Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Incoco Witching Hour

More Incoco Halloween nail stickies.  Compared to the last ones, I'm less into these.  I think orange just doesn't look good on me and I wear it rarely enough that I wasn't really thinking about that when I bought these.  Also sorry but you get mostly desk pictures.  Such is life.

Yes Toothless lives at my desk.

These are cute enough, but the orange is just not for my skintone.  I had the same issues with these that I had with the last ones, namely that my pointer finger nails are apparently very tiny and the stickers meant for those nails are consequently way too big.  So they're a little wrinkly.  But it's not that big a deal, especially if no one is examining them closely.  Today these wraps are on...I think day five?  And they still look fine.  I'm a pretty big fan.  There's another Incoco Halloween 2015 design that I keep trying to find but haven't been able to, so I hope I run across them.  And I'll let you know if I do!  

Man, last week was a pretty big week for the people in my life.  On October 3rd my really good friends had their son, Joshua.  I have pictures of Ben and I with him but I'm not putting them up here because it's not my baby.  But he is super freaking cute and I already adore him.  Then on October 8th my other friends had their daughter, Delia.  I haven't met her yet, but I'm really happy for everyone.  And then a friend of mine got a freaking kitten.  It's the tiniest kitten I've ever seen and held in real life.  I've been going over to his place to watch Browns games so I got to snuggle with the baby cat Sunday:


Also I myself got a new baby last weekend, which I'm typing on right now.  After hemming and hawing for literally a full calendar year, I finally got myself a new computer.  My last one was from 2009 and just wasn't doing what it should do in a timely manner anymore.  So I am now the proud owner of a brand new MacBook.  There are some weird things about it (like not having a USB port????) but I'm glad I finally just bought one.  I work on my computer a lot for writing lectures and making PowerPoints and stuff and I really need it to work well and fast.  So yay.

Anyway, it's a new season of life, y'all.  And as I've said, I myself am not ready for babies, but at least I will get a test run with my friends' babies.  Our one pair of friends is already referring to us as Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Ben (not the rice) which basically makes me want to cry because I don't have siblings and I never thought I would have that sort of thing.  So.  I'm very happy to be Auntie Steffie.  

I think I will end up not being back until next week, but I'm committed to posting more this month.  So I'll talk to you soon!

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Incoco Mischief Makers (?)

I think I've only used nail wraps one time aside from these.  I didn't remember application being too difficult, so I bought a couple Halloween Incoco ones from the drug store.  I was right.  Application wasn't too difficult, but there is definitely a learning curve and it's definitely a little annoying.  Once they're on, though, they look super cute.  I'm also not 100% sure that this design is called Mischief Makers, but I feel like that's what I remember before I threw away the package.  I win the shittiest blogger award, sorry.

Not the best photos because I didn't have the best light.  I'm not going to lie and say that these look perfect.  The pointer finger ones are just too big for my nail, so they look a little wrinkled on both hands.  The wraps looked a little like they were lifting on some nails the morning after I put them on, but I slapped topcoat on and I've been wearing these for...five days.  I have one chip that I can see.  I dunno, I'd say these are a success.  And also super cute.  I'm actually really glad I got a couple of these Incoco Halloween designs, and I kind of want a couple more...especially if these last for five or six days.  With my schedule how it's been lately I haven't been able to tend to my nails for much, so these are perfect.  Also, I usually love China Glaze Halloween collections, but the one this year is pretty boring.  I'm happy to have these Incocos to tide me over.

I hope all is well with everyone, and I will probably be back with another one of these designs soon enough.  Happy October (except not really because I wish it was July!).