Who Am I?

Contact:  stephanie[dot]foster[at]case[dot]edu
(PR or friendly e-mails are both fine!)

So you've stumbled upon my little blog, huh?  I thought I'd include a little bit about me for those of you who are interested.  There are hundreds of blogs out there about nail polish, so why should you read mine?  I like to think that mine has a lot of personal flair.  I talk a lot about my life, my job, school etc.  In other words, it's not just quick blurbs about nail polish.  It's really...me.  

So, some random stuff about me that may be of interest:
1.  I am an art historian.  I have a BA in art history, an MA in art history and museum studies, some PhD work under my belt, and varying museum experience.  I currently work at an art museum and teach art history.  My area of particular interest is 19th century American (and American expat!) painting.

2.  I live in the Cleveland area.  I also grew up here.  I love CLE and I'm glad that (so far) I've ended up here.
3.  I'm recently married to a guy named Ben who is my best friend and who makes me laugh and feel special.  

4.  I have a cat I'm totally obsessed with named Remy.  He's a Ragdoll cat--which is a very special type of cat that's bred for primarily for personality instead of aesthetics.  This means that he's the coolest little guy in the world and has more dog-like qualities than any cat I've ever known.  See?  I'm obsessed.  I've already written more about Remy than my husband.

reluctant snuggles are reluctant

5.  This blog has been around since 2009!!  Isn't that crazy?  Sometimes I like writing it and sometimes I hate writing it, but the fact remains that it has brought me a lot of good things and several good friends.  So I try to keep going with it.

And that's it for now.  If there's anything else you're dying to know, feel free to use the contact e-mail at the top of the page.  Thanks for stopping by!