the winter at some point--I think in December--but I also think it's a great color for spring.  I was bracing myself for a terrible formula, but it was actually pretty flawless.  I used two coats here plus SV.  It's so, so pretty, and if you can find this one at H&M I recommend you check it out.

So about my last post...thank you!  Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for commenting with your own experiences and for making me feel better and less alone.  It was very sweet of all of you.  I honestly wasn't expecting that, so it's been a joy to read through the comments and e-mails I've gotten.  I'm glad that you're still reading me!!  And I'm glad to still be writing.

Yesterday was Ben's birthday, so we had a weekend dedicated to his turning 30.  I think he had a pretty good time.  We saw The Avengers on Saturday night with friends and then went out and had a big dinner.  After that we watched what I like to call "Batman and Bane," thanks to my unfortunate drunken ramblings the previous night that went something like "BANE IS SO HOT OH MY GOD" that Ben posted to Facebook.  All weekend everyone was talking about Tom Hardy/Bane to me, and it was pretty funny.  Yesterday morning we went out to brunch with man-friends, then I baked birthday brownies to feed the boys (see, this is why I don't need kids yet).  Ben and I finished the day off with pizza and a Redbox movie.  So, hopefully he had a good birthday.  He always tries to make my birthdays special so I want him to have the same treatment. 

I thought I'd end by showing you this pretty amazing chalk drawing of Optimus Prime, I mean Iron Man that was outside the movie theater: 

I remembered this weekend after seeing the second Avengers that I actually didn't like the first one.  That kills me to say, because I love Joss Whedon.  But there is just too much going on in them for me.  I can watch Thor and be like, okay, cool.  I can watch Iron Man and be super into it, etc. etc.  But when all of those weird mythologies are presented in one movie, it becomes really difficult for me to suspend my disbelief and take it seriously.  In a nutshell, I think the movies are stupid.  BUT.  SO FULL.  OF MAN CANDY.  RDJ, Mark Ruff, Guy With the Hammer...I mean, if I have to watch something for two and a half hours, at least there was that.

Okay, I'm out.  Until next time!  And thank you all, again.


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