Thursday, July 23, 2015

Whatever This Is

Not sure what possessed me to do this, but.  Well.  This: 

Yep, that's Friday Night Lights in the background.  Finally watching it.

Basically this is what happens when there are a bunch of nail polishes sitting on the coffee table and I'm like, eh.  Better just use all of them I guess.  Essie Chillato is on my thumb and ring finger.  Out of all of these polishes, this was the only one I hadn't used before.  Formula was...difficult.  But it's a pastel, so I don't expect much from it.  I used three coats.  Sally Hansen Bridal Bling is on my index finger; that one is good in two coats and really is extra beautiful.  It could make a nice layering polish, too.  Essie Blossom Dandy is on my middle finger.  I wore that one as a full manicure here.  Lastly, OPI Let Them Eat Rice Cake is on my pinky.  That one is a pretty old polish.  Even though it has all the good old chemicals in it, the formula is still kind of crappy.  It needs at least three coats and takes forever to dry.  Although all of these colors look a little bonkers together, I can't deny that I'm sort of into it.  It does look a little Easter-y, though.  I can overlook that.

This has been sort of a weird week.  I worked last Saturday and last Sunday, so I didn't go into work on Monday or Tuesday.  And now it's already Thursday.  I spent my two days off doing this:

per usual; #dockselfie

And also encouraging Remy to walk a little bit with his ridiculous harness and leash.  He's not super into it, but he did a little bit of exploring while I sat near him.  I think it's a good sign that if something scares him he runs to me and sits in my lap instead of running away from me and hiding in a bush or something.  But I guess that's what the leash is for.

If you'd like to see more of Remy's adventures, follow us on Instagram (RemyRagdoll)

Anyway, that's basically all.  I kind of can't believe that July is winding down already.  I feel like yesterday was the Fourth.  The shitty, rainy summer we've been having is supposed to let up for most of this week, so I'm glad about that.  And last weekend it was 90 and sunny where I was (which resulted in gnarly sunburn but also kind of made me happy).  I cannot cope with another Cleveland winter without the benefit of a Cleveland summer.  I hope all of you are having nice weather wherever you are.  Don't forget to walk your cat.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Cuteapillar

Yeahhhhh, not gonna lie, I bought "Cuteapillar" solely because of the name.  The color of this polish is fine, don't get me wrong.  But I mean, Cuteapillar??  Just take my money, Walgreens.

both of the above pictures make the color look waaaaaaay too bright; the ones below are more color accurate, FYI

diggin' the color next to these earrings, which I love

As soon as I put Cuteapillar on I had a weird sense of deja vu.  I realized that it really reminds me of OPI Thanks A Windmillion, which I could have sworn I wore yesterday.  Turns out it was in January (wut).  I compared the bottles, and they do look really, really similar.  Both are sort of blue-ish sage colors.  I think the OPI is just a tad bit dustier-looking.  The formula on Cuteapillar was a bit watery and thin, but I felt like it was okay at two coats so I did that and left it.  I honestly have no idea if you can still find this polish.  I think it was part of the 2015 spring collection that was butterfly-themed.  I got this on clearance ages ago now, so unless you find it there too I think you may be out of luck.  Sorry my blogging is not more timely.  Buuuuut if you decide you really need a color like this, I'm pretty sure you can still find the OPI at Ulta.  Quite a price difference, not gonna lie.  The color is really good though. 

Two posts in one week, y'all.  I know.  Crazy.  But I didn't immediately put black back on, so I figured I would take pictures and such.  Maybe I'm exiting my black mood; who knows.  Anyway, I hope you all have had lovely weeks and that your weekend is full of sunshine.  I'm reasonably sure mine won't be because we live in a monsoon now.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

OPI Sorry I'm Fizzy Today and the #dockselfie

As I was signing into the ol' blog here I caught myself thinking, wait a minute...have I not blogged since before the Fourth of July?!?  And no.  No, I have not.  Time totally gets away from me.  Also, my nails have been super boring.  I've been wearing Funky Fingers Dark Knight (which is a straight-up black creme) a lot, and that's not really worth showing you.  In this post I'm wearing a polish I had never worn by itself; last July I did some crappy nail art with it, which you can see here.  But after all the black I've been wearing I wanted something a little brighter.

Lipstick here is Milani Matte Beauty, which is one of the newer mattes released recently.  I highly recommend it if you're into the brownish sort of Cindy Crawford lip, which I still am.  I'm eagerly anticipating when I can drop a stupid amount of money on Urban Decay 1993.

Hello, bug eyes!  I bet you were all wondering, is Stephanie not into coral anymore?  I am.  I have what is basically a head-to-toe coral running outfit, which happened to match this polish.


This is OPI Sorry I'm Fizzy today, which is a very pink-leaning coral.  Honestly, it's nothing special.  And also, I thought I remembered the formula being a poop from the first time I wore it.  Then I started polishing with it this time and was like GOD I HAVE THE BEST MEMORY FOR THE STUPIDEST THINGS because yes, it's a poop.  It's not terrible, but it's streaky as EFF for an OPI creme polish that really should be opaque in two coats.  I needed three here.  I topped it with NYC Grand Central Station and I was good to match it to my workout clothes like an idiot and head off into the sunset.

Other than that, I've just been working.  July is a pretty big month for programming at work, so cue my being there every weekend doing something-or-other.  But I've really, really, REALLY been trying to get to the lake so I can lie on the dock and obviously take a series of #dockselfies.  Because I can and because it's ostensibly summer even though it's been raining constantly.  Like seriously, our ceiling is leaking in the living room because it's been raining so much.  But anyway.

#dockselfie under the influence of Bloody Marys.  I was basically sleeping at this point.

#dockselfie wearing an amazing Target Xhilaration coverup thing that I got for like $10.  It looks fabulous on and I recommend you grab one if you're in the market for something that'll make you look less naked than a two-piece does when you're outside in a bathing suit and your neighbor's children are also playing outside.

I told Ben to take a picture of my aunt and me while we were lounging, but I stipulated that he not get my armpits in the picture because I didn't think I had shaved them recently (I hadn't).  So he took this picture of only my armpit that made us lol for about five minutes.

#dockselfie from last weekend when it was just me at the lake and the sun was difficult to come by.  But, I had a bathing suit, a Harry Potter book, and of course a Bloody Mary.  So I can't really complain.

Also, you may have seen this on my instagram (RemyRagdoll), but Ben got me this shirt that has Pusheen eating Ramen on it.  So.  I'm an adult.

That's about all for me for now.  I haven't checked the weather for the upcoming weekend yet, but if there is even A LITTLE SUN you can bet that I will drive my ass down to that lake and lie on that dock (even though I won't be able to make it down there until Sunday night because I have to work all weekend).  Oh wait just checked the weather and it's raining forever.  Okay seriously, I honestly don't usually get depressed by the weather...but this rain is getting ridiculous.  I don't understand it.  The summer is going so fast and there has been basically NO SUN.  I'm about to move to wherever it doesn't do this.

Here's hoping there's less water falling from the sky wherever you are.  Steffie out.  

Friday, July 03, 2015

The Fourth and Such

Quick post!  If you've been reading my blog for a while you know that the Fourth of July is kind of a big deal to my family; we're still trying to make it a big deal this year, but it's going to be A CONSIDERABLY SMALLER AFFAIR for REASONS.  But Ben and I have decided that that's no reason not to celebrate, so we're almost out the door for the lake as I write this.  BUT FIRST:

Two coats nails inc Baker Street topped with one coat of China Glaze Pure Joy.  And if you know your polish, you know that Pure Joy is in fact a Christmas polish.  To that I say, whatever.  It works just as well for this purpose.  I actually really like how this combination looks.  At first I thought it might be kind of jarring, because Baker Street itself is kind of jarring; but it works.  Reminds me of fireworks.  Like.

Other news includes that I cut off a ton of my hair:

Prior to this it was pretty much elbow-length, so it's a pretty big change.  But, feels good.  Sort of liberating without being too short, because I kind of prefer my hair long.  But let's be real, long hair can be super annoying.  And also that lipstick is NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen.  That, along with NARS Charlotte, have been my staples for the past month or so.  Who says you can't rock a vampy lip in summer?  

Alright, we have to get gone now.  To all my American pals, happy Fourth!  Eat a hot dog, roast a marshmallow, watch a firework.  To everyone else, happy weekend!  Drink wine.

Until next week!