Friday, May 15, 2015

Rescue Beauty Lounge Footpath

Rach sent me this polish forever ago and I just now got around to remembering I have it using it.  I know it's pretty much the antithesis of a spring color, but as soon as I found the box floating around my Many Drawers of Makeup I decided to slap it on right then and there.

doing a little research at work because gooooooooooold

Against ALL of the odds, I actually weirdly enjoy this color.  As you can see, it's a brightish yet still muted mustard-y color in the sunlight; in shade it's much browner.  But I think it's really interesting.  Of course it doesn't suit my skin tone, but that's fine.  I'm still digging it.  The formula is typical creme RBL--very thick, very dense, but very easy to control at the same time.  I used two coats.

Not much to report today except CAVS WIN and the Bulls can go the hell away now.  I'm on my way down to the lake house today to spend the weekend and I'm hoping it doesn't rain and is at least decently warm because, as you can see above, it's been a little cold the past couple days.  I needed a trench coat.  That was very disappointing when it was 90 degrees over the weekend.  But, summer is coming and I intend to really enjoy it.

Footpath thoughts?


  1. I was enjoying your blog until you mentioned the Cavs win. I am a Bulls fan and we should have won the series:-(

    1. A.) I'm sorry that basketball will prevent you from enjoying my blog.
      B.) I'm from CLE, I love CLE, you probably feel the same about Chicago. I love Chicago too. Went to school there. Love CLE more.
      C.) Your Bulls should not have won that series. They totally gave up in game 6.

      Sorry not sorry.

  2. Friendly reminder that you need to update your "Who am I" page. :)

    1. When you're right you're right and you're right.


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