Thursday, June 11, 2015

CLE!!!! or: All In Nails

Hey, all.  Sorry for my absence.  It's been a little nuts lately around here, but things are going well now.  My dad had some surgery, hung out in the hospital a while longer, and is now getting better in the comfort of his family room.  Hopefully he will heal quickly and be dancing a jig in no time (I'm not sure how likely this is but I like to think that that's what'll happen).  But until then...NBA Finals, y'all.  We're #allin here in CLE, and the prospect of a championship is so tantalizing.  It's great for us to have something positive to rally around, and I'm all about this city doing well.  So, obviously....poorly done Cavs nails were going to happen. 

oh heeeeeeeeeyyyy

Little did I know that RBL Footpath (last seen here) would be the best gold for Cavs wine and gold.  Thanks Rach!  The wine color is old as hell.  It's one of those Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes that has the little rhinestone embedded in the bottle.  Do they still sell those?  I have no idea anymore.  But anyway, the color is Always Ascher.  The formula on both of these polishes is fantastic and the dry times are good even without topcoat.  Two coats for each.  I can't say this is my favorite color combination of all time, but it's certainly lifting my little sports spirits.  

At an event at work last week we asked people to write six words about living in Cleveland.  I loved "just tell yourself Cavs in six."

Remy throwing shade because we were paying attention to game 2 and not him, but I like to think he was throwing shade at Golden State.  Want to see more Remy shade?  Follow us on Insta (@RemyRagdoll)

So anyway, win or lose this is a good thing for our city.  Of course I would vastly prefer the former outcome, but even now the atmosphere all over Cleveland is electric.  I've always been a proud Clevelander, but my heart is so happy right now.  I hope that all is well for all of you, and I'll be back next week (probably?).  Bye!

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  1. I have a similar manicure on! Wine nails and gold dots, although I only have them as an accent nail. I'm not from Cleveland but I love the city and the team. I can only imagine how the atmosphere is!! I'm praying and hoping for a positive outcome of these finals, I really think the city needs and deserves this!! #AllinCLE


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